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Living By Truth Or Dying By Deceit

1a) from Tea Party Command Center: 'From D.C. to Hollywood, conservatives say right speech under attack by left' - posted by Nat'l Dir. Dee - Feb. 7 - orig. posted on - by M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter - Feb. 7

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The stupidity in this nation is amazing...Once we were the greatest nation in the world, united in honor, freedom and faith!  Now we are split down the middle, with racism higher than in many a time, faith almost dead by most, disgusted with our government and do not believe in either party anymore, jobs are rare and good ones even more rare- yet illegals flood in and are handed OUR basic jobs, benefits and are wanted to stay for some outrageous reason?  They will always be parasites to this nation!  We are failing fast and no one has any idea what the heck to do about it all while there is a communist illegal person sitting where a real president should be who was allowed by fraud to sit there a second time, as insane as that is.......Our military are being demoralized and torn a part to become ineffective gays, anti-faith, muslim honoring who will not be able to fight against much of anything- so Ozero will bring in his own monster militia to run roughshod over us-- who will try to take our guns, all of our freedoms, rights and liberty!  My are we not just a real mess now??   WE HAVE GOT TO STAND UP AND SPEAK UP AGAINST THE TRASHING AND RUINATION OF AMERICA NOW...AND LOUDLY OR WE ARE GOING TO LOOSE OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR NATION AS WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWM HER TO BE!!!!!

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Then join us in Wash. for "Operation American Spring" May 16,2014 for more info go to Together we can send a loud message that WE THE PEOPLE want the removal of Obama ,Holder , Reid, Pelosi, Biden,  and Boehner !!!!  Time to take America back.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (just gone Feb. 8)

And everybody work to end voter fraud in their areas.  Nothing of substance will change in this country until Voter Integrity is returned to the nation's voting system.  See True the Vote for more information. 


1b) from - Feb. 7

Troy 18 hours ago
Evil succeeds when good people stand by and do nothing.Democrats are evil and there's no denying that. 2014 Americans all 80% of us will wipe out the communist lawless democrats 20% that are bullying the country.On behalf of our Country and Family's Americans everywhere will sacrafice our very lives and destroy the left. Democrats are over.

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  • kibitzer3 Troy a few seconds ago  [now Feb. 8]

  • Not unless the voter fraud scandal is cleaned up. Conservatives need to get involved in bringing Voter Integrity to their areas. That means the likes of voter ID laws, cleaning the registration lists of the dead and duplicates and illegal voters, etc. See True the Vote for more information.

(As for True the Vote:)

1c) from 'Woman Targeted by IRS Files Ethics Complaint Against Dem Congressman' - posted by Rick Wells - Feb. 8
  • "Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of True the Vote and the King Street Patriots is fired up. As she detailed before the House Oversight Committee Hearings on IRS abuse on Thursday, she’s tired of being targeted. She’s been in the cross-hairs of multiple governmental entities, including the IRS, OSHA, ATF and FBI as well as Congressman Elijah Cummings.
  • "Her return fire has now been directed at Rep Cummings, in the form of an ethics complaint.
  • "Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the same committee before which Engelbrecht was testifying, is accused of misrepresenting his authority and 'abuse of power…'”

  • kibitzer3 - Feb. 8
  • Catherine Engelbrecht must be doing something right, to earn the ire of this guy. and the "multiple governmental entities" listed.  Go, Catherine!
  • And thanks, Rick, for carrying this story.  It's an important one.  
  • i hope it's a sign that the Obama camp is feeling the heat, and knows that it and its arrogant, highhanded tactics are on the way out.    
  • We need more true patriots like Catherine, who are not afraid of carrying the battle to the enemy.  A solid sign that the tide is turning.

2) from 'Was Jay Leno Canned by NBC For Criticizing Obama?' - Feb. 7 - orig. posted on


Linda Semple Hendrix 5 hours ago
i believe he was not born in this country either. i can't understand why he hasn't been impeached and forced to leave office. so what if he is half black. what diff. does that make.?



  • kibitzer3 Linda Semple Hendrix 3 minutes ago (Feb. 8)

  • Linda Semple, conservatives really need to get clearer about this 'natural born citizen' matter. Being born in the country is only HALF of the birth requirement for a presidential candidate, to fulfill the NBC requirement for that office - and that federal office ONLY, it should be noted. The other half is to be born of two U.S. citizen parents. The point was - and still is, constitutionally speaking - for the person in that position not to have any CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. Like, oh, say: a DUAL CITIZEN.

  • The point was in PARTICULAR due to the fact that the person in the presidential office is also the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces. The constitutional Framers rightly did not want that person to have such conflicting loyalties/allegiances. So, no Dual Citizen is eligible for that position. And THAT'S why Obama is ineligible, and thus a Usurper. And why he needs to be removed from that office just asap. Before he does any more damage to the nation. 

  • The Republican Party is complicit in this crime, for not calling him on his ineligibility. Their reason in not doing so? I would say that it is obvious: They had their own candidates in mind for the future, who were likewise ineligible for that office (like Rubio and Cruz); and so their party officials did a quid pro quo deal with the Dem Party officials, not to say anything about their candidate if the Dems wouldn't say anything about theirs. This whole thing needs to go to court - a legitimate, independent-minded court. To say, under a judge who will stand by the Constitution; not any political affiliation. And the perps - on both sides of the political aisle - brought to justice. 

  • It is a scandal of major proportions. Personally, I don't believe either Party will survive the bloodletting. But that's justice for you. For, we will live by Truth. Or die by Deceit.

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