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On One's Make-Up

Watched a well-made movie on the '60s revolutionary scene in America last night.1  Titled simply 'Katherine', it was about - well; the blurb on the back of the cover says it about as well as anything I could say about it: 

"Sissy Spacek stars as Katherine Alman, an upper-class college girl who embarks upon a path of revolution and radical action after seeing for herself the adverse conditions in South America and the southern United States.  Her liberal views take an extreme turn after joining a group headed by Bob Kline (Henry Winker)."

The last sentence is a little telescoped plotwise; but it'll do, to get me to where I want to go with this opening reference.  Which is to highlight the role of Jews in that whole 'civil rights' scene - and similar 'revolutionary' scenes in history, with the likes of the Bolsheviks, and so forth.  There's an interesting story here.  But first things first.

The film reminded me of another one, made roughly in this same time period (circa 1975); that one starring Sally Field as a rather unlikely heroine (having had children by different fathers; her character somewhat condescendingly alluded to by 'proper' society as 'trailer-park trash') in the South who gets involved, by association with a young New York Jew union 'troublemaker', in organizing a strike at the textile factory where she works.  

Anything wrong with that?  No.  But let's keep going, along this rich vein.

And then there was the reality drama of the one black and two white 'civil rights' workers who were killed in the South for their black voter-registration efforts.2  The two whites, it turned out, were both Jews, from 'up North'.  (I think NYC again as well.  A fair stereotype, then.)  And then there was that other reality drama of the '60s (this one actually in 1970) of the Kent State students who were gunned down by the squad of young National Guardsmen; the activist core of the former of whom were, er, Jews.  (A fact kept silent on by most of the MSM.)   

Where am I going with this.         

1) All of it is indicative of how the Jews have incited anger at themselves over the years, over and over again, wherever they are, in their Diaspora throughout the world, for being 'who they are'.  Not 'the Chosen People' mentality per se.  But the stirrer-uppers of the 'established order of things' that they are.  

As their way of fighting their way to the top of wherever they land; yes.  But there is more going on here as well.

2) 'Here.'  How the Jews are grit in the well-oiled machinery of the Established Order.  A fly in the ointment.  Born troublemakers.  And therefore, change agents; whose mission and role seems to be to stir up/unsettle the status quo.  From getting too set in its ways.  

On the one hand, there is value in that 'role'. (From helping to keep a culture losing sight of the larger picture.)  On the other hand, besides the danger to themselves ('those f***ing pushy Jews'), there is the danger of what might be described as the baby being thrown out with the bathwater:

The Jews have a long history of 'interpreting the law' with regards to the 603 laws of their Torah.  And even their original Ten Commandments became subject to interpretation.3  In any event, it helps explain why some Jewish lawyers/judges take the U.S. Constitution not like a clear contract, with any substantive (or even perceived 'small') changes in it needing to be signed off on by all the parties to the contract, but like an ambiguous set of guidelines, subject to the delight of hair-splitting 'interpretations' by their clever minds.  Some would call the practice, and their way of being, 'devious'.  I would say that it was being, at most, 'too clever by half' - that it is more like a tribal trait, an affectation; an aspect of their inborn grit.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a note of all this.  I have been put off by this Jewish trait before; as have many others.  And this 'take' on the matter helps explain - to me, at least - why they are the way they are.  In their 'special relationship with (their) God'.4

Even if it's only a lesser god.  An aspect of the gods of the Sumerians; about whom a good case has been made for their having been simply technologically advanced beings dubbed 'ancient astronauts,' from their home base on a planet they called Niburu, which orbits through our solar system every 3600 years (hence the base of the counting system of the Sumerians), and who created our forebears in their image (i.e., by gene-splicing), primarily to do the hard work for them, of mining gold for their planet's atmospheric needs.

But then, that's all another story.    

And maybe blog.  

If time allows.

And we are open to considering that (even our mutual Prime Creator) God moves in mysterious ways, sometimes…  



1 On a DVD collection of 'Classic Movies - Leading Ladies'  that I got through an online merchandiser.  Also purchased one on 'Leading Men'.  Not quite the '20 Classic Movie Collection' that they were advertised as (with a photo of Ava Gardner on the front of the LL collection and Cary Grant on the LM set; but some 'oldies but goodies' amongst the stinkers.

2 In a concerted 'Freedom Summer' campaign to attempt to register black Americans in the South to vote.  Their murders sparked a national flare of outrage that helped lead to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

3 "For example, what represents one's neighbor?  Was it any other Hebrew, or anyone at all who might be living in close proximity?" - 'The Real Messiah: The Throne of St. Mark and the True Origins of Christianity' by Stephan Huller.

4 And of course, reincarnation being what it is, and how it operates, 'they' have chosen to incarnate in that difficult role……thus needing to be cut a little slack, by gentiles.
     Even if we are goyim - cattle - to them, in that incarnation of theirs……
     …which attitude can lead to the possibility that these 'change agents' get caught up in their roles, of becoming top dogs in the rejigging of the status quo, and become too fixated on maintaining the 'established order' then themselves.  Forgetting that 'it' - the loosening up of fixation on the moment's illusory reality - applies to themselves as well.
     As I have said before: there is plenty of blame to go around…

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