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A Tale Of Two Cities

First, a tale of a City of Satan.  Aka Sodom on the Potomac: Washington, D.C.  A city-state like its sinister sisters, the City of (within) London and the Vatican.  All, dedicated to the ignoble forces.

A little background, to get into my tale.

Many years ago - it must have been in 1975, judging by the timing of the incident; leading up to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the nation, dating from its Declaration of Independence1 - I came across a curious little story in the daily newspaper.  On whatever page it appeared - it was not a front-page story - it was a report on the conclusion of some specially convened body, that the nation could never be taken over, quote, ’because of the Constitution’.  What? I thought, upon reading this little throw-away article.  What’s this all about??  Who’s even thinking of such a thing???  I was to find out.  And in spades.

Actually, the timing of my awakening to such matters predated that little ‘notice’ by a bit.  But that item really woke me up to the matter.  The matter, that there were some very powerful people - in human terms - who, indeed, had a notion to ‘take over’ this country, as part of their desire for something they called a New World Order, to be run by them.  And these were not noble souls, on the side of the (true) Light, wishing to see the world become econo-socio-politico spiritually One, in concert with its Source.  They were simply arrogant ‘little’ - in terms of maturity - souls, lusting for Power Over the people of the world.  For their Dark-side ends.  

I went off soon after to the UK (specifically, to Scotland) to join a spiritual community, to concentrate on my personal progress, where I was far from the madding crowd for some 35 years (the precise truth of that interval in my life is a little more detailed than that, but this is sufficient for these purposes), and came back to my home country, and town, in 2012, when things had heated up on that takeover front, particularly with the advent of an illegal occupant of the Oval Office, and with the opposition party of record - the Republicans; noting the irony of their name - acquiescing in the matter.  ’Strangely,’ to someone who did not have eyes to see at the time.  Or to see the similar clue, as to what was really going on in the country, from a - relatively small, and rapidly disappeared - report that Marines at a base in Southern California had been asked, in some sort of cover questionnaire, if they would ever fire on American civilians.   Now what was that in aid of, some more Americans might have asked themselves.

But not so’s anyone particularly noticed.  With our attention drawn to the other hand…

And then, and speaking of things disappearing, let me move on, to current time, and the ‘little’ matter of a Supreme Court Justice ‘dying’ in curious, even mysterious circumstances.  I put the word ‘dying’ in quote marks, particularly because of something that I learned from my Philosophy 101 professor in my university days.  I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but certainly came to do so, as time, and the world, went on.  He said in class one day words to the effect that “We only really know what we personally experience”.2  I thought about that, while scribbling away in my notebook,3 and caught him after the class, and asked him about what he had said; using the analogy that I personally didn’t know that there were islands in the South Pacific, but I could reasonably believe it as being a fact, because a lot of people had been there, and seen them.  And his response was to nod, in a way that said, ‘Yes.  You could say that,’ and went on his way.  And I thought about his response, to say, the quality of it; and went on my way in life, and had my eyes opened to the reality of what he had said, as time, and my life - and Life on the planet - went on.4  

Cut to the business about indicating something questionable about Scalia’s ‘death’.  What do we actually know about that whole very curious situation??  Especially when it turns out that he had had a meeting with Obama (either in the Oval Office or on the tarmac at the airport; the specifics don’t matter to the essence of the matter) just before taking off for his weekend at that very out-of-the-way ranch in Texas, and Obama went off to the West Coast, for whatever dark mission he was on.5  Let me present a plausible scenario about that meeting.  Just a hypothetical, you understand; I mean no more about it than that.  But it makes sense; as well, given other information that there is available about Judge Scalia.  And including the fact that he was a key player in the recent Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to deny Obama a so-called Executive Order, on so-called Cap and Trade, that he, and his masters, very much wanted to go through the judicial process unscathed, for all the wealth and power that it would create for The Powers that Be behind the running of the planet.6  Hereinafter to be referred to as The Powers That Were; as the Truth, about a lot of things, outs   So, my little presentation on that meeting:

Judge Scalia comes into the presence of His (erstwhile) Royal Highness, who simply, and without a word, hands him a folder, in which, upon casual, unspoken direction, and opening it, he finds voluminous evidence of his penchant for pedophilia.  His (erstwhile) Royal Highness then speaks, for the first time in the meeting:

’Now, Tony, I don’t expect you to go out and hang yourself, or that we find that you have suicided yourself with two bullets to your head.  You need simply to disappear.  That is to say, more clearly: to be disappeared.  

