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Has The Nation Had Enough

I've had something strange happen to me that last couple of days on the Internet.  First to post this 'story' about yesterday/Sunday 4/28:

from  'Has the Nation Had Enough of "Obama"?' - George M - Apr. 28
(The blurb read: "So, what will it take for the American people to arrive at this point? [I.e., the point of the photo above it, which was of a giant eagle about to take out the (small) figure of Obama standing on a platform, talking by mike to a crowd of people.]  Don't we have more provocation than we did in 1776?  Why do we keep electing 'representatives' who won't act?  I acknowledge that 'we' is not necessarily our readers, but the American public.  Your thoughts?") 

I submitted a Comment that then disappeared totally: no message about 'awaiting moderation', as per usual at that site; nothing.  Very strange…
   I had said something like:

I am ready (have been for some time) for a march on Washington of The People, to dissolve the sitting Congress - for not doing their statutory duty regarding this sort of thing, i.e., the ineligibility of the person occupying the office of the presidency - and to send a message to the Usurper that they are staying there (in rotational duty to the Republic) until he a) confesses to his crime against the Constitution and its rule of law in the nation, b) apologizes to the American people for misleading them on the matter; and c) asks for their forgiveness, as he d) vacates the office voluntarily.

And we should extend to him our forgiveness.  For it is time for a New Era for all humanity, which functions on such qualities.  And I am NOT talking about the threatened New World Order of either the socialist Left OR the fascist Right.  I am talking about the Golden Age of long report; when we were, now are, to live by the principles of our highest Selves, in alignment with the desire for us of our mutual Creator.  No longer to wallow in the mud pit that we created here in this realm of duality by succumbing to the vices of such as anger and hate and greed and envy; rather, to live by the virtues of such as mentioned here: forgiveness.  Along with its fellow qualities, of the likes of love and joy and beauty; and Abundance.

Because it's time to.  Brought about by just such an Opportunity afforded us as the Usurper has given us: to rise to the occasion, and prove our true worth.  As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Now to go up a notch, in consciousness.               


And just to report: I tried again, with the above, approximate rerun of my first attempt - and the same thing happened.  It just disappeared.  And was not posted there hours later.

I notice that the common denominator with the very same thing happening at the other site the day before to one of my tentative contributions was that I mentioned 'fascist', and in the context of a 'New World Order'.


I report this, also in the context of  a radio interview I listened to yesterday (Sunday), of a 'whistleblower-activist 'named Stew Webb, who has been following the Illuminati 'thing' for years and been deeply involved in trying to 'out' certain aspects of it through the courts (with no success, but a lot of awareness gained in the process, of how deep the rot has reached), and shared with the listeners how he thinks something is going down on May 1st, whereby TPTB are going to try to declare Martial Law, and pull a banking scam like that pulled in Cyprus recently, whereby the banking system criminals try to use the public's money to bail them out of the holes that they have dug for themselves.  His 'intel' is that the government is divided within itself, where there are FBI agents, e.g., who will stand with the people, and some who are too involved in the crime syndicate scene that is the story of American federal government today to release it; and the same with the military, although - again, according to his inside intel - the majority of it will stand with The People, and therefore the Cabal will have to resort to secret weaponry - including robots, and HAARP - and 'foreign troops' to try to pull off their takeover.  This is all being occasioned by the crisis situation that has developed in the monetary/banking system.

Which needs to collapse; in order for The New to take its place on the world scene.*  But before that desirable New can take its place, there may well be some sad situations needing to play themselves out.  Karma, presumably, at work.  

Keep a steady, positive thought for The Light to win out, in this confrontation between the Light and the Dark.  It will.  But we need to demonstrate which side we are on, in this ultimate encounter - and energize the Light by our alignment with it, and thus help it manifest on our level; in our matrix.  

Until we leave our 3D prison behind.  And fly, like the eagles we, by nature - by our better natures - are.        



* The Cabal have their own new system in place to replace it.  But The Light has other plans for the 'afterworld'.

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