Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Signs Of The Times

1) email to Cong. Lowenthal (initiated at

Feb. 12

Issue:  Economy

Subject: Job-killing Obamacare


Dear Congressman  Lowenthal,

The Congressional Budget Office reported 2.5 million people will lose their job due to Obamacare - and the Obama Administration is saying that's a good thing! 

Robotic followers of Obama are blindly supporting Obamacare - no matter what the costs for the American people. Calling job loss and insecurity for American workers "good things" is a new low, even for Obama.

Obamacare is tearing this country apart.  (Who's paying for those newly unemployed by it to go fishing?  The sorely put-upon taxpayer.  This is outrageous.) 

As my representative, I call on you to stop ObamaCare and Obama's job-killing policies.


'Stan' Stanfield


2) from 'Well-Child and Vaccine Visits Linked to More than 700.000 Flu-like Illnesses' - Feb. 12

(me - Feb. 12)

Hand-hygiene and such fair-enough prophylactic measures aside, it is known that vaccines - besides not being true immunization, only sensitization (and not life-long) - suppress the immune system; and it is thus no surprise that there are more "flu-like illnesses" in the wake of well-child doctor appointments, and their vaccination administerings.

Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of this allopathic scam in a widespread education of the public to its downsides, and start concentrating on natural ways to boost (and treat) the immune system, and not rely on the toxic use of vaccines for our preventive-medicine techniques.  This one is tainted with a fundamental conflict of interest: the huge profits in it for the Big Pharma gang, and the medical-pharmaceutical complex.  And even more accurate than that, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex; with its revolving door between the latter two entities.

A terrible, terrible scam.  Heads will roll, when we come to our senses, and stop relying on the vested-interest profiteers for our medical advice.       


P.S. And then moments later, as I continued scrolling through my emails (I get many more than I can check out daily), I synchronistically came across a reference, in a Comments thread, to the application of Nanoparticles to we, the sheeple, by TPTB; in our food, water, the air (chemtrails), and - the vaccines they keep trying to scare us into taking: to control us, weaken us, and outright kill us (with the likes of cytokine cascades/autoimmune attacks):

2: EVIDENCE EMERGES – Force Fed Nanoparticles By NWO!!!
RevMichelleHopkins on Omega Man Radio – Part 1 —
 (Part 2 is linked there as well)

This is outright satanic stuff.  Be sure you have a strong stomach before you go down this rabbit hole, into the sewer-sludge of today's world, and its (aspiring) rulers.  And whatever you do:

KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY AWAY FROM THE VACCINES 'THEY' WANT TO ADMINISTER TO YOU - the flu shots, the HPV, etc. etc.  It's not just the known side effects, like anaphylactic reaction, encephalitis, etc.    It's the frequency responses of Nanoparticles, to do all manner of appalling things to us, upon command.    

What is going on is what David Wilcock is into as well right now - again: synchronistically enough - in his Wisdom Teachings video series at gaiam tv.  The Illuminati think they have the truth, and everybody else is deluded, believing in a different 'god' from Lucifer.  The 'test' of rightness is actually simple:

Does your 'God' embody Love.  Or Force.  Joy.  Or Control.  Beauty.  Or Rancidity.

You have a choice.

Use it wisely.


 Btw: I'm not saying that everybody in the allopathic camp is in on this.  Many doctors and nurses think they are doing good, with their modalities.  They just don't understand the degree of wickedness that is going on in today's world.
     To separate the sheep from the goats, as it were.  And bring things to a head.
     For Truth ultimately to prevail.


P.P.S. At that same Comments post was this link; to help wake people up even more to what
is going down in our day and time:


This, also in relation to the recent story about even more ammunition being ordered by the Obama administration - for domestic purposes - than the overwhelming amount before……

Folks: Dyou get it?

It's wakeup time.

And decision time:

Are you with the Prime Creator's Plan.

Or the wannabe Usurper's Way.

Take your pick.

As I say:


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