Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Director's Cut

There is one spirit in 'the field' in particular that I have noticed, and which needs to be released.  That is the spirit of revenge.

I've picked it up when people - American citizens - discover the truth about 9/11; or at least enough of the truth to open their eyes, to the shocking fact of what the leaders of a nation - this nation - could do to its own people, to further a set of political ends.  I picked it up when I recently read the statement of one of the leaders of the La Raza movement excoriating old white men - i.e., me - as a 'breed' whose time had come to be kicked out of power in America, and the country turned over to its 'rightful' people - i.,e., his.  And in that vein, I picked it up again even more recently in a couple of postings on a blog site that had carried the musings of a spiritual 'leader' on the subject of 'Universal Law and the 5th Dimension'.  The commenter behind the two postings evidently felt 'Not so fast,' in wanting to kick around the very same people that the La Raza 'leader' had taken on, in a bit of an anti-colonial tirade.  With a Mexican name, he talked about the subject of Judgment in the fashion of a wrathful, Old Testament God, as something that needed to descend on the heads of the gringos for the sins of their fathers.  And when another poster gently chided him on the subject of Judgment, he let loose the charge in the other barrel of his shotgun, threatening, with moral righteousness, that every 'Colonial Nation' will get its just deserts, and especially the United States; that it has been true throughout history; etc. etc.

Ah, the irony of it, coming in the context of a discussion of the wholesale ascension of humanity out of third dimension/density duality, and what it will take to manage that magnificent operation - if it is even true.   But that was not his paramount concern.  Not was it of the La Raza spokesperson.  Their paramount concern was, is, for revenge, regarding what has happened in the past.

I was tempted to say something on the thread, to the subject - this subject - but let it go, hoping that someone else would pick up on the irony; perhaps even the person to whom his outburst was directed.  In the event, no one responded.  And it had become (relatively) old history, after a couple of days.  But I feel that it is an important point, especially given our proximity to the essential matter.  So I decided to address it here.


"I've noticed you, (          ), in this thread, seemingly thirsting for revenge.  And I would ask you to consider that yes, Justice will be served; but perhaps not in the way that you would currently recognize.

"For, you do understand, don't you - being someone who is conversant with this sort of blog site and all - that, as these things go, the downtrodden of today have quite likely been the slavedrivers of old; to experience now the likes of 'revenge', and ultimately to realize the futility, and shortsightedness, of such qualities, and of dwelling in them, since you are only inflicting them on yourselves?  Since We Are, in 3D, but One Another; and therefore, in the true reality beyond this ephemeral realm of duality, Are All One?  Facets, fractals, points of view of the same Source, experiencing Itself?  And learning - growing - therefrom.  And once 'you' - the fractal of the All That Is that is you - grok the lesson: why repeat it?  Ad infinitum??  Why not move on, out of the wheel (of rebirth), and into the spiral (further into the Light)???

"It is the spiral that is the sign of true life.  Of an input of energy.  Not the same thing - the same level - repeated over and over.  How boring that scenario is.  Gets; sooner or later.

"Let's move on.  Out of it, now. 'It': the wheel; the revolving stage, of development, that just has the scenery changed on it, and the characters simply swapping roles.  Over and over again…

"Let's call it the Director's Cut.  Now.  And move on.  All together. 

"Or at least, as many of the True Selves of the characters that have grasped the awareness, the awakening, that this, here, is an illusion.  A matrix, in which we have been captured, by our Desire, for feelings like, say, revenge.  And that there is more, far more to experience.  And grow into."


And thus endeth the lesson...

...well; not quite.  I had another interesting 'encounter' today, bringing up these sorts of questions - of who we are, and what we need to get over, in order to advance, to proceed into/onto a higher level of reality.  

It was preceded by a flash of, if not insight, at least cognition of a feeling I have, of themes playing themselves out these days.  I was walking to the nearby park, for my near-normal late afternoon read in the sun, with my feet bared to the earth (sometimes I go to the beach instead), when some young black kids came skateboarding by, in the road, seemingly just sort of checking things out.  They looked at me; and then were past.  And the feeling that I was left was: Are they casing the area?  For how many white faces there may be still here??  It's a fairly 'cosmopolitan' area of town, with blacks living among whites, and a fair sprinkling of Hispanics (or whatever the Mexicans call themselves, or want to be thought of as).1  And on the surface, things seem rather 'normal'.  But if push came to shove - if, say, Obama tried for a martial-law takeover of the nation, and turn of it into a communist state; with the demographics of the country shifting to 'his' side - would such black males turn on Whitey, and do him in??  As so much rhetoric has it, these days???...2

The feeling was with me as I entered the park, and made my way over to my, further, side, for my read.  With black and brown families at their barbecues, and separate tables...and left me wondering: Do I look out of place, here, to them?  Are they, even - perhaps some of them - resenting my presence??

'This is our turf.  You belong in the 'burbs.'  ???...

I had never thought of it before.  It was s mixed neighborhood; I just assumed that 'all was well', with my presence there.  But was I being a bit naive???  And then my 'encounter' happened.

Two little kids came playing into the area of my picnic table; the little girl - of mixed parentage, by the looks of her, but predominantly white - and the little boy - mostly Mexican looking, but vaguely of mixed parentage as well - both with hula hoops.  The little boy had a pretty good technique, of tossing his hoop in a way that it would roll away, with him chasing after.  The little girl - who was sort of humming to herself - settled for just putting it over herself and then slipping it off, dancing around the while.  And then she spoke to me. 



"Whatcha doing." 

"I'm reading.  A magazine.  Do you know what a magazine is?"

She did; or at least, she said she did.  And then proceeded to tell me what I took to be her name - I never did quite catch it - and some other things about herself, how she went in the water once (the beach was just across the street from the park) and it went all the way over her head, an' -

and from behind me some male called her, in a rough way, to "git over" there.  To a nearby table, where some youngish blacks were having their picnic.  I smiled at the 'caller', tried to let him know by it that she wasn't bothering me; but he wasn't having any of it.  And I thought: What is really going on here??  Is he trying to get her to stop bothering the old man; or trying to teach her that she shouldn't be going up to strangers like that; or does he not want her 'fraternizing' with a white man.  Because...

Because of what, all, actually; these days...

A sad situation.  Not to be able to trust others' motives.  Especially between races, who have enough problems communicating with each other at the best of times.  And then to have the 'specter' of mixed marriages entering into the picture as well.  And how did that little girl feel about herself; obviously more white than black, but growing up in a black setting...

...did she want to talk to me - somebody - about that subject?......

I realize that I'm what some people would call a 'racist'.  Well; perhaps.  Since I'm all for people picking up on the race or religion or nationality that they were born into.  They can go exploring later in life.  But there is value in what you are born into.  And not only value; there is reason for what you are born into, along these lines.  To mine the differences between people.

Before we put an end to the drama.  And move on.


Out of the realm of duality.

Back into Unity.  Or a degree thereof, at least.  

A density.  A frequency.

And in the meantime: what do we do about wars.  And rumors of wars.

And miles to go before we sleep.     


1 Hopefully, as Mexican-Americans.  Even more hopefully, as, simply, Americans.  But we seem to be a far cry from that state of being, these days. 
     Well.  Everything has a reason. 

2 And I was reminded of an 'incident' soon after I had come to the neighborhood, just short of a year before, when I was walking home in the early evening, and two big black men somewhat barred my way on the sidewalk.  Not really thinking of such as 'incidents', I simply walked on by them, as if without a worry in the world.  And nothing happened.
     Or did it.  And was I just naive to it......
     Of such, are incidents made.

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