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How To Take Over a Nation

How do you take over a nation (if you are so inclined)??

Well, you can attack it at the level of its branches; and you can also attack it at its roots.  As to the latter tack, it can consist of:

1) disparaging its Founders.  In the example of America, that can take the form of labeling them - painting them - as slaveowners, and therefore 'racists', and big landowners really just looking out for their own interests, and such.  ('Nothing to see here, kids; just keep moving on in your history lessons.  Now, we've got a good thing for you to look at, here.  No; not over there.  Here...');

2) bringing into the country a certain category of persons, to a) dilute the vote over a period of time, and b) steer it your way: people who will vote primarily for your 'team'.  And since you might not be able to pull that caper off fully legally - even by getting your people into positions in the Immigration civil-servant system to influence both policy and on-the-ground entries - you need to resort to helping your politically-oriented kind of person enter the country, and stay there, illegally; and then bide your time, until you can engineer a move towards amnesty.

This happened here even under a conservative president/administration, with Ronald Reagan in 19986 - which was the only way that it could ever have been gotten away with, with the majority of the American public at that time still rather conservative in nature.1  Earlier, Ted Kennedy had engineered the passage of an immigration bill that was the foot in the door;2 and now we have a bunch of RINOs who are caving in to that same spirit, of sneakiness.  Promise anything, to get'em in.  With the RINOs thinking, apparently, to try to ride the tiger - offer the illegals a chance at middle-class prosperity, and they will turn on their left-wing benefactors.


As to the current immigration-bill debate; I offer this perspective:

Tea Party C..C.: 'Immigration Bill Contains 'MarcoPhones' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - April 17

(The 'Gang of Eight' immigration reform bill contains a measure "that would give taxpayer-funded free cell phones to some people who live or work near the U.S. border with Mexico".   This measure quickly got identified as just another freebie on the part of the Obama admin, like his celebrated 'ObamaPhones'.  In fact, it made some sense, if limited to stand-up citizens who live along the border and are being inundated with illegal crossings of their land, but don't have the financial wherewithal to have a cell phone to report incursions of illegals.  However, it could be corrupted; like all such 'freebie' spending measures (not to mention that the federal govt. simply doesn't have that kind of money to throw around).  But the article took on a life of its own, and ranged far afield from just the issue of free cell phones covered in the Immigration Reform Bill being considered by Congress; as the following exchange indicates.)    


Permalink Reply by ANA ZUNIGA-MAUS 3 hours ago  [Apr. 19]
As a Hispanic I know that there is plenty that can be done to make the illegals go home and send a laud and clear message to the world, that illegal immigration is no longer tolerated in America and end illegal immigration completely. We need to cut employment from the roots, by implementing E-Verify mandatory nation wide, to all employers, weather they employ one illegal or many, with stiff penalties and jail time to all offenders. End automatic citizenship to their children and all the benefits that come through them, no more free health, free schooling or any other benefits, at tax payers expense, and the illegals will leave, no deportation needed, they will leave, because they will have no choice.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now  [Apr. 19]
Exactly right, Ana Zuniga-Maus; and as an Hispanic yourself, all the more reason to appreciate you for voicing this point of view.

A honey pot attracts; that's its job.  This policy of creating dependency amongst the American populace and attractiveness to illegal aliens has been going on for years, and especially since the voicing, by a couple of socialist academicians, of what has become known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy: to bankrupt the American government under the weight of this sort of cynical spending of the taxpayers' money, in order to [collapse it and] establish a socialist system - precisely what Obama meant when he said that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the American form of government.  By now there is [should be] no question what he meant by that statement; not just to get the nation out from under the control of the moneyed elite, but to set up a statist form of government from the Left.

My sympathies lie with those erstwhile immigrants who patiently wait their turn to come into this blessed country - blessed by the likes of them.  Not their queue-jumping cousins, who have thereby shown their lack of being potentially good, law-abiding citizens.  Stop the freebies to illegals - and under-the-table job payoffs - and let them return to their point of departure, and WAIT THEIR TURN.  And no chance FOR a turn after, say, one attempt to enter the country illegally.  [If that.]

We are also faced with the La Raza crowd, who want to take over this country from within.  It's time to put a stop to all this nonsense.  No more spineless Mr. Nice Guy.  The RINOs need to join their Democrat congressional comrades out of a job.     


 So, this is the basic political picture today.  But let me put into the pot, as it were, a bit of a 'sweetener';  a perspective, that brings this whole process together, in a larger picture.