‘It is all arranged.  Just follow directions  And oh - your family will be taken care of.

‘That’s all.’

And they both go off to their appointed tasks.  With the Judge supposedly being ‘discovered’ on his bed by his host for the weekend (a friend of Obama’s), and his ‘body’ being flown to an obliging source, for preparation for (a) burial, with no autopsy - Nothing to see here folks. Move right along - and the next thing we actually know is that a funeral is held - with a closed casket - and we then see a casket being carried out of the funeral ceremony site and down the front steps of the obliging Church used for the illusion.  And that’s it.  (Wipes one’s hands.)  Finished.  Done with.  And now, about that little matter of a vote on the Supreme Court, after His (erstwhile) Royal Highness has appointed a more obliging member of the SCOTUS… 

…and the also obliging Judge is flown off to wherever.  An island in the South Pacific, perhaps.  Where he may well even meet up with another ‘dead’ person - a media mogul by the name of Robert Maxwell ('Mossad Superspy'), who also met a strange - alleged - death.  And for whom there is no evidence of his actual burial, either.

Of these Men Who Die Twice.7  

N.B. It has also been surmised, by a person who was a rent-a-boy for these high-and-mighty pedophiles himself for many years, before he escaped their clutches, that Scalia was killed by one of his toy boys, with his throat cut, and thus the ‘cover’ story of a pillow over his head, to hide that fact from any accidental viewers before the body could be spirited away (so to speak).8  But that’s not how these people normally operate.

They are too enamored of the Illusion, to let a good opportunity go to waste. 

These artistes; thinking to take over the world, for the Dark side, starting with the linchpin to their vision, the United States of America.

I.  Think.  Not.

There is, of course, a lot else that could be said about Sodom on the Potomac.  Take the Vince Foster death. But you get the point.

And the other City, that I spoke of?

Coming up.

P.S.  And speaking of illusion, and Masters thereof: I encourage everybody to boycott Disney and its products.  Disney has illegally fired its American-citizen IT employees in order to bring in lower-wage visa workers - who are only supposed to be able to be hired if employers can't find suitable citizen employees - and in addition has had the unmitigated gall to force the fired American-citizen employees to train their visa replacements.
     This is all part of TPTB's New World Order shenanigans, wherein they want to bring down the U.S. into Third World status, and have everybody subject to their rule, in slave-labor conditions, in a form/state of feudalism.
     Don't give them the satisfaction.  Be a sovereign in your own right - 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main', of our mutual Source.

P.S. And lay that Disney move at the feet of - guess who: Marco Rubio.  The pet poodle of the corporate world, in this run for the gold in it.    


1  That was in 1776, for those of you who have grown up under the New Education Regime in this country, of little to no real information about its origins, except as furthers the agenda of your erstwhile Keepers.

2 And even that is subject to question; looks subject to being deceptive, and all.
     See, e.g., the Boston Marathon Bombing 'drill'.  And the Sandy Hook Hoax 'exercise' (each announced as such).  And so forth.  Frauds, concocted for the screens of our senses, subject to deception and manipulation.  Especially by masters of the subject.  Like filmmakers.  And the intelligence-agency likes of Mossad' whose motto is By Way of Deception We Shall Wage War.

