Tuesday, 11 February 2014

On Doing Whatever One Wants

from minutemen news.com: 'Obama's New Boast: 'I Can Do Whatever I Want' - Feb. 11 (orig. posted at washingtontimes.com - Ben Wolfgang - Feb. 10) 
(A joking remark to the French President as he adapted their tour of Monticello; but not far off the mark for real)

 davnkatzr infadelicious an hour ago  (Feb. 11)

People, we have just one more chance - maybe! Forget about being a supporter of the GOP establishment. Who needs more like cornyn and his fellow faux conservatives - who talk good conservatism but vote for obozo's agendas. Find the TRUE Tea Party conservatives (like Steve Stockman of TX), support them (financially and with personal effort), WORK to encourage republicans to vote instead of sitting at home again. If we fail ourselves and our country in 2014, the only thing left will be attending our own funerals.
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         infadelicious davnkatzr an hour ago
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  • Totally agree and at the risk of being accused of being overly dramatic, we all had better get out and vote because if it's not your funeral you're attending when the tyrants take over it will be worse.... you will live on your knees because you didn't stand and fight!! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Your country is call America!!!!

         Floridastorm davnkatzr 28 minutes ago
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  • If anyone bought the corrupt news media line that Conservatives and Republicans stayed home in 2012 then what can I say. Does anyone think that they would have stayed home with this Marxist/Socialist showing what he was all about for 4 years? The election was bogus and the Republicans didn't challenge it as they should have. If they don't make sure that the 2016 election is on the up and up they will never win another presidential election.


               kibitzer3 Floridastorm 5 minutes ago
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  •       Excellent point. Voter fraud has become endemic. It needs to be cleaned up    pronto. The  Republican Party Establishment is not the entity to lead the way in this because they have been involved in such corruption themselves (Diebold electronic voting machine scams, etc.). Both parties have been playing tit for tat in this disgusting charade for years. Get out and support groups like the True the Vote people. Citizens in every state: Take on your responsibility as citizens of a self-governing country, and demand a truing of the vote in your state. Tempus fugit, And possibly with it goes the American constitutional Republic.
               The American federal constitutional Republic, more accurately. And ideally. The Founding Fathers were no fools. It is easier for people with a mind to, to take over a centralized nation, with all meaningful power on the national level. So, get your state cracking on the Election Integrity issue. That's the way to win our country back. And we can't wait for the 2016 election in order to do it. 2014 is the key election. As I say: tempus fugit.

    • ted j kibitzer3 31 minutes ago

    • have you noticed how vehemently the dems are against voter ID ???

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          jimbo124816 Floridastorm an hour ago
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  • The Republicans need to win by at least 20%, because the Democrats can easily get 15% by voter fraud.

  • During the George W. Bush victories, the Democrats thought they could win by generating 10% in fraud, and were surprised when they lost both elections by a narrow margin. It was then that they learned their lesson, get 15% by fraud and you will win. Voila, 2008 and 2012!

  • Voter ID is a must for 2014 and 2016. No compromise, no excuses.
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    • Floridastorm jimbo124816 an hour ago

    • Yes Jimbo........However, what does a voter ID and even a photo voter ID mean? Since the only way to prove you are an American citizen is by your Birth Certificate, Naturalization Papers, or a US Passport (where a birth certificate is required in order to obtain). None of these documents are required for registration at your county voter registration office. So, how does the registration office determine that you are an American citizen and are thus eligible to vote? A photo ID may prevent people from voting more than once or will identify them as the person who is voting. However, there is no way currently to prove they are an American citizen voting.

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      • kibitzer3 Floridastorm 2 minutes ago 

      • In CA, in order to get either a drivers license or a state photo ID card you have to present your bc. I have recently returned to the States after living many years abroad, and I thought that was a good arrangement. However, in the 2012 elections, I wasn't asked to present my photo ID card [or driver's license], just to sign after my name on the rolls, which, as you indicated, one doesn't have to show proof of birth/citizenship to get on, just your residency. I complained about the lack of sufficient identification required, and walked out, not wanting to be a party to a charade. And now, our governor has signed legislation that allows illegal aliens to get a driver's license! Sign me Disgusted.


