Thursday, 11 April 2013

Speaking Of Credit...

Money is in the news.  Quietly behind the scenes, moves are afoot to undercut TPTB, and release massive amounts of 'money' - gold-backed currency - for the good of 'the little guy,' and the beginning of a New Era for humanity that way.  In the meantime, out in front of the curtain, the alternative/electronic currency Bitcoin has taken a nosedive.  A friend of mine lost - on paper - a considerable amount in the process.  But he is hanging in there on it, because its administrative crew are saying that it was only due to a technical glitch - they were getting too successful, and their online equipment just couldn't handle the load - and they will have been back up and running sometime today.  I don't know if that recovery happened or not - I know that it had happened at least partially, from where my friend had bought into the system.  But I also pointed out to him the word on various sites: that it had been a calculated takedown by the people whose monetary system is under pressure from this new startup upstart.      

So the matter still has a ways to play itself out, yet.  But it brings up the interesting subject of money, in relation to The New Age for all humankind.

I have shared before, here in the pages of this electronic journal, my deep interest in the subject; an interest that, years ago, took me from my home in L.A. (specifically in Hollywood) on a (mostly) walking journey across the country "to see the President and draw to his attention that the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money;" and then, having delivered my message (at least to the Secret Service fellow at a side gate of the White House; which was as far as I was allowed to go), made my way back to Southern California to start the next stage of my life.  Keeping, all the while, over these years (that president was JFK), an eye on this aspect of our civilization; wondering how long it would take for humanity to get to the point where I had been, when the solution to all our problems came to me.

A moment to clarify.  What did I mean?  Money is necessary to the operation of a social order; right?

No it isn't.  Not absolutely.  And especially not interest-bearing money.  My main beef.

Interest-bearing money - the system of usury - is when and whereby money became an object of value in and of itself; in its own right, rather than just being a catalystic medium of exchange.  The Muslim 'world' doesn't operate on the back of usury.1  And good for them in not doing so; and demonstrating that possibility, for human commercial interaction.  They created a sense of community that way, amongst themselves; rather than a competitive, dog-eat-dog, each-man-for-himself society

Competition can accomplish a lot; as we have seen.  But it has also a very substantial dark side.  As we have also seen.

Which brings us - has brought us - down to this present moment in time.  With many people (yay!) looking at creating alternative currencies, ways of exchange; before the world's status-quo system collapses under the weight of what the Marxists would call its 'internal contradictions'.2  And beautifully, these alternative ways are often very holistic in their spirit: how to engage with each other in ways that honor the Earth, and so forth.

We're getting there.

As for Bitcoin, specifically.  'The people's money.'  Good for it.  It needs to show that it has the essential nature of resiliency, rather than of volatility, to work in the long run.  But then, it may not have to work 'in the long run'.  But it is a good idea, and whose time has clearly come; as TPTB3 gear up to take down the dollar, in order to use the Crisis = Opportunity scenario4 to attempt to impose a central currency of their own making on all of humanity.

There can well be something of that nature, of course; as we move into The New Age.5

Just not one of their making.

And only as a stop-gap stage, as we move steadily from a social system fueled by free energy devices, and characterized by Abundance rather than Poverty, to a system - in keeping with our raised consciousnesses, and insights into how things work in an energetic creation - characterized by replicators transforming energy into various forms, of food and drink; and that stage of development rapidly, then (things speed up when you're on a roll), giving way to The Full Monty: Life in 5D (the first stage of Unity) wherein (and whereby) One only has to think Oneself to where One wants to go, and is there, instantly.

Enough of this training-wheels stage of experiencing the Creation.

It's time for the real thing.

We can thank the 3D matrix, where we have been at home for eons, for a number of things.  So let's give credit where credit is due.  But let's not give it undue credit.

As in meaning to life, beyond just in and for itself only.

Been there.  Done that trip; round and round, and round.

It's time - as I say - for the real thing.

Up the spiral.

To Infinity.

And beyond!        



1 And note: 'usury' doesn't mean just a system of extensive interest-charging.  It is that system of exchange itself.
     The Catholic Church has certainly done some terrible things in its history.  But trying to hold the line against a usurious system of exchange wasn't one of them.

2 Am I a Marxist?  Since that way of looking at the social order of things is based on a materialistic, secular-humanistic model of reality, the answer is No.
     However, I'm not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

3 David Wilcock likes to call them TPTW, for - of course - The Powers That Were.
     And judging from all the good 'looking' that he has done on our human situation - and reported on in the likes of his fairly recent book 'The Source Field Investigations' - he should know.

4 Or action-reaction-solution, as David Icke characterizes the MO of the Cabal.  That combination of humans and off-worlders who have guided/manipulated humanity for eons.  And whose time has come, to fold their pyramidal tent, and join the rest of us pilgrims on our path to the Sun.  Or to slip back into the shadows of consciousness, from whence they came.  Deprived of their power over us.  At last.

5  in this age of globalization.  Thanks, folks.  We'll take over, now.

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