Friday, 7 February 2014

It's 'Clean Up Our Act' Time

I'm getting more than a little peeved at various individuals and organizations these days.  And not just of the Left.  

Take the Tea Party Patriots, under the direction of one Jenny Beth Martin.  I just received another mailing from them, or rather from their 'Citizens Fund' arm, containing a Tea Party Candidate Issues Poll, with a selection of hard-hitting questions to be asked of prospective 2014 candidates for office - federal, state, and local - and with the TPP Citizens Fund asking us, their mailing-list patriots, which questions we support to be asked, and soliciting our suggestions for any others.  The whole mailing was hard-hitting, and included a couple of quotes from Ronald Reagan to emphasize that they meant business.1  

So: All very hard-hitting stuff, as I say  And then, in the final part of the Poll, that was geared to their wanting to gauge "who like-minded people like you are leaning towards for President in 2016," the proferred list included the names of -

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. 

Neither of whom is a 'natural born' citizen.

With friends like this, who needs enemies??

I wrote on my Poll submission, after crossing out those two names on it as, quote, 'Ineligible': 

"Jenny Beth: I would support you and your group if you would wake up and realize that the requirement for the president to be a 'natural born citizen' was/is so that that person did not have any conflating loyalties or allegiances.  Like a naturalized citizen - and ESPECIALLY like a DUAL CITIZEN.  

"If we want to change the constitutional contract, then we need to do ti legally - by the amending process allowed for.  (see, CDR Kerchner, Dr. Herb Titus, et al)"

And as an afterthought, to make my point even more clear, I wrote on the back of the return envelope:

"Remember: the president is as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - thus especially the requirement for NO DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES in that particular office."

I hope the whole Tea Party 'movement' wakes up to this fact.  It is NOT a 'mere detail'.  It is a crucial constitutional factor.  Imagine how things might have been in the country now if Obama had been called on that matter, and had been refused the opportunity to run for that office in 2008.  What a difference it would have made.

And actually, that's a point.  Things might very well not have come to such a fruitful head, as they have now, with that illegal act creating the major confrontation in the country between the far Left and the Right that it has.  (The thesis-antithesis historical dialectical process so cogently noted by Hegel setting up the state of Synthesis - of final Completion of the process - afforded us now.)  And both the Democrats and the Republicans colluded in this constitutional crime.  (Like the yin-yang symbol, with a bit of the 'other' embedded in each; neither complete on its own.)  So let's not be too harsh on either of them when the accounting comes.    

As it will.  For, though it has all been part of an Act, of the Play that we humans are involved in, to catch our consciences, we must honor the need for that purpose to be played out, before the (karmic) curtain is drawn on the Play.  Before it can be drawn on the Play, that we have been engaged in, for a very, very long time.  Now approaching its denouement.  

What will that denouement look like?  

I'm not sure of the details.  It will be basically made up of a raising of consciousness on the part of all who are to ascend now, here at the end of this astronomical (in both meanings of the word) Grand Round, and the birth of a New Age.  But part of the cleanup operation leading to that 'stage' of our spiritual evolution, could be anticipated.  Things like -

* the citizenry no longer to be allowed to engage in the low-consciousness spending of the taxpayers' money, which amounts to - and has amounted to - the consciousness of theft.  

     Example.  People who could find a job, but prefer to live on - immoral word - 'benefits'.  (Seducing people into a dependency mentality and lifestyle is no real 'benefit' to them.  It slows their spiritual progress.)  Even more immoral word: 'Entitlement'.  No one is 'entitled' to the earnings of any other person.  The cleaning-up of which situation to be accompanied by better, tighter administrating of such programs.  
     Somehow an important fact has  been overlooked - has been allowed to be overlooked: the federal government has no money of its own.  It has only the money that comes into its coffers by way of taxes.  (And borrowings; which clearly have gotten totally irresponsibly out of whack.)  Some citizens (or actually, in reality, even non-citizens, in on the 'game') seem to have the attitude that, because the 'rich' are making a lot of money (and some of it via the government's upper-class largesse, like too-big-to-fail bank bailouts), they are 'entitled' to cream off some of that good stuff, too; conveniently forgetting that it has been extorted from the taxpayers.  And I use the word 'extortion' when the taxes are nor being administered with a responsible eye.  The taxpayers have a right to assume that their money is being used in a responsible way; or they have a right to withhold as much of it as they can manage to.  
     There is a duty of care here, on the part of the government - federal or state - which is not being attended to properly.  That irresponsibility has to stop.             

