Sunday, 14 April 2013

Never-Ending Stuff


Here I am, trying to stay with a positive vibe, of love and understanding, to put that sort of energy 'out there' and thereby help in the transformation of consciousness going on, which will lift humanity - at least, some good percentage of our brothers and sisters - into a higher level thereof; into what is called the 5D level, which is being called for, now.  And the Old World keeps nipping at my heels, with unfinished business.

An old friend, who has just recently 'come back into my life' via Facebook, has taken affront with a link I posted on my site there today, to an article continuing to call into question Obama's eligibility for the presidential office.  This is old news for many people; it was apparently new to him.  Or newish; judging by his argument.

This is what he posted back:

" "I find it hard to believe, in this information rich day and age, that anyone could possibly believe Obama's not a U.S. citizen. He'd never even have gotten near the ballot for any political office, let alone the Presidency. What worries me is that this distracts from real problems, like the stubborn refusal of members of Congress to do the work they're elected to do."

I replied - biting my tongue beautifully, I felt - with patience, saying - pointing out - that it was not a matter of his being a citizen, rather, of his not being a special kind of citizen; required by the Constitution for that particular position, and that particular federal position only, which was as well as the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces; the Constitution requiring that person to be born of two U.S. citizen parents, and thus not having dual loyalties or allegiances; and as for the "members of Congress (doing) the work they're elected to do," they are elected BASICALLY to uphold the Constitution: "Which they are sorely failing to do in this matter." (End of reply.)

I fault the Democrats for this misunderstanding (and the Republicans for not calling them on it).  The leaders on the Left know full well that the issue is not one of Obama's being a U.S. citizen or not.  They are just using this obfuscatory tactic as just that: a tactic, in the mold of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Which basically say a) Whatever It Takes (i.e., the end justifies the means); and b) paint your opponent with the ridicule brush.  And boy, have they enlisted those weapons in service to their cause.

If my friend gets hold of me privately (as I counseled that he do, if he wants further information on the matter), I will say to him something like:

"You are using the liberals' pet argument: 'Move along, nothing to see here.  We have so many more important things to be about' - than the question of the constitutional eligibility of Obama to hold that office (and as I say, that particular office only)."

But it is so galling, and frustrating.  Why didn't the American public sort this attack out long ago - this attack on their rule of law.  For if the Constitution be breached, the rule of law will shortly crumble with it.  Oh, the latter may hold up for awhile; like a piece of a wall; its attackers saying that it is all a matter of 'definition', and that they surely can't be suspected of being vandals.

Indeed, they cannot be.  Suspected to be, that is.

They are.

As I also happened to come across today, and be reminded thereof, in my perusal of my emails; which happened to contain the article - on May 2, 1966, in The Nation magazine - wherein Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven (a couple of vandals at Columbia University) laid out their Strategy for bringing down capitalism in the country.  Titled 'Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty', their paper announced that "...the strategy we propose, is a massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls".

The object being to collapse the capitalist order financially from within, and from there, move to a guaranteed annual income, "and thus an end to poverty".

You couldn't make this stuff up.

And here we have a Marxist in the presidential office,1 carrying out The Plan to a 't'; with the likes of 'Obama phones' given to those on the welfare rolls (and thus keeping them glued to their freebies, and adding more to the rolls), and spending more than Bush Jr. ever thought of doing to set up his attempt at dictatorship from the (fascist) Right, and pushing to give amnesty to millions - millions - of illegal aliens, for their votes (in forging a whole-Left alliance, of Hispanics and blacks and single moms and gays and guilt-ridden children of the wealthy and hardcore communists/socialists/educationalists),2 and getting ready for the reaction from the Right, in the form of such other provocations as limiting weapons in the hands of 'terrorists' and 'potential terrorists,' aka Ron Paul bumper-sticker people and Militiamen and Tea Party 'extremists' and preppers, and -

- but let me stop there for a moment.  At the labeling of Tea Party members as potential terrorists, to their regime.  They are right, of course.  Because it is those people - that group of persons; that type of mentality - that is most dangerous to them.  Because they are true believers; in this case, in the Constitution, and the core values of this nation.  And all of that needs to be overthrown, for the establishment of the New Order of Things, socialist style: for, that is to say, the overthrow of capitalism, and the status quo mentality that goes with it, and the enthronement of the sort of thinking that says that the way to get rid of poverty is to guarantee everybody an annual income, in the manner of socialism or outright communism.

That is to say: in the manner of the big state.

That is to further say: in the manner of the total state.

Whereby the state will determine where people live, and how high to be stacked in their urban warrens, and so forth and so on, and on.  And on.  And on...

...all, in linear thinking........

People, people:

The future is neither Left nor Right.

It is Up.

