Monday, 1 April 2013

In the Absence of Light

Let me say very clearly at the outset of this blog that in any universe that I will ever have anything to do with, there will be in-built justice to it.

I say this, because I've just had occasion to be depressed.  On the one hand, last night I was feeling good about things in general - the sun had been shining throughout much of the day, I have a roof over my head, and food in the fridge, and some money in the bank; what more does a person need, really, to get on with life, in the spirit of Gandhi's observation that 'We don't live in order to eat and sleep; we eat and sleep in order to live' - and the mood was captured, and capped, by an article I read on an e-newsletter I take.1  It was titled '19-Year-Old Develops Technology to Rid World's Oceans of Plastic,' from 'Golden Age of Gaia'.  It was about a Dutch teenager who put his mind to an issue of our day, and came up with an answer.  Brilliant, I thought, upon watching the video (a TED talk).  Well done, young fellow.  That's the spirit.  And, in the mood, I sent it via email to a friend in another country, who is living his life in a state of cynicism; having seen the present, and concluding that life sucks.  I accompanied it with the message: "I'm beginning to be a believer in the Indigo Children concept."  And went to bed on that note.

Today  A new day.  And April Fool's Day, in point of fact.  More fool I, to judge by the tsunami of negativity that I got hit with.

The sun was out.  A good start.  But then I got further into my copy of the current issue of NEXUS Magazine; an 'alternative' magazine, for those who don't know of it ('The world's No. 1 magazine for alternative news, health, future science and the unexplained').  And bam, bam, bam, as I sat reading it in the nearby park where I often go to do some reading in the sun.  The Monsanto GMO Whitewash.  ('A long-term study of rats fed with GM food produced alarming results with tumour growths and deaths, but the European Commission and its food safety authority, working in collusion with the GMO lobby, are refusing to act on these findings.')  Asthma Breakthroughs: The Full Story.  ('Many interconnecting factors can be involved in  causing or worsening asthma and other related respiratory illnesses, and all of them need to be investigated...')  Precautions With Mobile Phone Use.  ('New evidence from health risks of using mobile and cordless phones highlights the need for urgent action on s precautionary public health policy...')  The New Direction In Cancer Therapy.  ('To avoid death from cancer, we need to...')  And what felt like the 'crowning' achievement for my day: Adventures In Alternative Realities.  'We've been given the ability to travel multidimensionally, but we could do with advice on how to direct our journeys consciously and interact with brings we may encounter in the lower and higher levels of reality...'

It turns out (not just from this article's info) that there are 'beings in the lower levels of reality'.  Lost souls; stuck in their negativity, of wanting revenge, and such.  Existing in the dark of their making.  How can we help them move to the light??...

...but we have such needs right here, on this plane of existence, on planet Earth.  Not just from such evidences as the above articles indicate.  But, say, from the evidences of one's friends.  Mine, for example.  Who said, in reply to my positivity-attempting email:

"Thanks Stan.

"It's pretty obvious there's an exceptional generation of kids trying to incarnate now. That's why abortion is promoted so zealously; why we're medicating them into the ground, fluoridating their water and food, vaccinating them into autism, obesity, diabetes and early-onset dementia!

"The Psycho-Elite knew this time was coming….

"Fortunately, nature provides enough procreative redundancy that a few of these kids will make it through. Most won't, until/unless the world changes. They'll die prematurely and be buried with their iPhones…

"Please excuse my mood..."

I know the feeling.  And try hard not to buy into it.  But sometimes, life gets

- no.  Not 'unfair.' 

Never that.  For there is Plan in and Purpose to everything that happens.

Because there is a great Mind behind All That Is.  

And the qualities associated with the All That Is are love, and compassion...  

And justice.

The better word, I think, is 'dark'.

People - souls - get lost in the dark.

But it is the dark of their making.  

For a reason.

I have to believe...    

lest I weep, too much.

Or get too angry.  At those souls who lead others astray.  For wanting - being consumed by the lust for - Power Over.


Any universe that I will ever have anything to do with will be a just universe - will have Purpose. Will not just be chaotic.

And how can you live without knowing this truth, about your own???

There is the mystery.

To me, at least.


To end this somewhat dour blog on a more positive note;2 one of my mantrums:

May I be of service this day
To all who come my way,
And may I give it freely;
                            to say
Without expectation of reward
Or profit in any way.  Simply
To let it Be.
As is The Word.

And so Be it.


P.S. I hope I made a point clear, although not addressed directly.  To wit: No soul is ever abandoned, lost in and to the dark forever.  All have the choice to find their way to the Light again.  And can have help ON their way.  
     There is Justice.  But there is also Love.
     And it is Love that is our constant companion; what we are made up of.
     An aspect of which is Forgiveness.
     So: Justice, tempered with Mercy, and leavened with Love, and savoured with Forgiveness.  A winning combination:
     The winning of souls back to their Source; after their consciousness-raising time in separation.
     Seeming, separation.
     For they were never lost.  In Truth.  



1 One of many.  That's how I get my information, these days, with the daily newspapers - by and large - having proven to be so much in control of TPTB - the corporate, business-as-usual world.  The status quo crowd.  When what is needed on the planet is a revolution.

2 It may have something to do with the 'stars'; as they say.
     Not being much into astrology, I'll leave it up to others, who have told us what to look out for today, in the way of such feelings as I have gone through.
     As for 'astrology': Why not?  After all: Everything is energy.

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