     Example.  Females having babies on the taxpayers' dime.  (And especially when a lot of couples are being responsible by not having their own children when they can't afford to raise them properly, i.e., not in poverty conditions.)  
     To help people out when they hit hard times - and on a Temporary basis - is one thing.  But to raise families on the taxpayers' dime is clearly another.  Which has been allowed to happen, by bleeding-heart liberals, and even more ideological leftists, on purpose: in order to create a welfare class, in order to overload 'the system,' and bring about its collapse leading (they hope) to its replacement with a socialist system.  See the cynical, using-humans-as-cannon-fodder-in-The-Revolution Cloward-Piven Strategy.)  
     No more.  And not just because it might lead as well to a fascist takeover; like the Nazi regime.  Neither totalitarian extreme should be the order of the day.     

* All the voter and election fraud going on.  The federal government must insist that each state clean up its voter-fraud act, into a legitimate, Voter Integrity state of being, or it will withhold funding that comes from it to the states for that particular purpose; and if a state still doesn't clean up its act sufficiently in this regard, the federal government should withhold ALL funding that it sends to the state for whatever purposes.2

* A resetting of the world's monetary system; to clean up the Old, and set the stage for the New.3

And the necessary clean-up of our act goes on.  These are just some of things that I would ask of prospective candidates for political office, Jenny Bath, that you folks didn't include in your Candidate Issues list.  Along with The Biggie:      

for the nation to return to the rule of law, by requiring a candidate for the office of president of the United States to be a 'natural born citizen'.  

Which also, then, entails the cleaning-up of the illegal act going on as speak.  How?  By removing the Usurper from that thus-dishonored office; charged not only with that crime, but for the crimes that he has committed in its wake, in order to attempt to cover up the initial crime.  In particular, the (federal) crime of allowing to be posted on the official White House web site a forged document, purporting to be a copy of his long-form birth certificate.  

The production of which was not even necessary, because he was ineligible for that particular office from the very first by his own admission, of not having a U.S. citizen for a father - of not having two U.S. citizens as his parents.  

Which he knew, as a constitutional law instructor, ruled him out for that office.4

But which he also knew that both the Democrat and the Republican parties would cover up for him on the point.  The Republicans engaging in a quid-pro-quo, for their own purposes, of running a less-than natural born citizen of their own for that office in the future.5  Both parties having discovered, after a considerable number of failed tries in the appropriate House committee, to get the subject broached via the route of a constitutional amendment.  So they just made one up on the spot, as it were.

All of which information will come out, in a court of law.   When this particular issue is finally brought to justice.

Along with the full truth behind 9/11.  And the JFK assassination; and that of RFK; and that of MLK; and that of JFK Jr..  And the Sandy Hook and Boston Massacre scams..  And……And……..

For, humanity is facing its final Test.   

And only those who can pass it will be able to proceed.

For those who fail? 

They still have a little more growing-up to engage in.

And I do mean 'up'.         


