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After Learning What We Know

From 'Glenn: "After what I have learned this week I'm a changed person."' - Apr. 19

(He is talking about a Saudi citizen who is being quietly deported - on 'national security' grounds -  even though he was - at least for a time - a 'person of interest' in the Boston Marathon bombing.  This, in relation to an unscheduled meeting that Obama had with the Saudi Foreign Minister.  Beck is connecting the dots, with the help of 'insiders' in the government, who rely on him to get the word out to the public about things decidedly 'of interest' to them.  Or that should be.

My comment,  on Apr. 21:)


I'm reminded of the OKC bombing, and the convenient disappearance from public view of the Middle-Eastern-looking-type guy.  Let alone the German-guy proven FBI agent provocateur.
And let alone the Israelis a) dancing on the top of their van across the harbor from the burning WTC towers, [with] one gleefully clicking his cigaret lighter in the foreground, and b) the other Israelis stopped the same day in their white van on one of the bridges, with some explosives in it, and one of them saying to the cops, 'We're not who you're looking for.  The Palestinians are who you are looking for.'
Hey, pal - we're looking for anybody who has anything to do with terrorism brought to America.  Wherever the links lead to.  For Justice to be done; and to be seen to be done.       

Andreas Strassmeir was the name of the German national who was 'a person of interest' in the OKC bombing caper, but was whisked out of the country by the federal authorities before he could be brought further into the picture, and give testimony in a court of law, or even in just an investigative hearing.1  And we never heard anything again, of John Doe No. 1 - or of John Doe No. 2 either, for that matter; another guy of Middle Eastern appearance, also 'a person of interest' for a while in connection with the OKC bombing.2 

The public's mind seems to be an easy one to cause to forget about such details.  Or the little detail regarding 'the dancing Israelis' and the 9/11 atrocity, where some of those arrested briefly but who were quietly released and disappeared from sight, lo and behold reappeared on TV in Israel - after likewise being whisked out of the country;  an interesting scenario; used more than once in such escapades -  where one of them said, on camera - did you get that, American citizen with the short attention span? - on camera ; as if he had nothing in the world to worry about in doing so - that they had been there at the time to film the event.

To film the event……that they, therefore, knew was about to happen.

Had foreknowledge of.

And thus were 'persons of interest,' indeed. 

Who may not have had anything in the world to worry about, in appearing live on camera in Israel, and making the sorts of statements that  they did, about their role in 9/11. 

But beyond this world, is another matter.

...And the foreign national who was assisted to get on a particular flight to the U.S. in Europe by an intelligence agency person of some stripe or other, and who became known to the world as the 'underpants bomber' ......


After learning what you know, Citizen: What are you going to do about it???

Maybe take one of these, to look into in detail.  And then get back to us with the info you come up with.

WWI.  The Round Table group.  The Great Depression.  Pearl Harbor/WWII.  The assassination of JFK.  The Gulf of Tonkin Incident/Air America.  The attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty/false flag ops/Mossad.  Waco.  OKC.  Operation Gladio.  Mena Airport/the CIA & Drugs for Guns/Bill Clinton/the Vincent Foster killing.  9/11 (and 7/7 in London).  The assassination of JFK Jr.  Missing gold/ ('The Money Masters').  The Aurora Theater/the Sandy Hook shootings. 

One question, regarding all this:

Cui bono.

Certainly not our souls.

But they benefit from the information coming out, of all the sorts of things that we have gotten up to.  And by 'we' I mean us.  All.  For none of us is above reproach; above a degree of responsibility, for our world.  In this life.  And in all our past lives.

We are all in this together.  'This': experience.  Of a degree of separation from our Source.  Of varying degrees of mistake-making.  And thus, are all in need of some degree of forgiveness.

Which has already been vouchsafed us.  By our loving Creator.

We just need, now, to forgive ourselves.

And then we can step off the stage.  And join the audience, watching our last performance, as players in the 3D Stage of life.       



1 He was planted in the Christian compound that McVeigh was involved with, for a time; to keep an eye on things potentially emanating from there.  And even - as an agent provocateur - help set things up to happen.
     (For those who don't know about that period in American history:  There was a spirit of anger, and revenge, abroad in the country, for a) Ruby Ridge; and, more precisely, for b) Waco.  For more on which - of either event -  you will need to look them up on the Internet, if you don't already know about them.  They were defining moments in this country, regarding The People - beyond just the far left anti-war activists of the '60s and '70s - beginning to get restless about their government.
     Their federal government.  Their potential Masters, in the New World Order planned for the peons, to be kept in their place; like serfs of old.) 

2 They were both connected with the rental truck that McVeigh used, to park out in front of the Murrah Federal Building.  Which, then, was taken down by more than the fertilizer bomb in the back of the truck; with charges planted at the base of some of the pillars holding up the building.
     And who could have had the sort of access that that would entail?  And who benefited??
     Precisely like 9/11.  Same MO, down to a 't'...
     I hope that Beck does have some solid intel to give - get out - to the world.  It's time that all this sort of shit stopped.
     Free will is one thing.  Pure evil is another.  Especially when it's engaged in over and over, and over.
     Justice will be served.
     Got that, Service to Self-oriented erstwhile Masters of the Universe??
     You don't take this universe so cavalierly; and think to get away scot-free with your atrocities. 

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