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Voting, & Other Indignities

To echo former president John F. Kennedy, "I have been reading more and enjoying it less."1  The more I read about what is going on, and has been going on, in the nation in the last while - while I have been away, living out of the country - the more upset I have become.  And in no area more so than the one of the voting systems in the nation, and all the deceit that has been going on in that regard.

This re-visiting of that area of national life has been occasioned by my finally getting around to reading the March issue of 'Verdict', the monthly newsletter of the legal-watchdog organization called The Judicial Watch.  A rightwing organization; but with plenty of deceitful stuff to look at from that perspective.  And case in point: the last election, and the situations in the nation that led up to it.        

By 'situations,' I mean lawsuits, and the need thereof, regarding such as voter ID laws in the various states, and the need for states to clean their voter registration rolls.  Which, as I understand the matter, was part of the 'deal' regarding the 'National Voter Registration Act'.  As to that 'deal', I read this, from the lead article in said issue of 'Verdict' titled 'JW Defends Arizona Election Integrity Law in U.S.Supreme Court':2

"The non-partisan Pew Charitable Trust concluded in February 2012 that approximately 24 million active voter registrations throughout the United States - or one out of every eight registrations - are either no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

"And dirty lists equal fraudulent election results.  As the New York Post noted last election season, 'Current voter registration systems are flawed, and huge numbers of dead or disqualified voters still on the rolls.  And, since voter-ID enforcement is poor, in many places a person can simply claim to be one of those people and vote in their name with no one the wiser.'3

"And this is precisely the way Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder would have it.  The Obama DOJ forced states to register greater numbers of voters on public assistance in 2012…while ignoring a stipulation in the National Voter Registration Act requiring states to clean up voter registration lists.  The DOJ also opposed voter ID laws and other election integrity measures that Judicial Watch fought to uphold…"

And on and on, and on, in this vein…

In my country, this crap has been going on…

Yes, I understand that voting 'irregularities' have been going on for some time.4  But I fully assumed that over time, the American nation's people would finally 'get it right,' and be a beacon to the world about this vital democratic activity.  Not to see it get worse, over time.

As it appears to have done.

As I said earlier: Such disgusting stuff.  Striking at the very heart of Democracy.  Of government of, by, and for The People; instead of, by, and for the vested interests…

Time to put an end to it.  

Actually: to the whole Play.

Ending on such a downer note.

A real tragedy.

But that's free will for you.            

Coming to a close, after a very long run, at your local - and global - Theatre.

Not that anyone will be excused from the consequences of any of their actions, as we move out of the Theatre, where this Play has been running for so long, into the light of a New Day.

All I know is, if you have been engaging in deceit - in any way - you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the karmic law.  And if human-incarnate souls are now going to be let off that 'hook' to some extent, in the mass ascension process going on - shortening the normal working-out of karmic law in drawing a line under the circular process (the wheel of rebirth for souls until they wake up and turn their path into a spiral) by ending The Play abruptly before the end of its final act (because of a Time factor) - there will still be a reckoning of some sort.  For this is a just Creation; and Justice will be served.  

It may be tempered with Mercy, and having all circumstances considered.  But it will be Just.  For that is the nature of the Creator.  Of the nature of the Creator.  

Limitless Love and Truth.  The All That Is.  The Ineffable One. Whatever you want to call your Source, you must recognize that Justice is a piece of the action.  

So start clearing your record.  As you, and we all, make way for The New.

A New Era.  And not only in regards simply to life on Earth as it has been.  For the Earth is involved in an ascension process of Her own; and some of us will accompany Her in that spiritual unfolding of Her potential.  And some of us will not.

For the very reason that I have been talking about herein.  

Where we have - apparently all unknowing to some souls - been voting on our outcomes; by all that we have been doing.   

As the sparks, fractals, points of view of The One, now calling us Home.

Some, just to take - have to take - longer routes to that ultimate End for Us all, is all. 

Choice.  The end-all, and be-all, of Existence.

A gift.

Sometimes, rather taken for granted…


But necessary.

In an ultimately Just universe.

Because you can't have one without the other.

No matter how hard you try to stack the deck your way.

Because - you see - We Are All One.  

And As You do unto Others, so do You do unto Yourself.

It's in the nature of the Exercise.

And thus, the reason that our real role in The Play is to help each 'other' find Our way to 

The End.  



1 As he said when responding to a question, at one of his early press conferences, about how he was doing in regards to the beginning of media criticism of him and his administration.
     He can be accused of a lot of things.  But not of having lacked a sense of humor.

2 aptly subtitled 'Voter ID Law prevents non-citizens from voting'

3 This happened in my precinct; where I went, although by then disillusioned by what I had been reading about voter fraud, just to see what it looked like 'on the ground' in my home area.  I was not asked for any ID; my name was on the rolls, from my having signed a list to be registered, but I could have been anybody.  Yes, nobody else could show up to vote in my name; but just having an address does not a citizen make.  Nor does signing after my name on the rolls.  They didn't check anybody's signature against any proven signature of that person, say on a driver's license; they just accepted a signature because it was a signature.
      Well, not mine.  After ascertaining how the system worked in my area, I briefly explained my concerns (to the nodding of one of the precinct watchers; who presumably was as disturbed about 'the system' as I was), turned and walked away.  Not wanting to be part of such a charade.  
     A shame.  A nation with such promise…
     …giving way to the promise of goodies 'if you vote my way; and don't worry about a thing.  We've got you covered.'
     How else could they entice people into such shenanigans as the subsequent crap reported after this past election, of more votes in some precincts than registered voters, and voters being bused around to various polling places, and so forth and so bloody on.
    Disgusting stuff.  And people fought and died to preserve this nation, to be 'a shining city on a hill' for all humanity; only for it to fall into the controlling hands of such deceitful people......   

4 Including even quite possibly having 'elected' the aforementioned Jack Kennedy, with the state of Illinois in particular purportedly pulling out all the legal stops to get him a win in that state.  The Windy State.  Where the winds seem 'constitutionally' to blow voter rolls all over the place; to be picked up by certain people in particular, and 'amended' as they so choose…
     …a history of voting irregularity that seems to have come down all the way to the days of Obama. 
     Not to leave the Republicans out of the picture, of course, with their dodgy electronic voting machines in particular.  There is enough blame to go around in this matter quite far.

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