Friday, 28 February 2014

Thoughts, Reflections On Where We're At

Many of us still have a ways to go yet…to get to the I Am within us.

1) from 'Former VP Candidate: Democrats Won Through Voter Fraud In Swing States' - Wayne Allyn Root - Feb. 27 (orig. posted at Conservative Tribune)

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Thanks for posting this, Dom. This, really, is the key to the elections. Not so much which party spends the most money on advertising. But Election Integrity. Clean the registration rolls of all illegal voters, and go back to paper ballots with a clear paper trail – or watch the nation go down the gurgler. As just another tinpot, corrupt dictatorship.
This nation deserves better of its current citizens. We need to rise to the occasion - True the Vote, regardless of one’s political party – or hang our heads in shame. There is no more important work, now, than this. What good does it do to work for a particular candidate if the vote is a scam, a fraud, a deceit??? Get out and force the issue in your state. Time’s a'wasting.
2) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'The Way of Life in The Fifth Dimension' - Jim Self - Feb. 12; posted Feb. 27 
kibitzer3 says:
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Ah yes: the realm of Choice; exploring “the most divergent ranges of frequencies”. Of the likes of those on the one hand who want to vote themselves and ‘the poor’ money out of the pockets of others (rich or not), experiencing and expressing thereby such as envy, judgment, arrogance; and on the other hand, those who experience and express the likes of greed, indifference, and judgment and arrogance as well. Sentencing themselves, all, thereby to some more seasoning in the Land of Duality. (Wherever that will take place.)
The Separation of the sheep from the goats is taking place. Contrary to what is being said – promised? – on some ‘spiritual’ sites, not every soul is going to make the grade, pass the test. There will be no free rides in this contest. Because some energies will not be able to withstand the change of vibratory ‘climate’.

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