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Outside Of The Box

My involvement with the current scene continues:

1) from 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?:  'RT: Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act' written by Monsanto-sponsored senator' - Mar. 28; posted Mar. 29
(my comment 10:07pm local time Mar. 29)

kibitzer3 says:
Unconscionable, outrageous stuff.
The end looms…


2) from Tea Party C.C.: 'Question for Today: Should they be given amnesty?' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - Mar. 23
(our posts Mar. 29)

Permalink Reply by John 1 hour ago
the problem is beyond just Illegal Mexicans entering the Country, that is just the one that gets noticed, there are illegal immigrants from all over the world,   So perhaps when one talks about immigration reform, one needs to make it a bare bones process, those who want to join the US Military for a full 8 active years of service can be bumped to the front of the line,  and obtain citizenship after service .   Forget all of this, the reason immigrant reform is an issue an we all know this, because these are poor souls who really want a better life but are being manipulated by our government for their vote through welfare.
Granted some are criminals, they need to be found and deported with out question or hesitation. 

But to treat a fellow human , created by God, as a lesser person due to the fact they come from a worse place and just want something better is insane.  The problem is not immigration reform or illegal immigrants, the problem is our government republicans partially, democrats primarily, using these people for their vote and agenda.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago
Yes, John, these people have been used "for their vote and agenda".  Have been seduced into coming into the country illegally.  And all those 'agenda' people who have used them to further their agendas need to face justice for their actions as well.  But the fact remains that they are in the country illegally.  They have jumped the queue.  Our sympathies should more rightly lie with those hopeful immigrants who are patiently waiting their turn at coming into this country, and sharing the life here; assimilating, and sharing our basic principles.  

If the country was refusing to let any more immigrants in, or was being unduly niggardly in the numbers it was allowing in, that would be a matter of concern.  But that is not the case.  The U.S. government is being very fair about this.  And any responsible government can't just open its nation's borders willy-nilly to 'economic refugees'.  That is not fair to the citizens of the nation, for such people more often than not need 'public assistance' to get on their feet - and many citizens are often in the same boat.  Result: the boat sinks, under the weight.  So the system needs to require some control, so that the hopeful immigrants show that they can provide for themselves, or have a skill that will instantly make them a contributing member of the body politic.  There is nothing "insane" about this requirement.  Rather, much common sense about it.

Now, if you want to talk about a different system altogether, than the one that the world has been functioning on and under for eons of time, and which indeed recognizes that we are all 'fellow humans, created by God,' and we start living as though that were in very fact the case - not as if it were not, as we are doing at present - then that is another matter.   But that is not about capitalism or socialism or communism or any other ism.  That is about the kingdom of Heaven.  And I will join you there.  Until then, we need to live by the rule of law.  Or anarchy prevails; and in its wake, come the tyrants.

It was ever thus.


3) obamaballotchallenge: 'Obama Eligibility appeal In Roy Moore's Court' - George M - Mar. 31

(the new Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court has in the past "expressed doubt about Obama's qualification for office".  Additionally, one of the other justices on that court  in the past "raised doubts about Obama's eligibility".  That court is about to hear a new appeal against the rejection by the secretary of state to entertain a motion to disqualify Obama in the 2012 election.  (Attorney Larry Klayman, who argued the previous case as well, "argues the fact that the election is over does not make the case moot".)  The situation - about constitutional justice to be seen to happen in America - is heating up…)

  1. GO ROY !!
    joan, 11 hours ago

  2.  Could it be that we at last have found some Profiles of Courage, on the Alabama Supreme Court?? 

  1. And by ‘we’, I mean We the People. Sitting in judgement of the federal government, as not operating under the rule of law.

  2. As Joan said: GO ROY!!
    Stan, 7 hours ago

So, putting all the pieces together, of Where We're At, and Where Do We Go From Here:

I would like to start this wrap-up of the 'scene' with some first-things-first points.  First:

Either there is a God - and all that that concept implies - or there is not.  If there is not, then nothing really matters, and one might as well live one's life independent of the effect of that pursuit on others as not; for the end of the closed system of life can, then, as easily be seen as that - i.e., personal aggrandizement - as anything else, a presumed evolutionary advantage in some sort of cooperative living, or whatever.  So, that's the 'if there is not a God' scenario.  If there is, however, then certain things follow.

It follows for one thing that there is a Purpose to life beyond just in and for itself only.  It follows for another that that Purpose could be Good, or Bad, or Indifferent - the latter meaning without quality.  My take on the matter is that that Purpose is Good.  Why do I feel, and say, that?  Because a) a Purpose connotes a Plan; and b) I see evidence of a - the - Plan in a couple of areas in particular; and those areas connote a positive aspect to the process; i.e, that the Purpose is Good. 

One is the feelings that we humans have of a higher state of being than the feelings that we have in normal, everyday life; feelings of bliss, and exhilaration, and pure, unadulterated joy.  A piece of music that lifts our spirits to 'higher' levels; a sight in Nature, or sounds, or smells. Moments of transcendence.  Another is the reports of humans down through the ages of such transcendental moments.  And another is the reports of humans of actual experiences of a transcendental nature.  

I'm not going to go into the latter point in detail, here.  Suffice it to say, here, that we have overwhelming evidence, in our day and age, of evidences of such experiences, if only in the  well-documented reports of what are called Near Death Experiences (NDEs), of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs).  Evidences that consciousness is separate from the brain.  That consciousness, then, precedes the  brain.

Answering the conundrum, Which came first - Essence or Existence?

This result is also to be calculated from the fact that those who experience NDEs invariably 'come back' to report on the truth of reincarnation, and give often very evidential examples of that phenomenon.  Again, I'm not going to go into all this in detail.  The detail is there, for anyone who wants to check out.  And has 'eyes to see'.  So: the report from such sources is the truth of the ancient Eastern concept of karma, and the Wheel of Rebirth: that we - our souls - live physical, 3D lives after lives, working things out, between ourselves and others; in an unfolding process.  To say: a process unfolding consciousness.  Unfolding the learning of lessons along the way.  Along the way to -

well; the sense would appear to be: Along the way back to our Source.  To a condition of Unity.  To reabsorption back into Bliss; the stronger, more fulfilled, more conscious, for the experience of separation.  For the journey in the Valley of Duality.  Of the presence of darkness; i.e., in the absence of Light.   Of the Light that gives the Darkness its being; for, as I say, a Purpose.

Not to start getting too philosophical about it.  So, just staying with the facts:

The Universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.

And therefore, it would behoove us to start acting, living as if that were true; and not as if it were not, as we are - largely - doing at present.  For, if we fully understood that We Are One Another - just playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama (a drama apparently of our making) - we would stop doing to others what we would not do to ourselves.  For, then, Others ARE Us.  For We Are All One.  Sparks, fractals, points of view of the same Source.  Brothers and sisters, on our way back to the All That Is.

And lo: life circumstances are now allowing us - giving us a golden opportunity - to start doing just that; with the move into Crisis of the world monetary system (feeling the effects of its 'internal contradictions'), and with the advent of the technology that allows us to move into an Age of Abundance, via the 'free energy device' stage of development.  And out of the polluting, transition Age of Oil.

Into a truly Golden Age.

Just waiting for us.

To move into it.

Our choice.

Our time.  Our place.

Our Purpose.

Part of, Our Purpose.

See you there.

And raise You One.


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