And so it goes.  If I ruled the country, and 'could do whatever I wanted,' the above scamming subject area would be one of the first things that I would set right.  And it would be to the tune of a wholesale cleanup.  With some such announcement to the country as the following:  

"People, you have two weeks to put yourself right with the law of the land and with the higher, moral law.  And then, to your shame, we will be coming after you if you have not done so."

It won't be "to your eternal shame," because by then, I would have enlightened the country to the fact a) of reincarnation; and b) that we have just been playing parts in a Drama, for lesson-learning, and it is now time to end the Play, and get back to The Real Thing; and c) of what life will look like, on the other side of the curtain that has shielded us from it, for the karmic-wheel duration of our lesson-learning.*  Now at an end.

Because it's time.

For most of us to Ascend, to the real realms, beyond the fictional level, that we have inhabited for long enough, now, to get 'it' - that this realm has been a stage, to act out our drama on.  And we've come far enough now, to move beyond it, in consciousness.  

For the others?

They'll just have to take up from where we left off.  

But it won't be on this planet.

Gaia is ascending, too.

Or rather:

We are ascending with Her.  On Her journey to a higher degree of, and expression of,  consciousness.

What the whole enchilada is all about.



* And so much for the 'religion' issue.  For, if we keep coming back - for lesson-learning experiences - in different situations, as we do, then that includes coming back in different religions.  End of story, of that factor of human life being an insoluble problem, to our getting together, and becoming one, on the planet.
     And speaking of.  As to the idea of "the higher, moral law": Beyond even such as the Golden Rule, a higher act of awareness than even that can be said as 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally'.  Inasmuch as fundamentally, We Are All One. Facets, fractals, emanations, points of view of our mutual Source, the All That Is.


P.S. Quite an example of synchronicity: Right after posting this blog I went to gaiamtv to watch David Wilcock's latest episode of his Wisdom Teachings series - broadcast originally yesterday (Mon.) - and it was salted and peppered with references to things that I touched on herein; such as that 'Earth is a school for spiritual growth,' wherein 'We experience apparent individuality;' that 'Others in fact are our Self'; 'To honor others' free will is to honor our Self,' and 'Infringing upon others' free will is damaging to our own Self;' etc. etc. etc.  Very moving stuff that he is getting into in his series of weekly presentations there.
     A comment I made on the Comments thread:

from the Comments thread to David Wilcock's Season 2, Episode 13 (Feb. 10) of his Wisdom Teachings series on gaiamtv (this episode titled 'The Great Illusion')

gr8bokys, posted on February 11, 2014

My only pause here, with the connections being made to Jesus' teachings on Transmigration of Souls, is that I myself cannot vet this information because Origen's First Principles is mostly lost and only fragments remain. We have the suppositions of Church leaders, but the case can be made either way, according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origen that Origen may or may not have actually believed in or taught Transmigration. If I wish to follow your suppositions about this, while remaining a good student as well, David, how may I best come to this conclusion for myself? Please Advise...
Much Love & Light
s.stanfield, posted on February 12, 2014 new

…of David's response (I don't see him ever responding on this thread to comments/questions), let me just throw in my two cents' worth and say that 'coming to a conclusion for oneself' is done in two ways: 1) study; and 2) meditation. As to the former specifically: we are blessed to be living at a time when there is a plethora of information/material available on the subject of reincarnation. Dr. Ian Stevenson's studies; Dr. Morris Netherton's 'Past Lives Therapy'; various other books/videos on people's Near Death Experiences and dreams and intuitive 'knowings' that have proven evidential; etc.
As to the Bible, there is the somewhat cryptic question purporting to have been asked of Jesus regarding the man born blind, alluding to the idea that he may have been responsible for it himself (and how else would that be but for the belief in 'transmigration of souls'); but trying to prove anything by 'the Bible'/New Testament is, in my opinion, a waste of time, because it has gone through so many hands, and has so many weaknesses as to its historical validity. Best to research what is available on the subject in our time and place - which is an enormous amount. Plus which, it makes so much sense, that we are responsible for what happens to us; that the universe is not run by an evil, capricious, sadistic Being.
As my 'inner voice' told me years ago: 'The universe has purpose; and that purpose is Good.' And I keep finding corroborations of that perspective - that knowledge - the more I research into these matters. Which David is doing such an excellent job of summarizing for us.

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