Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's Elementary

It’s Elementary

‘Alright, you’ve convinced me.  According to the historical record of facts - as you say, and have pointed out irrefutably - to be a ‘natural born’ citizen requires at the very least your father to have been a citizen of the country.  That’s axiomatic, as ‘they’ say.  And therefore, neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible for the office of the president.’

‘Good.  You’ve taken two steps in the logical process in this matter: recognition of the basic fact, and beginning to look at the consequences thereof.  And then…’

‘And then…’


‘And therefore……neither is Obama.’

‘Very good.  We’re getting there.  And that means…’

‘And that means…that he needs simply to be removed from the office.   No impeachment process needed.  Because he is not a legally sitting president.’

‘Good!  Very good.  And then…’

‘And then…’

’That means…’

‘That means, that…we have a constitutional crisis on our hands.’

‘Indeed.  And that means a number of other steps in the logical process that need to take place.  Among them - ‘

‘Hold it.  That also means that we will have chaos in the country.  A period of unrest, instability.  Violence.  Civil war.’

‘Not necessarily.’

‘…Why not?’




it’s time.’

’Time.  Time for…’


’Truth.  Of…’

‘Of things in particular.  And in general.  Which latter category includes the fact that

‘it’s wrap-up time.  On this level.  Because…’

‘ - Uh - because…


is.    -  Oh.  I get it:  

‘By its very nature.’  

‘Head of the class, Friend.  Head of the class.’


And For The Record...

from ‘Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark END of the U.S. Constitution’ - Breitbart - February 14 (orig. posted at Breitbart - Ben Shapiro - February 13) 
(A good take on the matter from Shapiro.)


Replace Scailia now, before its too late.
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I think we can WAIT until we have a LEGAL President!
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Frank Brown... Since so many here who love the Constitution so dearly... you should read Article II, Section 1. It provides for four-year terms for a president, not three... So Obama has every right to appoint a SCOTUS justice to replace Scalia... wouldn't you know it... the Constitution requires this of the president....
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Poot Gibson: You miss Frank Brown's point. Obama is an illegally sitting president, for not being a 'natural born' citizen; which was defined at the time as a person born of citizen parents - and ESPECIALLY of the father, since citizenship descended legalistically from the father. And this eligibility requirement has never been changed in the only way that it could be legally: by a constitutional amendment.

Actually, both main political parties of our day tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get such an amendment (i.e., including this common-denominator factor) going through Congress - and failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this specific issue. So, what did they end up doing? They have tried to do an end-around of the Constitution on the issue, banking on their control between them of both the MSM and the judicial branch. But, guess what: Truth is still truth. And it will still out.

And certainly needs so now.

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