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Signs & Portents - cont'd

(This discussion is continued from a previous post at this article site.  I'm beginning to get no little unhappy with 'Republicans,' even those calling themselves 'conservatives,' who continue to try to push the NBC barrow out of the way, and dump its constitution load somewhere out of sight.)

from Tea Party C.C.: 'Conservative legend Thomas Sowell turns on Ted Cruz ' - Nat'l Dir Dee - Feb. 19 (orig. posted at Feb. 19)


Reply by robert james courtney 6 hours ago (Feb. 23)

To R baker and all, Sowell is not a rino! He is a conservative thru and thru. Our focus is to WIN 'one', IF YOU WILL  , FOR THE cONSTITUTION AND dEC OF iNDEPENDENCE  "our mission"---- any bonding -- in sincerity between him and his fellow Senators- may lead to Pres. consideration. It's win win at that point. That Is I believe, is Sowell's message. As in that neat song, Bing and Sachmo--- ya gotta accent the Positive , rule out the Negative  and don't mess with Mr Inbetween. We need " How to fix's and how to 'do's  ideas for accomplishment!   coming from our  Teaparty thinkers.    Rj courtney

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (just gone Feb. 24)

I'm not quite sure what you're saying here, R.J., but if you are alluding to the idea of Ted learning to get along with "his fellow Senators" which action "may lead to Pres. consideration," forget it.
There will be no greater hue and cry go up against his candidacy for the presidency than amongst true conservatives, aka constitutionalists.  He is NOT ELIGIBLE, for not being a NBC.  I know that some Republicans are trying to fudge that little qualification a little - after all, the Republican Party colluded with the Democrat honchos in allowing Obama to be a candidate; and hence the trouble we're in now, with a man in that office who took that signal as carte blanche to do whatever he wanted to, with the Constitution reduced to being a mere "piece of paper," to quote the just-previous pretender to the throne, in this age of aspirants to leadership in their respective authoritarian New World Order ambitions.  But neither of these totalitarian camps will win the day.  So "Teaparty thinkers" should get clear on what their job is.  Which is to make sure that neither camp does so.  So let's stop with the pussy-footing around of the issue.     


Permalink Reply by Patriotpapa2010 on Thursday (Feb. 20)

I agree with Sowell. Cruz seems to be positioning himself for political gain. Namely, the White House that like Obama, he is in FACT completely ineligible for. Before you start screaming he is eligible and that I don't know what I'm talking about, read up on Constitutional eligibility and Natural Born. It all starts with being born on American soil.
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Permalink Reply by van nolan price on Thursday

I agree on the questionability of his eligibility, but I will wait as to what his motives are, after all he is one of a few fighting for conservatism. 

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Reply by Joanne Mortensen 8 hours ago (Feb. 24)


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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Feb. 24)

Precisely.  Which amounts to zero.  And that's why Obama should have been removed from that office a long time ago - should never have been allowed to become a candidate for that particular office (and that particular office ONLY; for good reason, not to go into in detail here) in the first place.  Which means that the Republican Party honchos did a deal with the Democrat Party honchos, for both of them to stonewall on the issue.  Which amounts not only to corruption.  But to crime.
Which they both still need to pay for.
In the meantime: it's a wonderful teaching moment, Joanne.  Cruz should hold a major press conference and announce that he is turning down requests to run for the presidency in 2016 because he is not eligible for the office -"and here's why; and this is also why Obama is an illegal president, and needs to be removed from the office forthwith." 
Otherwise, we lose the rule of law in this country, with the Constitution becoming a dead letter, and the nation is up for grabs by any tyrant who wants to have a go at it; precisely like ancient Rome.  (As they say: Those who don't [learn from] history are doomed to repeat it.)
Of course, Cruz could suggest at the same time, if only in answer to a planted question, that if anybody wanted to mount a campaign for an amendment to the Constitution on the Natural Born Citizen issue, he wouldn't stand in their way.  Which would drive the point home even further.  The point, that we have been under usurped authority ever since Obama was sworn into office the first time, by a criminally compliant Supreme Court Chief Justice.  Another crime that needs to be corrected.
This is all by way of saying, that if this nation is ever to return to the rule of law, these are the sorts of things that need to take place.
And tempus fugit.   


P.S. As for the expression immediately above about history and learning from it: a) I originally said in my post "read" instead of "learn from," thus correcting the expression herewith; and b) If the context would have allowed for it, I could have extrapolated a bit on the theme, and gone on to say something like "For, life is a school; and you repeat a 'grade' until you 'get' it; the reincarnational return a tool to help us awaken.  As David Wilcock has pointed out in his recent book 'The Synchronicity Key,' history does indeed repeat itself - literally; with time (which is part of the illusion that we live in) being cyclical rather than linear.  Events repeat themselves approx. every 2160 years, the period of time associated with the movement of the Sun through 'the heavens' - the classroom - one zodiacal House at a time; with, often, the same souls reincarnating each time, until 'we get it right'.
     It's a good, stimulating read.  I recommend it.  As I do his weekly video series on gaiamtv called 'Wisdom Teachings'.  Things are really beginning to 'hot up' there.  Which means, here...           
       (Example: The blurb for today's episode, titled 'Ascension Teachings for a Golden Age':
       "We live in a special time for humanity. Our ascension, beyond the physical realm, is becoming increasingly likely. But that great shift is not guaranteed for anyone. Ascension is the fulfillment of why we are here. We must learn what that purpose is and how we can best achieve it. To help us unveil these mysteries, David Wilcock lays the foundation for the ascension teachings for the coming golden age in this presentation originally webcast February 24, 2014.")

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