Monday, 8 April 2013

In Remembrance

The atheists, and other leftists, are ratcheting up the pressure for Change.  I can tell by the mail I receive - in both email and snail mail format - from various right-wing sources.  And especially hot now is their attack on Christians.1  Just recently, within the space of a very few days, not only has there been a fair amount of 'coverage' of this subject in my e-newsletters, but I received mailings from four different such organizations.  They all shared similar lists of bullet points (well; of course).  Example:

"The Obama Administration's War On Christianity, The Family And Morality

     "Most Americans are still unaware of the Obama Administration's all-out assault against Christianity, the family and the moral values that built America.

     "For example...

          "Did you know that regulations in ObamaCare require Christians and pro-life Americans to pay       for health insurance plans that cover abortion-inducing drugs, vasectomies and sterilizations?

          "Did you know that legal experts say ObamaCare will also require pro-life doctors and Christian hospitals to perform abortions?

          "Did you know that when he was a State Senator in Illinois, Barack Obama voted twice to prohibit doctors from administering life-saving medical care to babies accidentally born alive in a botched abortion?

     "But that's not all!

     "In 2010, President Obama signed the so-called 'Hate Crimes Bill' into law.

     "Under this law, citing the Bible and Christian moral teachings to argue that homosexual acts are morally wrong could be considered inciting violence against homosexuals and, therefore, a 'Hate Crime' - as is now happening under similar 'Hate Crime' laws in Canada, Great Britain and Sweden.

     "Obama's Justice Department and the Left are also using the new 'Hate Crimes Law' and various civil rights laws to harass and bully the Boy Scouts for prohibiting openly gay Scout Masters and for including God in its oath.

     "And you probably have not heard about this...

     "The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the historic giant cross built by Veterans of Foreign Wars and located on private property in the Mojave Desert, that honors America's fallen warriors, can stay where it is and in no way violates anyone's Constitutional rights.

     "But the Obama Justice Department sent the U.S. Park Police on to this private land in SWAT Team fashion anyway and confiscated this beautiful historic cross.

     "Barack Obama has made his disdain for America's Christian heritage clear throughout his Presidency.

     "For example...

          "He gave a speech in Indonesia in which he falsely claimed the U.S. national motto was 'e pluribus unum,' when in fact it is 'In God We Trust;'

          "He has (at least five times) dropped any reference to God as 'Creator' when quoting America's Declaration of Independence;

          "He failed to mention God in his official Thanksgiving message;

          "He mocked Congress for reaffirming America's trust in God through a Congressional resolution and argued it was a waste of time;

          "At a news conference in Turkey, which in recent years has become a radical anti-American Muslim nation, Obama self-righteously declared that Americans 'do not consider ourselveses to be a Christian nation;' and

          "The Obama Administration recently filed a brief before the U.S. Supreme Court urging that churches and religious schools be banned from hiring and firing ministers or teachers based on their religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

     "Now that Barack Obama has won a second term as President, he has said one of hist top priorities will be to push the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enact what he calls his 'Media Diversity Doctrine' on broadcasters.

     "Obama's idea is to deny or revoke the broadcast licenses of radio stations that he thinks don't have enough diversity of programming.  So Christian stations would be required to have shows by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and even atheists in order to keep their broadcast licenses.  And stations that carry Rush Limbaugh for three hours a day could not then follow with Sean Hannity's show but would have to carry three hours of liberal programming in order to keep their broadcast license..."  (Emphases in the original)

And so on in this vein; and similar to the other sources, sounding the alarm about "the atheists and their unrelenting crusade to erase our Judeo-Christian heritage".2

A few observations.

It's a bit unfair to take after Obama for signing the 'Hate Crimes' bill.  He signed what was given to him by Congress to sign. Go after those miscreants.  And you can't even fault the Obama administration's Justice Department for enforcing the law; that's what the Executive branch of government is for.  (And what they should have been doing, e.g., regarding enforcing laws protecting our borders.)  But when they go too far, and do such things as filing the brief to go after ministers for being ministers of their faith - who are specifically exempted from anti-discrimination laws, in the practice of their faith - then yes, he and they need to be called to account.  (And I understand that the Supreme Court did just that, in regards to churches and church schools being able to hire members in good standing of their faith to run them.)

But I am incensed, e.g., if it is true that in Turkey he characterized "Americans" as no longer considering their country "to be a Christian nation", rather than some Americans; notably including himself.  In repeatedly proclaiming "We are no longer a Christian nation", he is, indeed, going too far, in making his point, about the nation being multi-religious, and even atheistic, these days.  It's fair enough to remark on the changes in the nation, over the years.  But the way he is doing it - along with his refusal to quote the Declaration of Independence properly, e.g. -  smacks of propaganda; of denying the roots of the nation.

