Thursday, 20 February 2014

At The Back Of The Buzz

What's this, at the back of the Judicial Watch's February issue of their monthly newsletter 'Verdict': a headline announcing 'It's About Time!  Congressional Hearing on Obama Lawlessness'.  

Could it really be???…

…and it turns out that it already was.

What a splash that made; in both the MSM and the alternate media.  With the sound more of a belly flop.

But at least, it was something...

A 'Message from the President,' i.e. of JW, Tom Fitton, the article opens:

"As we have been pointing out for years, President [sic] Obama has egregiously overstepped his constitutional authority on too many occasions to count.  He either thinks that constitutional limits on his authority are of no consequence or, in the case of making new laws through fiat, Obama thinks he is a 'one-man Congress.'"   That is, a law unto himself.  Which of course, he does…

"How bad is it?  Even former liberal Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean recently wondered aloud whether or not the president [sic] had stepped out of bounds with his decision to rewrite Obamacare!  Dean was right.  But Obamacare is just the very tip of a very large iceberg…"  

Etc. etc. in that vein.  But it's worth a listen, at least a little further:

"As you might expect, many members of Congress have had enough."  (Wow!  Really?!  Stop the presses!!!)  "And that's why the House of Representatives held a critical hearing on Obama lawlessness in December entitled 'The President's Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws.'"  Well, I'll… -

"Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-V A) set the tone for the discussion with his opening statement: 'The Obama administration…has ignored the Constitution's carefully balanced separation of powers and unilaterally granted itself the extraconstitutional authority to amend the laws and to waive or suspend their enforcement.  This raw assertion of authority goes well beyond the 'executive power' granted to the President and specifically violates the Constitutional command that the President is to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed.'"  (emphasis mine)         

Say, this 'message' is worth looking at in more detail.  Tell me more, Tom.

"The Committee heard from four top legal and constitutional experts…To a man, each of these experts, while focusing on different aspects of the 'Obama way' in Washington and documenting their arguments in great detail, came to the same conclusion: this president is out of control."

Well, hallelujah.

"Jonathan Turley [Professor of Law at  George Washington University Law School]* explained in his opening remarks: 'People of good faith can clearly disagree on where the line is drawn over the fallure to fully enforce federal laws.  There is ample room given to a president in setting priorities in the enforcement of laws.  A president is not required to enforce all laws equally or dedicate the same resources to every federal program.  Even with this ample allowance, however, I believe that President Barack Obama has crossed the constitutional line between discretionary enforcement and defiance of federal law.'  (again, emphasis mine)

"Strong words from a respected academic…"

Indeed.  But where has the Republican Party been all this time, in this fraudster's blatant undermining, even overthrowing of the Constitution - of the law of the land??  

Obama is not the law of the land, in and unto of himself.  But he is doing a damn good job of pretending that he is - and getting away with it.  Where are you, Opposition Party, to this takeover of the nation by one-party rule??? 

Afraid of calling Obama on his highhandedness because he is black?  

I admit that that is a caution.  Not an excuse for inaction; but a caution.  With the demagoguery angle to this whole thing, the Obama claque in power would love nothing more than for there to be race riots in the country: for the purpose of bringing about a declaration of Martial Law, and the consequent 'suspension' of the Constitution wholesale, on the way to its total elimination, and the consequent enthronement of Obama as the law unto himself that he obviously wants to be, and his socialist, redistribution-of-wealth hordes want him to be.  Meaning: a dictator.  A Caesar.  

And not just as in Chavez.  

The thing is, there is to be a 'revolution'.  And there is to be a (sort-of) redistribution of wealth.

Just not in the, quote, 'Obama way'.  

Rather, in a higher-consciousness Way.  

That leads us further, and now more directly, on our Way


So - as in the yin-yang symbol, of Wholeness (the Whole being greater than the sum of the parts): the 'Left' has a piece of the whole picture in it.  And the 'Right' has a piece of the whole picture in it .  And together, they make  


Which is where we are headed.

And that goal of our Journey is not too far from where we are, now.

It's just a matter of getting to it.

Behind the 'buzz' of where we are at right now.


* The others were: Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz, Georgetown University Law Center; Simon Lazarus, Constitutional Accountability Center; and Michael F. Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute. 

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