And that is where we are to go, now.

Can the statist talk, and mentality.  That is to think on the level of the problem.  We live in a multi-dimensional universe.  Not one ruled by such limits as we have set up for ourselves to see our lives by.

As, more truly, some powerful beings have set up for us to see our lives by: as flies caught in their web.

It's time to break free from the web.  The matrix.

And fly.  Fly; not like a fly.  But like a bird.

Soaring to the limits of the sky.

And beyond.

According to our true natures.

As more than just 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

But as very gods in our own right.

As holographic pieces of the continent of the One God.

And therefore, We Are One.

No longer 'liberals'; or 'conservatives'.  Democrats, or Republicans.  Americans, or Germans, or Japanese.  Whites, blacks, brows, yellows, reds.  Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus or Jains or that other religion, of atheists.

But One.



About to flex its muscles, and experience like it has never experienced before.

Don't let It down.

If only because you would be letting Yourself down.

Because -

all together now; for emphasis:

We.  Are.  One.

And We need, now, to start acting like It.



1) See his whole background; from his maternal grandparents and (highschool-trained Marxist) mother, to his exposure to Islam and at the least, socialism in his early youth in Indonesia, to his Communist Party member 'mentor' in his high school days (who may well have been his real father; but let's not go there in this particular blog), to his hardcore radical conversations (and lecturers) in his Occidental days, to his questionable days in Columbia (how much was he there and how much was he in Pakistan and points Eastern Europe in those days), to his working for a CIA front after 'graduating' from Columbia, before heading off to Chicago and his radical 'community organizer' days, applying Saul Alinsky's 'Rules', and meeting up with the likes of Bill Ayers...and on and on, in this vein.
     The enigma seemingly born with a communist spoon in his mouth.

2 I saw the beginning of this wave back in the early to mid-50s, when I hit college, and realized that many of my professors/lecturers were, shall we say, of the left.  So I decided to keep my eyes open.
     I was already aware that things were going on in the world beyond my 'reach' at the time, in my home base in a beachside town in Southern California.  I had, e.g., just read Whittaker Chambers' 'Witness', and so I was conscious of Communist infiltration in Washington.  But that was all happening over there on the other side of the continent.  It didn't impinge on me, really, at that time.  I had a pre-med course of study to keep up, to retain my scholarship to be able to go to a prestigious private university in the state.  But then, things began to happen in my life.  To say: in my inner life.  And I abruptly left school, to go looking for answers in the wider world.
     And that's a whole 'nother story.  I just mention this here, to indicate that I in my own life, in growing up in America in the post-war world, was on the edge of the first inklings of an ideological warfare going on in America.  Only to find, in my continuing studies into these sorts of matters, that it had all started much earlier than that.
     And also, was part of a larger reality.  Which put it all in a spiritual context.
     From which position, vantage point:
     All is very, very well.


P.S.  Monday April 15
     ...and another old friend commented on this added link to my Facebook page (I guess is how these things go; I don't know the ins and outs of these 'linked' arrangements.  Do they appear on the Friend's own F/bk page as well as one's own?????) with the same ballpark sort of response; this time adding the very sad and disingenuous mentality of, in a phrase, 'Two wrongs make a right' - or at least, making the implication thereof - by saying: "Stan the Republican!  To the rescue!  It's more of a mystery to the rest of the world how the Bush family boyos were 'qualified' for election!."
     My response to him: "Yes, (blank), we have not been done well by our leaders(hip) for some time.  But that's no excuse to directly fail to uphold the Constitution, and thus destroy the rule of law.  Hopefully, the Truth will out in many areas of life; and then we can move on in the Light.  Not the dark, of our erstwhile Controllers."
     I am not happy with people equating the deliberate flouting of the Constitution with questionable voting activity, as if the former were just tit-for-tat for the latter.*
     What is wrong with people, these days????????
     Or has it always been this way???????
     Such low consciousness stuff.  How come, after all this time, more souls are not ready to ascend??????
     'Tiz a puzzlement.
     As to how 3D life just got the better of them.  Than listening to their Higher Selves, and working their way out of the matrix.
     I am definitely not a happy camper, at this time.
     ...and, things will get better.
     Of that, I am sure.


*  If the Democrat Party felt that either the Bush-Gore or Bush-Kerry elections were stolen, they could have marshaled their evidence and taken it to the courts.  Instead, they apparently decided to get even, their traditional way: by stealing elections themselves.
     And thus has Wrong escalated in the land; feeding on itself.  Tit for tat.  Two wrongs trying to make a right; but with the wrongs just continuing to mount, as if they had taken on a life of their own.  And Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean, holds her head in her hands, and almost - almost - drops her torch; to be trodden on by those who have lost their way, for having failed to follow the light of that torch.


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