Friday, 21 February 2014

For The Last Time...

… or probably not.  But still, put it in the "But I DO Have A Life" category:

from wnd: 'NSA Slayer Wants Default Against Feds' - Bob Unruh - Feb. 21
(Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch in court against the Obama administration on the NSA overreach issue)

alfy 11 hours ago 

obama needs to be impeached for his crimes against america, he doesn't care to abide by the laws for which he took the oath ..if he was white he would have already been impeached.why are the republicans so afraid to bring charges against the false president?



    • kibitzer3 alfy a few seconds ago  (Feb. 21)

    • "why are the republicans so afraid to bring charges against the false president?

    • Because if they did, it might well open up the can of worms that needs to be opened up, which discloses that they climbed into bed with the Demos on the NBC issue, i.e,, that Obama was ineligible to run for the presidency in the first place. 

    • Both parties tried to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on the NBC issue a total of 8 times from 2003 to '08, and failed even to get it out of committee (the committee members obviously figuring that it was going to be too sensitive an issue to make it all the way through the formal amending process). So they obviously did a smoke-filled [back] room quid pro quo deal: You don't say anything about our candidates on the issue, and we won't say anything about yours. Result: the terrible mess that we're in, with a faux president who thinks he is above the law, because both main political parties PUT HIM THERE. 

    • Marry in haste; repent at leisure.

…and on this same day, I answered a poll being conducted by the Republican National Committee, Office of Voter Research, titled 'Voter Exploratory Republican Presidential Preference Poll' - which contained, until I crossed them out on my poll copy as'Illegal', the names of at least three non-NBCs that I know of (Cruz, Rubio, and Sanctorum) - thusly: 

"The Republican Party MUST Wake Up and FAST regarding the constitutional eligibility OR NOT of candidates to run for the office of the presidency.  Only Natural Born Citizens can run for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY.  The purpose of that requirement was - and still is - to make sure that the person in the office* did not have DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES  - like a DUAL CITIZEN.  Precisely like Barack Hussein Obama. 

"What's the matter with you people.   TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.  (See  

"* Who would also be the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, remember.  A not incidental matter.


"P.S. Do you get it yet?  The Republicans are responsible for the mess we are in - for not being a responsible opposition party, in letting BHO run in the first place."

Who knows what good any of this sort of thing does.  All I know is, that I need to have my say in the matter.

Let no one try to say 'but I didn't know'.

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