It was inevitable that this point would come up, at this time.  For this is the time of a Synthesis kicking in, in human history.  A process akin to Hegel's dialectic has been going on, whereby - to take America as an example - the nation was founded on economic, social, and religious reactions to 'the Auld' countries, with those hearty pioneer souls wanting to be free from the various constraints being imposed upon them; wanting to breathe free from being subjects, and given free rein over their own lives, to make their own way, out from under the shadow of the state or an established Church.  So indeed, this country's roots are in 'the Judeo-Christian heritage' - and in the spirit of freemen, enjoying the fruits of their labors.  Time passes, and the dark side of individualism kicks in, creating a reaction; as well, to the controlling, authoritarian nature of a religion.  Result: antithesis to the founding impulse of the nation (which itself was an antithesis, which then became a thesis for another round of the ongoing process).  So we have the dominant, status-quo 'house', of rampant economic individualism in relation to a God-honoring, if rather established religion, now beset by their contrasting forces; and the process crowned now with a president3 who says things like "You didn't build that," and "We are no longer a Christian nation".

How arrogant.  But it comes with that sort of territory.  The territory that we are now in.  Of moving out of the historical dynamic onto a new level.  The level of, as I say, Synthesis.   And since things are now global-sized, the Synthesis is for humanity as a whole; and not, then, just the makings of another thesis.  Rather, a finishing stage in itself.  The concluding stage to a long, long process.

But to get back to America, and its roots, and the changes that are now afoot:

If you are going to release America from its roots, you had better make darn sure what you are replacing it with - or at least, exposing it to.  It would appear that some Americans were willing to expose it to a dictatorship under Bush W. And it would also appear that some Americans, on the other side of the political aisle (actually, both on the extremes: fascism on the one hand, Marxism on the other), are willing to expose the nation to a dictatorship under Obama (the Bush W. administration, with its heavy influences from the NeoCons and their hegemonic attitudes regarding the Middle East, having upped the ante to that level).  I'm not sure precisely what the majority of American citizens want.  I would hope it would be 'neither of the above'.

But it is time for something new.  And that includes our attitudes regarding a) religion, and b) Truth.  With 'Truth' now including incontrovertible evidence - from books, videos, studies - in our time of the truth of reincarnation.  Which deals a blow to the 'western' religions, based on the Judeo-Christian template: that something more is at work in the story of life than is covered in those religious philosophies.4

So, what would be the best outcome for the majority of Americans today.  Simply returning the country to its roots?  Or realizing that times have changed.  And for the world as a whole.  And it is, indeed, time for something new.

Just not what is dreamt of in the atheistic, communitarian philosophy, that doesn't honor the individual, as a spark - a fractal; a point of view - of the Divine.

The Divine of which we are all a Part.

And need to recognize such, now.  Before we blow it - yet once again, on this beleaguered planet - and have to start the long, long trail awinding out of darkness - the darkness of our making - all over again.

It's time for Change, alright.

Real Change.

Everlasting Change.

Onto a new, higher level of the phenomenon - the experience - of life.

Of life everlasting. Out of the duality matrix and illusory realm of matter.

Within our grasp.

As we speak.

Let's not blow it this time, folks.  Brothers and sisters, of planet Earth.

Which too is going to ascend.

With us.

Or without us.

Our choice.

As always.  In our holy Administration.   Wherein we have been gifted with free will.  To do with as we will.

And have done.  And now, gifted as well with Divine Grace, are about to be given the opportunity to move wholesale out of kindergarten.  And - abandoning the wheel of rebirth, and the drama on the stage of 3D 'life' - move further on the path towards Graduation.

Where and when we will all fully be One again, in the House - the living domicile - of our Father/Source/the All That Is.  After our long journey in the wilderness of our making; where we have gone exploring, in the make-believe realm of separation and duality; the kingdom of Illusion.

And start the journey now - more directly - Home.    



1 I'm not precisely sure how I got on the mailing lists of so many specifically Christian organizations.  Maybe there is an assumption going on, that if someone is on a (shared) conservative mailing list, there's a good chance that they are Christian as well; worth the investment of a mailing or two.

2 The latter quote was from the covering letter of the president of the Citizens United Foundation; in high dudgeon specifically over the atheists trying to take down a cross on the top of a hill in the Marine Camp Pendleton (carried there nine years ago by seven Marines as a memorial "to honor their comrades who had been killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom"; and four of whom have since been killed in action themselves).  The lengthy quote itself was from the covering letter of the Faith & Freedom Coalition; the mailing containing a '2013 Congressional Research Survey of 10,000,000 Christian Voters on the Role of Faith in American Public Life,' in a 'Campaign to STOP Barack Obama's War on Christianity and the Traditional Moral Values that Made America Great'.

3 Really, merely an acting president.  Another subject.

4 Zechariah Sitchin has a good 'take' on the Jewish tribal god (see his Earth Chronicles series on the Sumerian cylinder seals/histories).  And for Christianity, see esp. Tony Bushby, Ralph Ellis, and Sacharya S.
     We have not been told the truth about a lot of things, and for a long time.


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