Saturday, 15 February 2014

Time For New Leadership

1) from Tea Party C.C.: 'MARK LEVIN - We need new leaders and a new Republican Party - 2/14/14' - Asst. Natl Dir Melony B. Deford - Feb. 14
Mark Levin iv by Fox News Neil Cavuto re: Republican Party cave on debt ceiling/spending cuts

Comment by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  (Feb. 14)

Absolutely spot on, Mark.  The future is in a Reagan-like camp: a party that can deliver the grassroots conservative/Tea Party AND 'Reagan Democrat' vote.  Both camps are for the same thing: love of country, small government off the backs of the Small Business/Main Street hardcore spine of America, traditional values (honestly, integrity; not 'situational ethics'), against the extremes of either party: Obama's socialists on the Left and the Chamber of Commerce's New World Order, 'go along to get along' crowd on the far Right, who are in it strictly for the money that can be made (trade pacts undercutting our sovereignty, etc.).  Both sides' treatment of federal spending in this country has been and is still criminal.  Out with the lot of them.  They are driving the country into ruin, short-sighted schmoes that they are. 

2a) orig. posted at 'Senator hopes to provide healthcare to immigrants lacking legal status' - Feb. 14 
'State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced legislation Friday that would allow immigrants without legal status to receive or buy health insurance through the state.'

a) Stan Stanfield1 at 10:47 PM February 14, 2014

Oh, I get it.  Because illegal aliens have been allowed to be domiciled here, they should be eligible for everything that citizens of the United States are.  Education (including college), health care, the purchase of guns; now driver's licenses…Why not the vote while we're at it? 

Oh; that's right.  That's on the agenda, too… 

More fool us.   


2b) (posted at Tea Party C.C.: 'CA State Senator hopes to provide healthcare to Illegal Aliens' - posted by Natl Dir Dee - Feb. 14.
"Healthcare for everyone should mean everyone," Lara said at a news conference Friday in Los Angeles "Only when we include everyone can we truly have a healthy California.") 

b) Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Feb. 14)

Got it.  So, 'Roll up, roll up' all you wannabe economic refugees in the world: California wants to give you illegal aliens - excuse me; 'undocumented workers' - excuse me; 'immigrants lacking legal status' all sorts of goodies.  To begin with, it was education for your kids; and food stamps, and other welfare goodies, for your entire family.  And then, just a short while ago it was the right to apply for a driver's license.  And now this.
Why not the vote, while we're at it?  (I live here.) 
Oh; that's right.  That's on the agenda, too,,,
More fool us.


..and to prove I'm not just a down-the-line, ideologically-blinkered right-winger:

from western 'California Wants To Slap Warning Labels All Over This Common Product' - Christopher Agee - Feb. 14
(The article was about warning labels in general and sugar and obesity in particular, in a 'radical leftists'-disparaging way.)

kibitzer2 says:

It’s not the sugar, State Sen. Monning. It’s the brominated vegetable oil (BVO) that they add, which causes morbid obesity. And yes, it should be on the labels (like GMOs), for people who have done their homework regarding such things to be aware of.

And if the BVO doesn’t get you, the aspartame will.

Folks, you just don’t understand what all the industry has been putting in our foodstuffs. You need to do your homework. A shame. But that’s ‘the bottom line’ for you. (Especially regarding obesity. icon_smile.gif )


I could say more about all this.  But you get the drift.

It's time - and almost past - for major change.

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