Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Sowell-Attacking-Cruz Brouhaha Revisited

from Tea Party C.C.: 'Conservative legend Thomas Sowell turns on Ted Cruz' - Feb. 19

(cont'd - Feb. 20)
Reply by Christine Puliselic 11 hours ago (Feb. 20)

 Is Thomas Sowell  trying to fracture the conservative party?   Does he expect perfection?   At least Ted Cruz is trying to do something positive for the American people.  What is everyone else doing?  Nothing.  Mr. Sowell, just   STFU and join the democratic/communist party.

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Permalink Reply by Ray Hause 11 hours ago

Lets see what qualifies Dr. Sowell a true conservative that we know Cruz has displayed in his act.  We also know that numerous other Republicans who are calling themselves as conservatives which is the furthest from their acts.  My point is talk the talk or walk the walk and I've not mentioned he is black talking like a Republican, not like a conservative.  We can name some of the conservatives and consider this, have anyone of those attacking the other conservatives, no, but we have heard the RINOs attacking the conservatives, now what would one consider Sowell, an attacking Republican or agreeing conservatives.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  (Feb. 20)

Personally, Ray, I would consider Sowell and his motives with some question, because, although he is, from his writings, clearly a conservative, he is also a darling of the National Review crowd, who are basically in the NeoCon camp.  
I have followed their writings over the years, and though I enjoy the academic take on things, I became disturbed by the NR's 'internationalist' bent.  They have too much of an affinity with, quote, 'Israel,' unquote, and thus an attitude of supporting that country without sufficient regard for the terrible crimes that the Israeli government has either committed directly or been involved in over the years.  It's a religious thing for some of them, and more of a political thing for others.  Either way, it does not spell 'true blue' conservatism; i.e., grassroots, 'limited government and essential liberty' principles.  It spells interventionism, geopolitics, military-industrial complex - that sort of hegemonic-oriented thing.  
The sort of thing that is ultimately going to split the Republican Party down its middle.  Which, IMHO, needs to happen anyway.  Strange bedfellows, and all that.   


A brief further word of clarity about this business, of the Republican Party hosting two very different camps of 'conservatives'.  

It is basically the difference between Wall Street and High Street.  The Wall Street crowd are associated with corporatism, international finance, the 'Big Picture,' a New World Order under their control and terms; etc.  The High Street crowd are the great, middle-class backbone of the country: hard-working, tend to their own business, for fiscal responsibility/limited government, grateful for and proud of America as the 'land of the free'; etc. 

Sort of gives away where I'm at on that spectrum, doesn't it.

Anyway: the sooner the two camps split and go their separate ways politically, the better, for being the clearer.


And that creates a great Middle Ground, for such 'patriots' and those Democrats who don't like the way their party has been pulled further to the Left under the Obama revolutionary cadre, to meet.

And get this country back on track, to its higher destiny.    

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