Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Think We've Let Them Have Enough Rope Now

I wanted to go a little further down the rabbit hole opened up by the story I referred to in my last blog, from the current issue of Nexus Magazine, entitled 'Asthma Breakthrough: The Full Story'.  It turns out that it wasn't the full story, inasmuch as it didn't list, as a factor, a key one: chemtrails.  And therein lies a major story.

Not to go too deeply into it, here.  Just to log it - note it - acknowledge it, as a major issue of our time; and in fact, the one that might very well bring the whole play to a close.  The play of the ongoing 3D drama, that has really gone far enough now, thank you very much, with this atrocious business of what is called 'bioengineering', which is threatening very life itself on the planet.

Presumably, the chemtrails 'thing' started out as a product of good intentions: pilots were told (when they were told anything; these things are very compartmentalized) that they were spraying to reflect the sun to stop global warming.  But Morgellons disease?  A huge increase in asthma and other respiratory conditions??  And terrible skin conditions of all types???  And nano technology in the aerosols, evidencing bio warfare (GM red blood cells, of all things)????

Some of this can be related to scientific calculation about benefits vs. risks.  Aluminum, e.g., found in chemtrail residues.  An excellent coagulator (theoretically to help in rainfall production).  But also figuring in Alzheimer's disease.  Being picked up in the food chain; appearing in everything we eat.1  And something else starting to be picked up in such residues: fluoride.  A pacifier; a creator of brittle bones - and a factor in the calcifying of the pineal gland.  Which cuts humans off from their connection to the larger dimension of reality that we are a part of, outside of the matrix prison of our limited, 3D senses.2

Which is really where I want to go with this short treatise on Life In Our Day and Time.   For TPTB behind all this stuff going on are trying to cling on to power3 - their power, over humanity.  Over their herd of cattle.  That they wish to keep corralled; keep in their control.  Pretending, that they are their minds, and bodies.  When, like all of us, they have a mind; and have a body.  But they are not those accoutrements.  They are - yes; even them - the soul children of our mutual Creator Source.

They just don't want to have to admit to it.  To the fact that they are not gods in their own right.

Well; let me clarify that, with a hypothetical situation.  Let's say that a would-be robber comes up to me on the street and demands my money.  And I say to him:

'Do you know who I am?

'I am God.

'Do you know who you are?

'You are God.

'We are God meeting God.

'I encourage you to live up to the occasion.  To rise to the occasion.'

The Cabal - the Movers and Shakers on the planet - are trying to be gods in their own right.  By their own power.  Glorying, in their perverted fashion, in what is in very fact their true nature.

And that's why we need to forgive them, for all the terrible things that they have done - in this lifetime.

For they are 'just' Us.  Playing parts, in the drama.

That we need to release now.

Because it has gone quite far enough.

For the danger is not only planetary size, now.

It is soul size.

And if they continue to play the parts that they have taken on - and have taken on with a life of their own, in - they are in mortal danger of losing their immortal souls.

And we are not here for that sort of thing.

We are here, to learn lessons, and grow from our decisions, and the consequences of our actions.  And then move on.

Back into Unity, with the Beloved.

NOT to lose some of Us on the way.

Who got so caught up in the drama that they lost track of their essential Selves in the process.

Love.  Compassion.  And Forgiveness.

Those are the keys to get us out of this mess that we have - all - created.  In our different roles, over the lifetimes that we have gone around and around and around on this lovely planet.

Now ascending.   In Her own right; as a spiritual Being as well.

With us.

Or without us.

Our individual choice.

As usual.


P..S. So we have quite a critical situation on the planet, as TPTB tried to deal with things (a warming factor), and created a monster of an outcome in the process.  The solution?  Partly in our hands - in taking the reins of power out of the hands of our erstwhile Masters; which is our responsibility to do.  But in part as well, to accept the assistance of our galactic neighbors; who are just waiting to give us that hand.  And we can accept it, fairly.  Because, even though there is Karma to see through, there is also another universal law at work here as well:
     that of allowing souls - even off-planetary in momentary origin - to give Service to Others; as part of their own spiritual development, and progress.
     To be accepted, with thanks.  And mutual progress on our individual and collective Paths back to total Unity with the All That Is.  Of which Each of Us embodied souls is an important, and integral, Part.
     All.  Of Us.
     And thus the need to lend a helping hand when we can, to those of Us struggling on the Way.
     NOT to deny that hand, our of spite, or revenge, or other lower-level emotion.
     None of those sorts of emotions are allowed where we are headed for, now.
     Which is up, a notch, in our consciousness development.  And thus, why those sorts of emotions won't accompany us  Because they would be out of sync with the frequency level that we would be functioning on, in harmony with.
     Are about to function on.
     To inherit.
     Just as soon as we leave the drama behind.
     And not soon enough, it would appear, more and more.



1 A side note: Monsanto has come up with aluminum- and drought-resistant seeds.  Al and droughts afflict the planet; no rain, farmers go belly up, towns die.  Monsanto buy them, the rains come back, they sell those, and their Terminator seeds, to the new, more resilient farmers.
     Are Monsanto and HAARP linked?  Is the Pope - even the new one - Catholic??

2 Our erstwhile Masters, having seen some of their herd starting to slip out of hand by drinking non-flouridated water, having figured out another way to get us back in the corral.  Persistent souls.
     And souls they are.
     Even if they don't want to admit to it.
     Have, to admit to it.
     Renegades that they are.  Wanting - having experienced it, in the realm of duality - to have Power Over.  Rather than 'simply' Power With.
     Which is their lawful due, as sparks - fractals - points of view, of our mutual Creator.  But which is not enough for them, now, that they have tasted gay Paree, as the song goes.  And wanting it all.
      Without respect for the consequences of their actions.
     Which attitude - mentality - consciousness would cause them to fail the test, on their return from the school, of seeming separation, where they picked up some very, very bad habits.
     Particularly in the vein of Arrogance.  A vein that they have mined far enough, now; to see where it can lead.
     It can lead to catastrophe.
     Which is where we have already been, in our 'past'.  So we really don't need to learn that one again.
     What will it take, to wake up out of our stupor??
     We're about to find out.
     For we WILL make it through this block, this time.
     For, enough is enough.  For even the most recalcitrant of souls.
     More about whom, read on.

3 So read: Klingons???...

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