Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's Time for The Truth of All Things

In my last blog I referred to another member of the public's blog, complete with still photos apparently showing that at least one of the two bomb-blast sites at the Boston Marathon - the one at the finish line - was a staged event, with what are called 'event actors' doing their thing.  I want to make clear that I don't know that that was staged; any more than I know that it was not.  All I know is that looks can be deceiving; and we have had plenty of that artifice by now, and so have every good reason to suspect that we are being deceived, and on a massive scale, in matters that give the central government more and more power and control over us, as sovereign citizens - not subjects - of a once free country, that is now being turned - step by step - into just a region of a world empire, called by the elite behind it, and thus by the keen-eyed investigators into it, their New World Order.

Take 9/11.  There are so many anomalies in the official story about it that one hardly knows where to begin.1  But it makes the same case, as all of these events that have been going on: that though there is some 'truth' in them - that something did indeed happen before our very eyes - there is a lot of deceit in them as well.  And so it is our job to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is our job, because that is what Life itself is all about.

Learning to discern.

The name of the game.

And perhaps the biggest job of discernment that we have had to face in our time is the purloining of the American presidency.  On the way to the establishing of that NWO, of the Elite's dream for the world.

I have a different 'dream' for it.

That we earn our stripes, as it were.

And thus, move on.


To a higher level, a higher frequency, of our potential.

And inherit our true 'role', as very gods in the making.

Not as undiscerning souls, caught in the illusion of the material realm, and thinking that it is all that matters, so to speak.

And so, a key piece of our liberation - our emergence - into that higher potential of ours2 would be to force the Truth to come out regarding, as I put it, the purloining of the American presidency.  To not let 'them' get away with this sort of insult to our intelligence, as more, far more, than mere cattle to be farmed, sheep to be sheared, by forces that have disassociated themselves from the Light.

For a purpose.

And so, serving It as well; in this realm of relative darkness, wherein we make our way, hesitantly; feeling our way in the gloom, until we come across the stream of Light that will help us on our way into the Light.  The crack that illuminates the open doorway to that realm:

the honoring of the Truth of things.  

That would be signified if the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was forced, by public opinion, into the light of that new day for humanity, by

a) admitting to his deceit (for not having been a bona fide 'natural born Citizen'); b) apologizing to the American people for it, and for trashing their Constitution - and thus the rule of law in the land - in the process; and c) asking them for their forgiveness, as he voluntarily vacates the office that he has assumed.

And by The People then practicing the art of forgiveness, by forgiving him.  For he has helped us learn lessons.  The very sorts of lessons that will cause us, having learnt them, to move up in consciousness, to the degree that we need to,  to inherit our next step, on the stairway to the heavens, and, ultimately, all the way Home:

living our lives - our experiences - by and with such qualities as forgiveness, and compassion, and love.  And leaving behind the qualities that have kept us on the Wheel of Rebirth for so long - such as hate, and anger, and vindictiveness, and jealousy, and with revenge soiling our hearts; and...and...and......

We have a world to win, all right.

The Right way.

Let's be about it.

And ascend with Gaia in the process.

Leaving all other timelines behind; to begin to dissipate.  Like the phantoms that they are.  

That all timelines are.

Not being of the eternal Now.

And that's the Truth.

That we are now moving into.

With the help - a little help (given the role of free will in the Process) - of not a few of our Friends.

In high places.  And those on the same level as we are, materially speaking.  Just a little more advanced than we are.

On our common - and uncommon - Path.



1 For starters: The WTC towers all came down in nearly classic free-fall speed - and perfectly into their footprints?  (I say 'all' because the same thing happened with WTC7 later in the day.  Which just so happened to house very important offices.  To say: files.)  And WTC1 & 2 massively pulverized -  drifting off as dust along the Eastern seaboard - to the point where there was hardly anything of substantial form left; no desks, chairs, computers, even metal filing cabinets, let alone bodies??  And interior massive explosions were heard, and seen, in all the buildings???  And some trucks were found to be hauling gold bars from the basement levels of one of the buildings - to where????  And some people, including a CIA officer, made a huge killing on the stockmarket that day, having bet on the collapse of the stock of the airlines involved?????  And the dancing Israelis, on the top of their Mossad-cover storage & haulage business van, videoing the scene from across the river; having, as one of them admitted - boasted? - on Israeli TV days afterwards, been assigned to do so??????  (Which brings up the curious business of Israeli 'art students' shadowing the Arab patsies for some time before the event; and even having had access to the WTC towers ahead of 9/11.  But that's all material for another blog in its own right.)  And the images on TV live news feeds depicting the (aluminum) nose of the second plane going all the way through the building and partway out the other side, before the engineers quickly cut to black, and had the shot covered up afterwards with an obscuring info strap, or, on another channel, conveniently down out of sight of the doctored shot???????  Not to mention the evidence, found out about later on by earnest investigators of this monstrous false flag op, of an actual plane flying parallel with the depicted plane going into the second tower, only some distance away; convenient to projecting a hologram into the 'seen'.........

2 we could, of course, spiral down further into our lower potential - given our free will - and end up 'crashing' in a horrendous outcome from here; one of the lesser timelines that we are on, running their course.  For those who stay on them.

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