 P.S. Incidentally, just to point out that this mentioned videotape of Hillary could be used to devastating effect against her if she ended up being the Democrat Party nominee for the presidency in 2016, what with the issue of lying and deception being what it has been.  But somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.  The election either, I mean.
     For one thing, both the major political parties need to answer legally for the 'natural born citizen' scam; and may well not even be around for an election in 2016.  If there even is one  A situation that I can imagine under at least a couple of scenarios.
     But then, that's another story…               



1 On the envelope: "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.  If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."
     With the additional comment by theTPPP underneath the quote: "These words are as true today as they were when Ronald Reagan first spoke them in 1964 -- and the question remains the same: What And Who Will You Choose?" 
      And then inside, in Jenny Beth's covering letter, another take-no-prisoners quote from The Great Communicator: "The Founding Fathers knew a government can't control the economy without controlling people.  And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose.  So we have come to a time for choosing."  (Indicated as coming from RR's '"The Speech: A Time for Choosing,' 1964.")
     No wonder the Left hated the guy so much - and hate to this day, judging from an Internet-carried comment by a leftist not too long ago.  Not for anything he specifically did as either governor or president.  But because he stood so staunchly in the way of their takeover ambitions and plans.
     P.S. There was actually another stirring quote from RR in the covering letter.  "As Ronald Reagan warned so many years ago,"
     "You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right.  There is only an top or down.  Up to man's age-old dream - the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order - or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.  Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path.  Plutarch warned, 'The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.'"
     Couldn't have said it better myself. Ronnie.  
     And Plutarch.  Whoever, or wherever, you are today.  

2 Rather than the precise opposite that is going on under the Obama-Holder Dept. of Justice; whereby, under the cover of the idea of voter 'suppression,' the Democrats/far Left are keeping the states from cleaning up this voting act - because they have the voter-fraud system down to an art form.
     That is not to say that the Republicans haven't engaged in voting-system fraud themselves (especially with electronic voting-machine skewed software) .  But this tit-for-tat 'game' has to stop.  And will.  Because it's time for the Big League now, team. 

3 I've dealt with this before.  The Reset - involving a return to a precious-metal-based currency - ultimately leading to a moneyless system (i.e., sans interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking), with Credits and Debits electronically monitored (with no statist Big Brother threatening to cut you off from the system); and ultimately to a total moneyless system, i.e., with no medium of exchange, when we have learned to manifest what we need out of the every energy Field in which we live and move and have our being.  For all is energy.  Fundamentally.  Including ourselves.  And when we gain the proper consciousness, we can tap directly into it.  
     But we need to learn a lot of lessons first.  The main, overriding one: to come from a higher level of consciousness than we, by and large, are living our lives by at this time.  Which means: no low-energy mental qualities; like theft, and envy, and greed, and deception. 
     All I have dealt with herein; and more.
     Rather, more fitting of who we are, really.  As aspects of our Prime Creator.
     And therefore, as God ourselves.
     It's time to start living up to our Higher Selves, as The One that We Are.  Not living down to our lower, seemingly separate selves.
     Been there.  Done that.  It's time for a change.  A fundamental Change; to a higher octave.       

4 And as he said - and which got captured on video - when challenged by Alan Keyes on the point when they were running for U.S. senator from Illinois: "So what.  I'm not running for president." 
     (Handy things, those video tapes.  Or not, depending on your perspective.  As when Hillary would enthrall her audiences with the story of running for cover under mortar fire when alighting from her plane in a war situation, only for someone to unearth a video of the incident.  The supposed 'incident'.  Showing Hillary strolling off the plane, and greeting someone casually, as they made their way to…er, cover???……
     People, people: If videotape has all this sort of thing stored on it, for 'the record,' imagine what all is on the akashic record.  And that you will confront yourself with, when it comes time for your personal accounting…)

5 Like, say, Marco Rubio; in looking down the road to the likely future in the country and trying to capitalize on his appeal to the Hispanic vote.  Its 'Establishment' leadership having 'bought' the position of the party's financial/business arm that it would be good for business.
     And bringing to a head the potential split of the party, between its grassroots, middle-class, Main Street patriots, who want less government interference in our lives, and its Wall Street, 'Chamber of Commerce' arm, who want what's good for business.  Not necessarily the nation.  Thinking that the two are the same thing.  Or if the nation has to go, into a mere region of a New World Order, for the making of money, well - that's business.
     Over a lot of dead bodies.

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