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A Sign of the Times

from News With Views:


By Chuck Baldwin
April 25, 2013

"There are five men who are called "great" in the Holy Scriptures. One of them is a man by the name of Abner. Upon hearing the news of Abner's death, King David said, "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?" My column today is dedicated to a great man. That man is Howard Phillips.

"Howard Phillips went to Heaven this past Saturday, April 20, 2013. I am so blessed to have gotten to know this remarkable man, and, more than that, to be able to call him my friend.

"I first met Howard some thirty years ago in the Bahamas. I attended a national meeting of conservative leaders and Howard was one of the principal speakers. I suppose the first thing that struck me about Howard was his remarkable intellect and deep conviction. It is no hyperbole to say that Howard Phillips was one of the most brilliant men I have ever met. A graduate of Harvard, Howard's grasp of government, history, and law was unequalled. Howard Phillips forgot more about those subjects than the vast majority of us will ever learn. He was literally a walking history encyclopedia. He might have been the keenest, sharpest mind that I have ever been exposed to. Howard Phillips was an intellectual giant.

"But as awesome as his mind was, Howard's commitment to the principles of liberty was equally awesome. Liberty has never had a more ardent defender than Howard Phillips. And communism never had a more formidable adversary..."


And so, the passing of a giant.  And the simultaneous 'enthronement' of a lesser type of being: 'Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws To Enforce' - Matthew Boyle - Apr. 24

During her testimony on the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that she, President Barack Obama and other political officials at the top of this administration have the authority to decide which laws to enforce, and which ones to ignore. 

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [Apr. 24]

What a dead giveaway. So why bother haggling over details of the Immigration bill. The Obama admin will just do what they want to do with it anyway. Thanks, Janet, for the very clear heads-up about your government.

And why stop there? If the Executive can just pick and choose what he or she wants to enforce in the way of law, why not just go all the way, and let the elected reps of The People all go home, and thus stop giving a semblance of cover and legitimacy to what amounts to a takeover of the nation?? That, or let's see some backbone from these cowed critters.
There's still a little time. But not much.


So, in the interests of that "little time" left, I'm going to start calling'em ALL as I see'em.  And that includes homosexuals - male and female - in the governments of our day.

So, to the 'outing'.  Ladies first.  As it were. 

And to tell that story, I relinquish the floor, to a man who can tell that story better than I, or most people, ever could.  His name is Field McConnell, and he blogs under the title of Abel Danger.  A former Marine pilot, his best friend & former Navy pilot as well was killed in the explosion at the Pentagon on 9/11 (by a well-aimed missile, in conjunction with explosives planted at the scene),1 and he vowed to help track down those responsible.  The trail led him (and his partner in the sleuthing, a 'forensic economist' and explosives expert by the name of David Hawkins) to very interesting sources; which included (includes) McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, a lesbian whose lesbian connections figure into this whole sordid scenario.  She had (still has) a prestigious job in the federal government, and had links to such appalling activities as a human charnel house at a pig farm in British Columbia, where people were filmed and subsequently blackmailed for watching the chainsaw slaughtering (of unsuspecting prostitutes; this is disgustingly what is known as snuff films), and the flying of convicts to selected sites for assassinations, and then being returned to their prison cells (or as parolees), no one - almost - the wiser;2 and the stunningly atrocious story goes on from there, including at least one faction behind 9/11 - this one from the Left of politics - and continued betting wins on sure criminal events, because the perps create the outcomes (and with the help of ultra-sophisticated electronic timing equipment; just like the criminals in the banking industry use, to buy and sell stocks in split seconds of time).

What people will do/get up to, when they think no one is looking...

My point here is to point out the perverted mentality that can arise from brains that have been perverted into such abnormalities as homosexuality; mostly from environmental causes.3 And so we have many 'misfits' in our modern society (a very apt descriptive word for the occasion).  And, not feeling comfortable with their carrying culture, they often either strike out - and cause societal mayhem - or strike within, and suicide themselves out of their predicament. Either way, it is a crime.

And of the carrying culture itself, for allowing it to continue, and not doing anything substantial about it.

In the meantime, their mayhem can affect huge numbers of people, the more they get into positions of power.

This must cease.

And it is not helped by those who look at the matter strictly from a civil-rights point of view.  Of course, homosexuals should have the same rights as other citizens.  But not special rights.  Bend-over-backwards rights.  'Rights' that give them special privileges.  And not to be treated as though their condition is purely normal.