3 I was an avid notetaker in college; to the point where I was asked more than once by less avid students if they could look at my notes before tests.  I had it all there.  Well, most of it.  At least the gist of it.
   I was not in school to waste my time.  I was there to learn things; to learn as much as I could.  And also, to learn discernment.  To say: to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. 
   Ah, how I wish more students in this day and age were there for the same reason……

4 And how do we know really that the world is round?  Yes, there are globes in every classroom in the world.  But did you know that there has never - never - been a photo of the planet taken whole from space?  Not really??  That all the shots (not, note, ‘photos’) of the planet that we have seen have been mockups.
   Artist’s renditions.
   Pieces put together, to add up to…
   something that we have seen with our own eyes; yes.  And yet…and yet………
   Ah, Hollywood.  The masters of Illusion.  How well we have been conditioned, to believe whatever we are given to see, and believe in………   
   but I digress.
   Sort of.

5 'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: This case is very simple.  It is not rocket science.  I have shown you the evidence for the definition of the term, a ’natural born’ citizen, from the historical record, that the constitutional Framers used in codifying that particular eligibility requirement in their constitutional contract for that particular office, and have explained clearly, from that same record, why they did so: the definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen being a person born in the country, or its legal equivalent, of parents who were citizens thereof at the time of the person’s birth, and with especial regard to the father, from whom nationality descended, legalistically speaking.  And thus, that the current occupant of that office is a Usurper.  
   'The only way that you can rule otherwise is if you buy into the fiction that the Constitution is, quote, ‘a living document,’ and is subject to whatever interpretations that the judicial system put on it at any given time; leaving the American people under, not the rule of law, but the rule of men.  Another word for which is arbitrary law.  Another word for which is is tyranny.  Despotic rule.  As we have seen, and in spades, from the example of the current illegal occupant of that thus-dishonored office.
   'You can, really, reach only one legitimate conclusion in this matter.  That is, that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama - and I say ‘calls himself’ advisedly, because we have seen no proof of his true birth certificate, only a proven fraudulent document that he posted on the official White House web site, to mislead the American people about his origin - that this man is a phony.  A fake.  A fraud.  Who has perjured himself, and is thus additionally constitutionally ineligible for the office that he fraudulently occupies.  And you must find him guilty as charged.  Or this nation has run its course, and is finished.  Over, and done with.  Let alone as a shining city on a hill.  And we are deep into despotism.  And it will be at your hands; and on your heads.
   'I rest my case.'

6 The Cabal - as they have also been known as - have wanted to make energy the basis for a money system, whereby the people of the planet will be charged for the amount of energy they consume, and as well, for the ‘pollutant’ that they create in the form of carbon dioxide.  Never mind that CO2 is exceedingly important to the growth of vegetation and other plants on the planet, in the Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide cycle.  TPTB seized on it many years ago as a way to control humanity, and, ultimately, by culling us humans.  
   By any means necessary.  And that means, including putting toxins in our water supply, and the air we breathe, via chemtrails, and in the vaccines that they increasingly mandate for us, and by mind-control technology that has also a killing aspect to it; and so on.  And on  And on.  In the dark litany of atrocious techniques that they have devised, to rule over us, who are like cattle to them.  To feed off us, as long as we are useful to them.  And then to discard us. 
   Whereas, it will be them who will be discarded.  If they don’t wake up; realize, some of them, that they are being used; and come over to the true Light.
   Not the ersatz Light of their erstwhile Master, known as Lucifer.  The wayward Son, of The Most High.  Who, most probably, will never ‘give in’ to the Path - to the Truth that we are on a Path; not in/at a destination.  And will have to receive his just reward accordingly.
   Along with his minions.
   As I have said many times, in these pages, to you, dear Readers; and say to humanity at large:
   Your choice.

7 Maxwell - actual name Jan Ludvik Hoch - most probably having already met his Maker - or not - by now; his convenient death (he was under huge financial pressure at the time) happening in 1991.  Born in mid-1923, he would have been almost 93 by now.
   A murky life indeed  Worth checking out.  if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
   To say: Of what has been going on in the world.  And at whose hands.

   The factoid about Obama meeting with Scalia before they both took off for their respective weekend 'trysts' is from, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor.  There are different stories out there, about whether they met in the White House - as Duff tells it - or on the tarmac, as someone else has it.  As I say: unimportant detail.
     Sometimes, details are NOT important. And sometimes, they are CRUCIALLY important.  As in the original-intent definition of a 'natural born 'citizen... 

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