Monday, 3 February 2014

Spiritual Justice

A word about a) hate speech; b) another 'worthy cause' with its begging bowl outstretched; and c) the future.

First, the 'worthy cause'.  This one is an organization called FAIR, for Federation for American Immigration Reform.  It really 'calls it as it is,' to my way of thinking, in its subject area, of illegal immigration (and immigration in general).  Basically: You don't reward bad behavior.  

I've talked about all that sort of thing before, so I won't go into all that in detail here.  Just pointing out the importance of that message.  And to note, that before we can go into the fullness of our future, we need to 'set things right'.  Which means, in this instance, that all those illegally in the country they now reside in need to return to their home nations, for the proper next steps for humanity to take place.  Or this particular step on the stairway to The New will crumble beneath the feet of humanity; for being based on Error, and other low-consciousness qualities, which won't be able to withstand the test of Integrity - the integral Strength - of The New.1           


The letter from FAIR referred to something that "President Obama" did that was in "apparent disregard for the will of Congress" regarding the so-called DREAM Act on the subject of immigration reform/amnesty, whereby "his administration openly refuses to enforce the rule of law" and not only that, but actively does what it wants to do; in this case, audaciously and arrogantly decrees 'legislation' that has been rejected by the legislative branch of the federal government, by the deceitful means of doing it under the rubric of 'executive action'.2  Which he must not be allowed to get away with - nor other such highhanded actions that he has been engaging in.  Or that is the end of the rule of law in this country.  And the rule of law is the only thing standing in the way of the overthrow of the nation - in the way of tyranny.  In the hands of such-minded characters.  Whom you will know by their fruits.

A word specifically about 'deceitfulness,' in relation to the future.

The covering letter from FAIR referred to one of its "near-term priorities - to derail the rush to instantly 'legalize' countless millions of illegal immigrants," which priority "is driven by our genuine concern for the future of our nation…"  1) A worthy cause indeed.  All good citizens should ask of their federal government (for now; and, soon, it looks like, of their Congress): 'What the hell are you doing, rewarding wrongdoing?  That's wrongdoing in itself.  Promotes wrongdoing.'  2) And, as to the future: there will be changes.  But they need to be based on Right Principles.  Like Honesty.  Truthfulness; and such.  Not on Deceit and Chicanery and such.  ("You will be able to keep your current healthcare plan, and doctor…")           

As for the letter giving Obama the credit of calling him, quote, "President".  Personally, I don't call people who are illegally in a position by the name of that position.

And thus, my comment to, and position on, the subject of (so-called) 'hate speech'.  Which, in a little more detail, can be summarized as: Hate the sin.  Love the sinner.

As for 'the future'.  We will be charting new territory, in which human-created structures like nations and 'money' will change.  And persons on both sides of the political aisle have intuited such.  But some have interpreted their intuitive hits wrongly.  The New World will be an outgrowth from the Old.  But it will be qualitatively different.  Based on - as I have said previously, in these pages - Love.  Not the same-old, same-old karma-creating of Force.  

Been there.  Done that.  We're going Up this time.  Not either to the 'Left' or to the 'Right'.  

And it would behoove all those currently on the Left and the Right to prepare accordingly. 

For Time waits for no Man. 

Step on board the new Ship sailing the new Sea.  Or sink into, and with, the Old.  Which will have a new life somewhere; for those still clinging to it; in order for them to 'sea' out their karmic patterns.  But not here.

Gaia has a new role to play as well, in the true transformative process going on.  And only those with the proper qualifications need apply, to sail with Her in the new Sea that it is ours - our gift - to go exploring in now.

Qualifications, like Duty.  Honor.  Integrity.

How do you think that you are doing, in that test of your qualifications??  

As in, oh, say: the requirements for being a true president of the United States of America…

Oops.  There goes that 'hate speech' syndrome again.  Gotta watch that.  There are spies everywhere, these dark days……  



1 You won''t be accepted into that kingdom if you are compromised in any department of your life - theft, deceit, lying, cheating; arrogance, envy, greed; whatever of a low order of consciousness.  Step up.  Or ship out, to other pastures.
     The 'pastures' of those who are ready to move up and on are emerald green (not with envy), with an archangelic blue brook running through the idyllic scene.  And it won't 'brook'  any compromises.

2 Executive Orders (EOs) are meant only for administrative 'housekeeping' details of the various articles of legislation passed into law.  NOT to change those acts fundamentally.  That is not the proper role of the executive branch of government in the American form of government; that is the role of the legislative branch. 
     The current occupant of the presidential office is not the only one to have exceeded his authority and role in that position.  Which is, basically, the fault of the various Congresses over recent years, in failing to rein in such highhanded behavior on the part of the Executive.  No wonder such despotic-minded executives have started down that slippery slope.  So there is plenty of blame to go around, in the halls and offices of the American federal government, in failing to live up to the intentions of the Founding Fathers of this grand experiment in self governance.  And the deeper intention, for the world to emulate.
     Not doing too good on that front, are we.  Just now, at least...  

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