It is not.

And it gives rise to the sorts of abnormalities that I have outlined in this blog.  Where lesbians in positions of political power have been instrumental in helping to break down the very core of society, of the social order: the 'traditional' family unit, in pushing for the state to pay for the having of children, and thus freeing the 'females' to be just like the males in the society.  Doing everything that the males do, because they relate more to the males, from their male-oriented brains.4

And thus deprive real males of the most civilizing influence that they can have in their lives:

being responsible fathers.

I'll let the rant go at that for now.

I just wanted to draw attention to this matter.  The matter, of the perversion of our human society, by our own actions.

And thus, having nobody else to blame but ourselves.

P.S. As to this point, about 'who to blame': What would I say to someone whose body did not match their sense of self?
     In considering my response to the question, I was reminded of a young man at the spiritual community where I lived for many years of my adult life, who was born with a harelip, and would periodically berate his mother for not being more responsible during her pregnancy with him.  It poisoned their relationship for many years.  He just could not forgive her, for what she had done to him.  To his chances for the most happiness in life, as an 'otherwise' very good-looking young man.  To his sense of self.
     My answer?
     Take responsibility for yourself.  Make the most of what life has dealt you.  And move on.
     Which in particular means practicing forgiveness.
     Much better on the body - and soul - than anger, and resentment, and all those other lesser angels of our natures.            


1 Detailed research on the 9/11 caper in general, and the Pentagon aspect of it in particular, shows that an explosion occurred at the designated site before the arrival of an outside agency (stopping at least one clock, as evidence of the time factor).
     All the more reason why VP Cheney made sure that the 'outside agency' was not stopped before it hit the (heavily fortified) Pentagon building.  The best-laid plans, and all that.

2 Her involvement was from operating JABS - the federal Joint Automated Booking System.
     ("JABS is a multi-agency initiative that provides information sharing among federal law enforcement agencies and within activities of the Department of Homeland Security. The system serves as a current, nationwide reference for criminal offenders, arrests, cases, and related data to aid in criminal investigations and prosecutions..."  That's the cover story, to very sordid shenanigans going on in our midst.  Which have been going on for some time.  At the least, back to the days of the Clintons in Arkansas.  For more on which, google the likes of 'Arkancide'.  
     It involves the likes of JPATS - Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System - whereby criminals in high places use JABS to book what are called Conair crooks into crime scenes, to do dirty deeds, and who then get extricated safely by the government crims behind it all.  Nasty, nasty stuff.  
     Society has been terribly infected.
     And the fish rots from the head.)

3 The book BrainSex, by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel, is an especial eyeopener in this regard.  In short: Our brains are 'wired' or sexed into male or female construction and therefore orientation (on a spectrum) at a particular, early stage of pregnancy (regardless of the genetic sex of the fetus), the process depending on the hormonal bath that the developing fetus is bathed in.  That bath can be abnormal, from a number of causes; resulting in male brains being wired into female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like bisexuals and trannies.  
     This abnormality, as I say, can be from a number of causes: Defective adrenal glands, of either the mother or the developing fetus or both.  Stress, of various kinds.  (More homosexuals are born in the wake of wars, e.g., than the background 'norm'.)  Plastics in the water supply, with their estrogen mimics/endocrine disrupters.  But perhaps most importantly: the effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus.  
     (Oh, but the benefits far outweigh the risks, you say, along with the pharmaceutical-medical complex?  I say bollocks.  Just as I do with the effects of vaccines.  And fluoride in the water supplies.  And...)
     This book was published in 1990, as I recall.  A well-edited compilation of the research into the matter up until that time,  I can only presume that later such research has confirmed the original thesis:
     that we are not responding adequately to signals from our society, of stresses and strains on it, from environmental - and thus capable of being dealt with - factors. 
     Adequately, to the level one should be able to expect from even a modestly intelligent species.
     P.S. Some causes of homosexuality may well be karmic in origin.  But the bulk of the phenomenon is purely environmentally capable of being set 'right'.
     However, when we leave the realm of duality, We Are All One anyway - including, then,  within ourselves.

4 A telling tale, from the homosexual community's own ranks, from a number of years ago, when one of 'them' reported on how amusing it was to see both homosexual camps 'at play,' acting out their personal likes/preferences, with lesbians playing softball on one side of the park and the gays sunbathing on their towels over on another.
     They stereotyped themselves; spontaneously, from their personal images of themselves as 'told' to them by their brains. 


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