Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Spiritual Justice - 3

from 'Coca Cola ad on Super Bowl - America's brand?  Him.' - Feb. 2
(A not-buying-it critique of Coke's ad depicting people in their various culture costumes singing an American patriotic song in their own languages.) 


Elysa Sanchez 4 hours ago  (Feb. 4)

Dude can we just celebrate diversity for 2 seconds? America is a nation of immigrants it's a beautiful place made up of different cultures. Why do you gotta be a hater?

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jacheff 5 hours ago

I completely agree with you Mr. West. I didn't like it at all. It felt wrong. Would it make me a proud Russian singing their anthem in English? Why would anyone sing someone else's National Anthem anyway? Doesn't make sense.

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(in reply to someone correcting him on the 'anthem' bit:)
  • jacheff Phishouttawatta 3 hours ago
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  • Coke is marketing their product. With this in mind I make my comments. It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would sing America the Beautiful in any language other than English because that's how we are taught it in public schools as Americans. This seems to me to be a weak and forced marketing strategy but I guess I'm wrong. Plenty of you were struck deeply by it that upon any comments that differ from yours it is assumed must be of haters. The responses to differing opinions were from such an emotional plane exhibiting so much intolerance that one wonders if intellectual banter is civil anymore. I like to look around at the facts and keep the emotion out of my debate. It seems to be far more constructive. Nevertheless, it appears there are more people who bought this strategy than didn't so Coke should do well.
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Ozair jacheff 4 hours ago  (Feb. 4)

It's a commercial, with a theme, they're not trying to change the official language wtf is the big deal?


  • jacheff Ozair 4 hours ago

  • It's just an opinion. What is the theme? I don't get it. Enlighten me please.

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    • kibitzer3 jacheff 2 minutes ago   [now into Feb. 5]

    • Even if some people who like the idea of multiculturalism don't understand what's really behind the initiative, they should; for they are being manipulated by ideological experts. The point, jacheff, is to break down the 'idea' of a unifying national identify, to which people give their allegiance and support, in order to meld former nations into mere regions of what TPTB call their New World Order, wherein we will all be subjects of and to the controlling Elite. (Orwell's novel '1984' springs directly to mind.) Some such ideologues think that they are working for a Leftist, socialist NWO, and some think that they are working for a Rightist, fascist NWO; but in reality, both initiatives are being controlled from the top of a pyramid of power, of Controllers who have been in charge of much of what we call history for a long, long time. 

    • The purpose is Power, plain and simple. Power over people, whom they look upon as cattle, and their chattel, who will be slaves to them and their NWO, working for them, the Controllers, rather than for themselves. Thus, the regulatory limitations being placed on private property; and so forth. And their M.O. is to label anybody who is opposing their gently gently, Fabian-style takeover with 'demonizing' names, like 'racist' and 'bigot' and 'hater' and so forth. It's all laid out in Saul Alinsky's primer 'Rules For Radicals,' and summed up as 'By Any Means Necessary,' aka 'Whatever It Takes' - Alinsky's path to power. The end justifies the means; the 'philosophy' of tyrants down through the ages. 

    • Don't know who Saul Alinsky is/was? The pre-eminent 'community organizer,' out of Chicago, whose techniques a new recruit to the c.o. ranks named Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama studied, and became an instructor of. That was an integral piece to his rise to power, supported by a lot of behind-the-scenes characters. 

    • There's more, much more; but just to wrap up this thumbnail sketch of Life In Our Times: both the socialists and the fascists want a North American Union - borders erased between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico; economies entertwined [a better word for the 'project': harmonized] (similar to the EU template) - as part of that region-creating step to a NWO; and in order to accomplish their mission, they need to break down the identity of Americans as it has been, and also of the idea in the minds of the citizenry of America being 'exceptional'. We are to be made just another player in their grand scheme, subservient to the collective. Can't have jingoism, xenophobism, and all those other demonizing words the ideologues use, to try to defuse the opposition to their best-laid plans. 

    •  Which, as Robbie Burns noted, oft go awry. But that's another story. Hope this helps   this one.


Messing with our sense of loyalty to America, and especially as an 'exceptional' nation: That's what this is all about.  A piece that won't fit easily into their playbox, their Grand Scheme Of Things.

Nor should it.

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