Thursday, 11 April 2013

Where Credit Is Due

In my last blog I went a bit further than perhaps I should have, for one dedicated to 'Trutharians'; into the realm of conjecture, if well intuited conjecture.  Let me pull my position on the matter of the Truth of things back a bit, for the record.

So, for the record: Many years ago something told me, and continues to tell me, that I was born and am here for a particular purpose; that being, to help see in a new era for mankind: a higher state and stage of consciousness, that has been given the name - and rightly so, in my judgment - of a New Age.  Of the New Age, as we Humans move out of all the levels of civilization of the past, and inherit now more of our potential, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as our true nature has been described.1  So it is to be a sea change for humanity.  And I have a leading role to play in that scenario.  And that's all that I in very point of fact actually know about it all.

Some people have called it moving out of 3D (duality) consciousness, up into 4D (an Emotional level) and on into 5D (the beginning of Unity) consciousness - "and Beyond!", in the words of another of our companions on the path.  I don't know about that.  But it makes sense, from what I do know.  And intuit.

Especially in the light of the advent of the era of what are called free energy devices.  Which in part at least have been brought to us by our galactic neighbors.  Whose presence in our consciousness now is part of the proof of the rise in thereof.  For, once we acknowledge, fully, that we are not alone in the universe, we cannot go back to old, insular ways of being; living out our lives oblivious to the presence of something greater in life: life more advanced than our own.  Which draws our eye further afield, beyond just this dimension, to the reality of life beyond just this level, this density, this frequency.  This vibration, of a vibrant reality, teeming with creative possibility.  Drawing our eye further out, to the awareness, then, of a Consciousness behind it all.  Holding it all.  A Consciousness that we can only barely comprehend, and put into words.  Like: The All That Is.  The Ineffable One.  The Most High.


Whatever we name 'It' by, 'It' is, obviously, due our highest respect.  And gratitude; for allowing us to be.  For giving us life.  Part of Its life; to share, as we will.  With our apparent free will; currently in this vale of tears, of our own making, as small-c creators in our own right.  But now, we stand on the threshold of its 'making' into a fuller, greater representation of our potential, as the spark-seeds of our creator Maker.

A Turning Point time, to be marked well, on our journey back into full Oneness with our Source.

But there I am beginning to get into mere conjecture.  I don't know that.  I just feel it.  As do, and have, so many others, of us; our fellow pilgrims on the path to our ultimate destiny, whatever that is.

Which has been likened to the returning of the Prodigal Son to the home of his Father.

Probably not far off the mark, my instinct tells me, about that description, of the Purpose of it all.  And the bringing of our experiences, and lessons learned, Home with us; to enrich the Hearth.

Whatever the truth of that stage, that level of development, our truth now is that we face a new sea to sail our ship - of Kinship - on.  May we navigate it better than all the ones that we have sailed it on before.

And yes, I said 'we'.  For, as I said: in reality - beyond the illusion of the 3D duality/polarity stage of our activity - We Are One.  It is We Who got us to where We are, now.  And it is We Who will make the most of it.

If We will.

Our choice.  Your choice, as a sovereign entity in your own right; though still a piece of the continent, a part of the main, in the words of the religious poet.  We are all on this crew, to sail this ship, together, into its uncharted sea.  But it is your responsibility to make the trip with us.

Or not.

Come, sing a song of joy with us; a chanty, as we sail our new sea.  It would be a shame for you to be left behind, on this magnificent trip.  But that is your right.  And, as I emphasize: your choice.

Make it well, friend.  A lot depends on your exercise of your free will.  So let this not be a parting of our respective ways.  But a parting of the Wave.  The One Wave into a better sea than we have ever sailed on before.

And, actually, been before.  For there is, really, nothing outside of ourselves.

We are our destiny.

The Master of our Fate.  The Captain of our Soul.  And it is our soul that sails the sea of experience.

So - it's time, to Sail On.  On the waters we have been given to Be.

Be well.

Be Here Now.

The Time calls.

And waits for no man.

And I really don't think that that is mere conjecture.



1 I'm not going to go into all the myriad proofs of that take on the matter.   Suffice it to say here that such proofs include all the evidence, available in our time, for the truth of reincarnation; and therefore, of a Plan.  And a Plan connotes a Purpose.  So bear with me, as I continue in this vein.  

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