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As You Were

from teapartyorg: 'Dems Move Fast to Block 'New World Order'  - Jan. 28 (posted on Feb. 2)
'Obama's plan would fast-track job killing and hand over US sovereignty'

"(Tea Party) – In a clear sign that all is not in harmony in the Democratic Party, several powerful groups of the Democratic base are organizing to block “fast track” authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The partnership – TPP – is a sweeping free-trade agreement the Obama administration is trying to push though Congress.
"This past Monday, a group of 564 political insiders from labor, the environmental, family-farm and community organizations drafted a strongly worded letter to the White House stating that the TPP undermines the president’s message on income inequality.
“'President Obama can’t have it both ways,' Arthur Stamoulis, spokesman for Citizens Trade Campaign, the group organizing the letter, told WND. 'Either the president is for reducing income eligibility [sic] as we expect he will say in the State of the Union address, or he can push for fast-track legislation on the job-destroying TPP free-trade agreement. He can’t have it both ways.'"

Ah.  But you don't understand what he means when he says 'income inequality'...

"This trade agreement is part of a two-ocean globalist plan the president is working quietly to enact. The objective is to follow up the passage of TPP with the completion of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United States and the European Union.

"In his 2013 State of the Union address Obama announced his plan to add the trans-Pacific free-trade agreement to the trans-Atlantic agreement already in place.
“'Fast-tracking' would allow Obama to force the TPP through Congress with a simple majority vote. Debate would be limited by the rules so no amendments could be added to the language of the agreement the president has negotiated behind closed doors…
"The president’s promise [in his 2013 State of the Union address] of creating new jobs drew congressional applause despite concerns that NAFTA and U.S. participation in the World Trade Organization along with other previous trade agreements have resulted in the loss of millions of high-salary U.S. jobs to nations with less costly job markets…"

But of course.  And we were well warned about all this, in the first go-round of this sort of thing, with Ross Perot's graphic imagery of "a giant sucking sound" of jobs going down to Mexico, via the installation of NAFTA under Clinton.

Think: Why should U.S. manufacturers pay U.S. union labor wages, and meet U.S. environmental requirements, even if markets are opened for their higher-manufacturing-costs products, when they can just move their businesses to the lower-costs countries??  Stay here out of loyalty to the U.S.???  But they are in business to make money.  That is the whole point of the exercise.

Ah.  But if everybody is equalized, you see…

in simply a region of a New World Order…...

Cecelia Judy Bonner · Top Commenter · GED

Well get ready it is just a matter of time till Obama will have done what he was put into office for and that was to form the NEW WORLD ORDER , and with this all our FREEDOM"S are gone, Stand up to your congressman or woman and say a bit resounding NO TO TPP!

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We are already well into the new world order. World Trade Organization, World Court, International World Banks, take a look at all the World organizations. We are already cut up into areas and setting the stage for a big war too. It is all biblicall.. Watch "The End Times" on tv. The man has it down and God knows exactly how it is developing.
One third of the world's population will die. Look at Korea and Iran. Look at the Euphrates countries, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and others. Get ready Prepare for Emergencies. Water, food, Security, Shelter. 

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I said this when Obama was first elected into office and people on fb laughed at me and called me sicko. Nancy Pelosi on the House floor said we were so close to the New World Order and that it was going to be so much better and easier on the people. She said this when they were pushing ObamaCare thru without one Republican vote. This is biblical though, so God is fulfilling his Word. 

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Gordon McAfee · Top Commenter · Los Gatos

Ella McCullah I truly hope we somehow get rid of the Godless.

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Leonard Legg · Top Commenter · Dove Creek, Colorado

Gordon McAfee God will take care of that part. In the meantime we must do all we can to defeat this surge of the muslimes and world bankers to take over the world. We are the corner stone and as long as we stand they can not accomplish their goal. They have to have the American muscle to get er done. Imagine that. That is the part that I just don't understand. How do they figure that if they are successful in taking us in control that we will provide any significant muscle to their forces.

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Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

Leonard Legg: Because they figure that, in the end, we will consent to being their slaves. This 'partnership' will get rid of American environmental laws, and competition to Big Ag, and send jobs overseas where there are lower labor costs, and America will be 'equalized' with the rest of the players - which will be sold as a good thing, with Equality taking over from Liberty as the more desired quality to live one's life by. And for those who complain about such a 'more fair' world, well, there's always the FEMA camps, for re-education. Or not. Your choice. 

Equality or serfdom. Take your pick.

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I believe it is what is called being given a Hobson's choice.


In sum.

These your erstwhile Masters have a piece of the ideal picture, an intimation of the real thing; but because of the conditioning of the 3D history on this planet, they interpret it in the light of this lower-consciousness conditioning, whereby Force has ruled since Man lost - seemingly - the link with his Prime Creator, and chose to live by lesser rule.  But with the coming of The Time, it is - by definition - The Time for humans to awaken from the dream state that they have been encased in (for a purpose; a purpose of education), and look, for their salvation, neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  From whence cometh our help.

To say: When we think in terms of Love - the Love of the Creator for Its Creation, and  the gratitude of the self-conscious aspects of the Creation for their Creator, and life with meaning - then the picture changes fundamentally.  Incarnate souls will do things for each other out of that essence that the Creation is made up of, which is Love.  And when we awaken to that level of understanding - of consciousness - then things follow naturally from that source, that still point of awareness.  And one of the things that falls away in and from that level of awakening is money; or more precisely, the current concept thereof.  

Think of 'money' as the training wheels we have been operating on for eons of time, of interest-bearing money on the one hand, and fractional-reserve banking on the other.  It's time to toss the training wheels aside, and operate our vehicle of civilization from a higher state of ability - of, as I say, consciousness.

Which is synonymous with Love.  The very essence of the ocean - the energy Field - in which we live and move and have our being.  

Consider.  A considerable amount of evidence in our day points to the reality of what we call reincarnation.  That our souls incarnate again and again; obviously for a purpose.  To do what?  Obviously: to learn lessonsTo gain awareness.  To grow more conscious from the experiences.  Now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another; now a thief, now an upstanding citizen.  You get the pictureSo, there is both Plan in and Purpose to life.  

And it's time now to reap the results of the process. Because we have come to the end of the process.  

The end of our dream state.  And the beginning of our awakened state.  As facets,  fractals, aspects, points of view of our loving Source; The All That Is.    

It's time to make your peace with your Maker.

And join the Ascension process going on, now.  (As I say: Up.)  

Or miss the boat.  And just have to go 'round for another turn of the karmic Wheel.  

Sign up for another tour of duty.

To the seasoning process. 

Having missed your real Opportunity from the current Crisis.

That we have all helped put in place.  

The honorable.  And the seemingly dishonorable.

Everyone, playing their parts, in the Grand Drama, of Awakening.

With the trick now, for us, being to release our roles.  

And go for the very essence of our beings. 

In a state of being ruled by 


Pure, perfect Love being

the final destination   

of the whole exercise

of our Awakening to our true Identity.


or slipping back into slumber

and taking another ride on The Wheel

of Forgetfulness.

Don't take that Way.

Come, step further on the stairway to the heavens.

Don't falter now.

You - we - are so close, now.

To having proven our worth.   

As being worthy enough to advance.

In a wholesale way.  As it were.  

As it was.


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