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My Take On The Boston Marathon Thingy

I think I have mentioned before on this blog site that I learned - had my attention drawn to - an interesting piece of information, or actually observation, from my university Philosophy 101 professor: that all you really know is what you have actually experienced yourself.  So, yes, you can assume that the Hawaiian Islands are where we are told they are, because so many people have verified that fact; but if you haven't actually been there, you don't really know.  And even of things that we ourselves have 'experienced,' we don't necessarily really know that they are true.  They could be just made-up imagery; things outside of ourselves, that our senses pick up on, but only as imagery effects.  Our senses, then, can be 'victims' of deception.

Some cases in point noted below.          

from the exohuman site - An 'alternative' report on the Boston Marathon 'Massacre' - Apr. 22-23


  1. gabriel / 
    The Elephant-in-the-Room question, the one that no one seems to be asking, is:“what was the motive for the Boston bombing?"
    Why (on earth) would two clean cut American lads indiscriminately kill and maim their fellow countrymen and women? It’s a good question, isn’t it? A motive is by no means forthcoming. But while you’re thinking about it…
    The U.S. government definitely benefited from the event. Now they know how Boston will respond, should they choose to impose martial law. Thousands of unconstitutional troops on the streets going door-to-door, illegally searching and seizing, while crowds of idiot Bostonians cheered them on—and kissed their freedoms goodbye!
    Yes, the government certainly benefited—also managing to sneak their insidiousCISPA bill through, in the melee. So on the surface, it appears that Obama would have had more of a motive for the Boston atrocity that those two Tsarnaev lads.
    Add to this the eyewitness reports of the police running over the unarmed elder brother and shooting him full of holes (even though he was still just a ‘suspect’), and the unarmed younger brother stepping voluntarily from the boat, only to be shot multiple times, including once (conveniently) in the throat…
    By now a thinking person could justifiably be wondering if we’re being told the whole truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing…
    thinking person… That leaves out most of Boston!

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“By now a thinking person could justifiably be wondering if we’re being told the whole truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing…”
Or the Sandy Hook shootings. Or the Aurora Theater caper. Or 9/11…
Cui bono, indeed.
My take: When the American public didn’t make a bigger stink about the lack of evidence of the fingered airliner going into the Pentagon on 9/11, or the one supposedly burying itself into the field in Pennsylvania – no bodies, no luggage ever identified in either case; and earlier, when the agent provocateur even fingered the FBI in the 1993 WTC bombing; that lack of attention to detail [capable of being said to] leading up to the 9/11 caper – TPTB got emboldened in their steady push for a locked-down, police state in America, figuring they could get away with it, with a soporific, submissive populace so enamored of their fun and games, and the mesmerizing effect of the tube, that they believe everything that the MSM puts out for them to believe.
No bodies, no crime scene ever actually seen in the Sandy Hook caper. Questions galore about it (why no CCTV camera shots of the day’s events? Why FB pages ahead of the event?? etc.), and the public moves on, like hypnotized sheep, or dumb cattle; to the next staged event. Question: How does the public really know how many died (or even if they did), or were injured (or even if they were), at the Boston Marathon event?? Are even the sort of clued-in people who read this sort of site aware that there are groups of people who are trained in staging events??? And that there are shots of the site of at least one of the bomb blasts (of which there is no actual proof that it was anything other than a fake blast) that indicate that it was such a staged event, including down even to the double amputee fellow, and with some red stains splattered at the site, but no bloodstains on him???
I could go on, as to how the public is being set up for takeover – and are buying it, hook, line and sinker. It’s time to wake up, folks. We are being had, by experts. 9/11 proved that; if nothing else.


More, perhaps, on this theme later.  Right now, I'm a little disturbed, by the possibility of the above - of how the bomb site at the finish line of the Boston Marathon could have actually been staged (with many media cameras right across the street; thus, for maximum effect).  I hadn't even thought about that, until I came across a very suspicious set of pictures, taken by a member of the public and posted  on the Internet (The People's Media).  They showed some very dodgy stuff, with a guy apparently helping the amputee on with some prosthetic damaged legs, and a woman shielding them from view in the process; with her, then, appearing soon on a stretcher.  (And the amputee guy still sitting there; who should have been among the first to be whisked off to EM, if this were a true event??)  And there is some (unnaturally very) red stuff around, looking (somewhat) like blood - and some empty bottles lying around.  

Could have all been water bottles.

Or not.

All this, in the context of some suspicious stuff about the Shady Hook caper, involving what are called event actors, or 'crisis' actors...to amplify the 'official,' establishment's take on things......*

And here I am, trying to rise above the melee of daily life in America and the world today, and beam Love and Light to my fellow incarnates, on the verge of Ascension.

But I want to get to the bottom of all of this phony baloney, staged stuff going on.  

Someone is trying to take out my country.  And I won't have it.    

I was particularly incensed by what I 'witnessed' on 9/11, and found out about it afterwards.  'It': the fraudulent imagery exercises we were subjected to.  The pictures on our TV sets - which is essentially, and nothing more than, a screen, like a movie is projected onto: theatrical imagery, which we are given to believe in as the real thing; a thing in itself, when in reality all of 'life' itself is only such an illusion.  

A fact which we could, and perhaps should, have woken up to at the occasion of the artificial images (and interpretations thereof) we were fed on 9/11 and, in looking deeper, behind and beneath that screen - of hologrammatic projections, mere images of planes, and other electronic tomfoolery; tricks on the senses (not only on the eye but sound tracks included) - and being disgusted with it all - all the deceit and play-acting that has been going on, indeed since time immemorial - realized  - had an epiphany - that the whole thing is an illusion.  That very life itself is but a projection on a screen.  

That we have been embedded in, essentially, if not a lie, at the least an artifice.  

And it's time to wake up from it all.  Not just part of it (the OKC & 9/11 & Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon capers and such).

And get to The Real Thing.

The Thing In Itself.   

In a word:


Another word for which is:


Which our essential Self - our true Self - is a part of.

And so is identical with.  

Beyond the images cast on the screens of our minds. 

The Truth awaits us, waking up to it, in full consciousness:

that we are, essentially - essentially - powerful beings; creators in our own right.

Because of our legacy.

As I.  

Not just a projection with an eye.



* which included the likes of the discrepancy between the coroner reporting that all the bodies of the children were riddled with bullets from the same semi-automatic rifle, except that other authorities reported two handguns found by the body of Adam Lanza; and then later it was reported that four 'guns' were found by him.  Someone apparently picking up on the discrepancy in their stories...
     (How could this deadly 'business' have been pulled off??  Little noted was that the bodies were taken (in the middle of the night) to and stored in a portable morgue; anything could have been done to them there, out of sight.  Besides, there were no autopsies, as far as I have been able to discover.  All this, coupled with the fact that the authorities never allowed anyone to see the crime scenes...all very, very fishy, indeed.)    

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