Sunday, 28 April 2013

Time's Up

Yesterday I received in the mail, among all the other Contribution Request letters I receive daily, for various worthy causes, a request from the American Bible Society for a contribution to their project of helping them "share God's Word with our brave Service Members," by sending Bibles - "the gift of God's Word"  - to "America's best and bravest as they fight for their lives in some of the most dangerous regions on Earth".  ("We must do all that we can to reach our Troops with the truth of God's love!" the letter continues.)

It put me to mind of a What If scenario, based on a very current giveaway contest that I am involved in (estimated odds of winning: 1 in 310,000,000).  

The scene: The front door of an apartment, on a sunny day.  A group of three well-dressed individuals - the female amongst them holding a bouquet of flowers - with a TV cameraman and a photographer standing by.  The 'lead' man, whispering to the camera:

"We are at the door of our Grand Prize Winner, Mr. Duane Stanfield of Long Beach, California.  Any minute now, you're going to see - oh.  Here we go!"

The door opens, the flowers are handed over, the photographer takes some pictures of the beaming Award Committee and a somewhat bemused older gent, theTV cameraman continues recording it all, in a live feed.

"So," says the 'lead' man, "you have just won a million dollars a year for life.  What will you do with all that money, Mr. Stanfield?"

"I've not really given it much thought," says the elderly gent; going right on: "the odds and all.  I'm interested in free energy devices, what is called Zero Point Energy.  And so I'll give a hand in that field.  

"And I'm extremely interested in helping humanity wake up to its highest spiritual potential; so I'll see where I can put some of this 'energy' to best use in that regard."

"What might that look like, Mr. Stanfield?" asks the second man of the team; the first man glancing at him briefly, as if worrying about where that question might lead to, in possibly making their doorstep lottery-winner drama become a bit controversial.  Things you don't normally talk about in such situations are either politics or religion.  But the question has been put, he thinks; regretting that it's a live feed, that it can't be edited afterwards. 

"I'm not sure.  Helping to 'land' the truth of reincarnation, as part of the Plan of Life.  So that we wake up to the fact that underneath the roles we play at any given time around on the wheel of Rebirth, whereby We Are but One Another, we then finally 'get' that We Are All One."  The lead man of the team shoots a tentative look at the cameraman, but then puts back on his on-camera face, and listens for an opening, to move the conversation on.  Which it does, in its own good time; to say, in this instance, immediately: "Sparks, fractals, hologramatic points of view of our mutual Source; experiencing a degree of separation, in this realm of duality, in order to learn lessons.  To grow from our experiences.  In order to move on, on our spiritual paths.  And in order for our Source to grow from our insights, and wisdom-gathering, gained from out experiences in the realm of free will, as well."

"Very interesting, Mr. Stanfield," the lead man smoothly breaks in, with a smile to the camera, "but what will you do for yourself with this grand prize, this magnificent opportunity?  I'm sure our viewers would want to know." 

"I just said."

"…Yes; and well said.  But you must have some idea of a personal desire to fulfill as well.  Come on.  Dream for us a bit."  His smile is fixed.  The others take his lead; though the female is showing signs of unease.  (What is she supposed to be doing??)

"I can't really think of a 'personal' desire right at the moment.  Only some good use I can put the money to.  For example, I can think of some worthy political causes I can put some of it to."

"Do you want to tell us a little about that?" asks the second man of the team; adding, with a glance to his superior, "Not to get too…"

"Partisan?  Yes; I can say that I'm very interested in the Constitution and its rule of law for the nation.  And I would help to bring that awareness back into our consciousness.  Before we leave it behind."

"Beg pardon?  Leave…what behind?" asks the second man.  The feeling is that he is glad to have one of these doorstep conversations with sweepstake winners have some real substance to it.  They can sometimes get very artificial, very for-the-camera sweetness and light.  This one was taking on some real ight. 

"The whole notion of such things as constitutions.  They are like training wheels, for humanity to use, until it gets its act together, and reaches the point of spiritual evolution where it can leave its training wheels behind, and really take off.  The point where we are at, right now."

"…Ri-i-i-ght…" says the lead man, tentatively; uncertain as to how to move the scene on.

"Here.  And Now.  Which includes releasing the training wheels of money itself."

" - Well; until then, Mr. Stanfield," interjects the lead man; coming to the defense of his whole professional reason for being, "when we will all be millionaires, presumably, ha ha - "


" - you have been given a great prize, and I bet you're really happy about that…"


" - so. great; and so, this is the Award Committee, signing off, from having just awarded Mr. Duane Stanfield of Long Beach, California the princely sum - "

"The kingly sum," interjects his teammate; to which the female nods appreciatively.

" - the kingly sum, indeed, of one million dollars a month for the rest of his life.  - "

"You're going to regret that stipulation."


"That 'rest of your life' bit."

"…Why is that, if you don't mind my asking, Mr. Stanfield," the man furtively checking his notes for the older man's age.

"Because I don't plan on dying."

The man stands there, nonplussed.  His male partner looks intrigued and closely at the winner of their lottery.  The female partner looks as though she is trying to figure out what in heaven's name is going on, and is not sure if she wants to just stand there any longer.  Time to move on.

"And actually, neither do most of us."

"Because we are going to move on in a different way from the norm."

"Because we are going to ascend."

"Interesting.  Interesting," says the lead man, having gotten his tongue back, and wits about him.  "So, thank you, Mr. Stanfield, for this enlightening conversation.  - "

"That's the word for it, alright."

" - and so this is the Award Committee, signing off from the site of our latest Grand Prize Winner - "

"Which is all of us."

" - …and with that final word on the matter, we leave you, there at home, wondering…"

"What in heaven's name is going on."



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