1) The Left is going for a New World Order of the Left; fired by the vision of 'equality' (including, ultimately down that road, 'equality of outcome'), and the belief in secular humanism as a philosophy to build their atheistic/materialistic, totalitarian empire on.
     This historical stage - call it the stage of an antithesis - has been fueled by

2) the excesses of the Right (the 'thesis' stage of the exercise), in trying to impose a totalitarian NWO of their own, from the ostensible Right, ostensibly fired by the vision of 'liberty,'  but only in the sense of the liberty of the corporate-financial elite (the Cabal) to make tons of money, in collaboration with the government 'fixing' things their way: a form of government aka fascism; and which gives lip service to 'religion', as a form and means of control of the populace.      
     Both tendencies are setting up a move to

3) a 'state' of Synthesis.  A coming together of the historical impulses of nation-building, into a consummation stage.  A NewWorld Order, alright; just one in alignment with, and incorporating, Spirit; and operating, not under Force, but under Love.3
     Thus bringing the added-dimensional element of 'the spiritual' into the picture.  All of which - happily - coincides with a degree of technology that allows humanity now to move out of the shadow of the Era of Oil4 into the sunlit Era of Cosmic Energy; via what are known as free energy devices, or Zero Point Energy.

It's time, that is to say, to move on.

We have a world to win.  In, and for, the Light.

Let's be about it.

Before we get ourselves into any more trouble than we are already in, in trying to live just by ourselves, and our limited versions of Reality.

There is a huge universe out there; teeming with Life.

Time to join our galactic neighbors.5

In concert with our celestial guides.

Who are doing their best - within their limitations, of operating within the Spiritual Law-honoring of our fee will - to help bring us


Or at least, head us in the right direction.

The rest is up to us.

But - indeed - with a little help from our friends.

And including The Plan behind it all.



1 This, an era of the mentality of Small Government.  Or as RR put it: "Man is not free unless government is limited...As government expands, liberty contracts."  And: "Either you will control your government, or your government will control you."  And perhaps his most famous 'sound bite': "Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem."
     This was perhaps the highpoint of the concept of 'liberty' in the nation.  For, after Reagan, came big government addicts; of both the left and the right.  All, under the sway of the idee fixe of a New World Order.  A manmade New World Order.  A statist New World Order, with totalitarian tendencies, or outright policies.
     As the shadow side of what is being called for, now.   But more on that, anon.

2 See a blog by Frosty Wooldridge at NewsWithViews on April 18 titled 'The 1965 Congressional Lie On Immigration: The 2013 Lie Even Bigger' 

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Frosty Wooldridge ( Add to contacts 4/19/13 clear.gif
To: 'Duane Stanfield'


Dear Stan,

Thank you. It's beyond exasperating our current nightmare and the one that's coming.

I will continue to speak up and write.

Life and light,


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From: Duane Stanfield  
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 2:04 AM
Subject: NWV Column of April 19

Dear Frosty:

Thank you for your continued good work in this regard; giving the public
good, solid info by which to look at this issue.

Keep up the excellent work.

'Stan' Stanfield

3 The 'system' operating under, not the hope for a profit, but the reality of what is: a system wherein we treat each other as ourselves.  Not just as 'spiritual beings having a human experience;' but literally as ourselves.  For, under the cosmic law and operation of reincarnation, We Are One Another; and in point of fact, then, As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves.  For We Are All One.
     And All IS One.
     One Incredible Being.  Experiencing Itself, through its fractals.  Its points of view.  Its facets.
      Like a fundamentally immaterial Crystal, dipping Itself into materiality.  For - as I say - the experience.
     And the growing therefrom.
     The growing in Consciousness.
     Which is the nature of That in Which we live and move and have our being.
     The Great Mind - the Radiant Consciousness - that holds all of the Creation within Itself.
     Whatever Its name (as an entity), really: Hallowed Be Its Name.
     I call it the All That Is.
     Some call it our Father/Mother God.
     What do you call it?
     Or have you even thought about the matter.  Beyond the level of the 'God' distinction given to our Creator.  Which has become a rather meaningless term; encompassing a whole range of qualities imposed on It.  Best to think of It in new terms.
     Like - as well - Limitless Love and Truth.
     Whatever: Vengeful need not apply.

4 and all the resource-capturing and warmongering that has characterized the pursuit, and Era, of that material.

5 who are all emanations from Source, just as we are; just a little more technologically developed, is all, and some, more spiritually developed.  The latter category including our direct ancestors.

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