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1) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'The Starfield Revelations: 225,000 [medical] deaths a year, by Jon Rappoport' - Feb. 9

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  • Excellent article (and as others have indicated, the figures are very conservative, compared to other findings). Heads should roll, etc. etc. But then, there’s a systemic change coming through, anyway…but that shouldn’t keep people from looking into the truth of a lot of things. We need to know the whole truth of the times we are living in (and the years leading up to it; i.e., the 1913 Federal Reserve/Income Tax scam, the WWI con job, the 1933 elimination of private holding of gold, WWII with FDR conning the Japanese into firing the first shot, etc. etc.), to be fully accountable ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ and bringing the spirit of Truth and Love into everything we do. It’s not enough to just point our fingers at the ‘bad guys’. To paraphrase the iconic child: “What did YOU do in the war, Daddy?” 

2) from 'Re: Mattress Toxicity: Killing You Softly' - Feb. 8 (orig. posted at - Lana Lokteff - Feb. 7)

[to the blogger of the exohuman site, whom I know as a friend, and thus the lack of a reference as to whom I am addressing:]

I don't have time to listen to this story right now, but I hope (s)he [I was originally addressing the fellow behind redicecreations] includes the fact that there is good evidence that this 'toxic mattress' thingy is the cause of at least some SUID - Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, from crib mattresses.  [Aka SIDS, for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.] That's why the 'finding' that putting babies to sleep on their backs has been a help against this syndrome: they're not directly in contact with the volatile fumes from the (urine-soaked as well) mattress that way.  (Also found: the more that the mattresses were used for subsequent children, the higher the incidence level of SUID in those babies.) 

There is also the effect of vaccines on SUID: babies who are low in vitamin C (i.e., poor-nutrition babies; usually in poverty circumstances), and have their stores used up in trying to counter the stress assault on their systems from their early child vaccines, succumb to the equivalent of scurvy, which causes the heart to simply stop beating.  (Otherwise healthy sailors used to just drop on the spot, until a British doctor figured out what was going on; and hence the term for the British sailors of 'limeys', added to their food supplies.)

Anyway - keep up the good work.  I think that we're getting there... 


['Cot Death - Cause and Prevention Experiences in New Zealand - 1995-2004 T. James Sprott]     

[Vitamin C, like the B vitamins, is water-soluble; i.e., we need to take it in daily, as it is not stored in the body.]


3) from 'Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing a Tantrum' - David Wilcock - Feb. 7


Just like a hologram, each one of us, by definition, must be a projection of the unified whole that we arise from -- since nothing else actually exists.
This is what makes the question of "is there a Lucifer, and if so who or what is it" so provocative.
Most people do not even believe in a Lucifer at all.
Those who do believe tend to see it as this overpowering, all-encompassing menace -- the sum of all fears.
The vast majority of articles and videos exposing the Luciferian agenda are angry, bitter, vindictive, terrified and often hopeless.
Sadly, this is exactly what the negative aspect of our holographic universe needs us to feel in order for it to stay alive.
We may well discover that negativity cannot exist and persist on earth unless we create a habitat for it in our own minds and hearts.
As long as we continue co-creating this habitat, the Nemesis will continue appearing, and oppressing us, in the great cycles of history.
Each new round of the epic struggle -- an economic collapse, a major war, a revolutionary overthrow of tyranny -- is another test.

The more we find out about what is really going on in the world today, the more pressing it seems to be to understand what the ancient religious texts were really telling us.
Rather than being dusty old myths, these tales -- from great masters who may well have achieved the next level of human evolution -- seem highly relevant to the concerns of today…

At the same time that the news of NSA surveillance is becoming increasingly mainstream, Luciferian symbols are increasingly being displayed in the mass media.
Whether you believe in a "Luciferian Force" or not, the point is that some of the most powerful people in the world actually do.
As the process of disclosure continues unfolding, this is something that all of us will be forced to confront.
When you hear about "pedophile networks" being exposed and broken up -- including the high-profile Jimmy Savile case -- this is what hides beneath the story.
This angle will be explored in future articles -- which we are now constructing as part of a single, greater narrative.

Most likely, the full, public exposure of the Luciferian agenda will happen a lot sooner than we think.
We have been tracking this story for quite some time on this website -- with the help of multiple insiders much more highly positioned than Edward Snowden.
The biggest challenge we will face once the Cabal is exposed will be for us to not repeat the same genocidal mentality that Hitler once stirred up against the Jews.
If we do this, we will not have proven that we've learned our lessons. We will be bound to continue repeating the same mistakes, in the same cycles of time…

To truly expose and "decloak" Lucifer, we must understand that it represents a personification of the idea that "there is no God."
This could be seen as a basic part of our personality. Psychologists would call it the id. Spiritual folks may call it the ego.
Eckhart Tolle calls it the "pain body" -- a persona we snap into while we are traumatized.
On the deepest level, this part of us does know that there is a God, and that there are rules to the universe.
This part of us does not like the rules. In fact, it hates them.
So, like an angry child, we "rage against the machine" -- and believe we are superior to the whole system we are living in…"
And here we come to the crux of the matter.  Part of 'us' believes that this 'free will' business is a sham and a delusion, because, if there is a God, we are not really free.  He - It - They get us in the end; make us conform to 'the system' (via the law of karma; i.e., of cause and effect).  Hence, the spirit of rebellion expressed by some of 'us' - aka Luciferianism.
And my answer to the accusation? 
It's very simple.  We here in this dimension - this density; this hologram; this training realm - haven't yet demonstrated our maturity to be able to handle total freedom.  That's the first thing.  The second is that God is a just Creator.
There is Justice in the universe.  In the Creation, of this our Prime Creator.  Yes, there is not total free will.  And it is for our own good.  Because we are being given the opportunity to learn how to create in a just and orderly way.  To become Gods in our own right.  (As fractals of our Prime Creator - the One of which we are all holograms - we are apprentices to the art.)  
So yes, there is a 'system,' that we have to learn to adapt to.  Like a horse being broken to a rider; in order to be of more Service than it could be totally on its own.    
So, grumble if you wish to.  Throw a hissy fit if you want.  Refuse to be 'broken'.  But also know, that you will never be able to fulfill - inherit - your complete potential if you do.  
Because there is Order in the system as it is.  
Because God is Just.  
And ask yourself, in the middle of your tantrum:
Would you be?  Given your level of consciousness in such a moment???...
Personally, I wouldn't went to be subject to a god who was so capricious, and vexatious.
But then, that's just me.                 

P.S. Many years ago I 'got' an inner message, that: 'The universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good'  And I have used that knowing to live my life by - as my guiding light; my North Star - ever since.
     May you receive your own inner message to help you live your life by; to guide you on your way.  
     On our mutual journey.

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