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When The Going Gets Tough...

from ‘Most Offensive Moment In GOP Debate History’ - posted by Harry Riley - February 17 (orig. posted by J.B. Williams - - February 17) 
(J.B. takes both Cruz and Rubio to task for extolling Judge Scalia at the last GOP debate for being a strong ‘originalist’ constitutional justice, when neither of them is eligible for the office of POTUS based on that very position.) 

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Amen, JB.  Thank you for telling it like it is.

Reply by Patriot Vet 15 minutes ago

Great post, Harry. J.B. Williams tells it like the truth it is without hesitation, as usual. However, I am still not understanding how it is that the two freshman senators are being allowed to continue their quest for the loft they are not legally endowed to perch upon. We all know that Obama was given permission by illegal means to do so but that in no way should be a substantiated reason for anyone else to even think they are legally enabled to follow suit. And the fact Rubio lacked the honor and decency  to acknowledge the passing of the greatest supporter of the Constitution, exposes the true color of the clown who would like nothing better that to follow in the footsteps of the Prince of Fools who is currently usurping the lofty perch he has no legal claim to rest upon. If it is the desire of the RNC to allow this charade to continue it will further divide the ranks and guarantee a Democratic victory. The truth needs to be told and enforced so there is not a single doubt in the minds of the voters as to the legitimacy of the two fraudsters in the fray. Again, thanks for the post, Harry.    

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You said it yourself: They're setting a precedent---Obama did just that---Now, anyone can become POTUS. He set the example. In my humble opinion, a fixed election both times to allow Barry Soreto to ring in the New World Order that started with H.W.

Anybody, prove to me I am wrong

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Mary, You are clarifying precisely why We the People, with the help of Oath keepers, current and retired, need to take our country back, from those who are poised to hijack it from us.  All based on the nonsense idea that 'precedent' could ever trump 'original intent'.

The only thing that trumps 'original intent' is a constitutional amendment.  Absent that, the erstwhile hijackers have no legitimate leg to stand on.  I suppose the best thing that we patriots can do, for now, is be sure to call anybody on this issue who is either intending to deceive the public on the matter, or is blind to the reality of it.  Either way, SET THEM RIGHT.  Over and over again.  Never give up.  Truth is Truth.  Period.  Rub their noses in it if you have to.  But do not ever deny Truth.  Or you jeopardize your own soul's spiritual progression as well as those do so who are choosing a downward path.


And putting my money where my mouth is, and only so to speak: herewith my latest salvo in this regard.  To Michael Steele, former Republican National Committee Chairman, now honcho of the Republican Victory Fund (VIGOP); on the occasion of their latest attempt to squeeze some more donation money out of me:

"Dear Michael,

"The only way "to dismantle the Obama presidency" properly is at its root: by recognizing that he is in that office illegally, for not being a 'natural born' citizen.*  Thus, with simply his arrest (no impeachment process necessary, for an illegally sitting president), all of his actions while in that position go with him: into the trash bin.  Otherwise, they would stay, even if he were no longer there.

"Also, if his presidency were allowed to stand (illegally), it would set a precedent for other ineligible candidates to run for, and sit in, that office.  Thus, making of the Constitution a dead letter - simply an anachronism, in the Brave New World of the rule, rather than of law, but of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Aka tyranny.

"The Republican Party wouldn't be advocating that outcome, would it?  Surely not.  What with its very name, and all...

* see, e.g.:;"


And then there is the likes of the article in the current issue of Judicial Watch's monthly newsletter 'Verdict,' under the title 'JW Seeks Records About Obama's Citizenship Push For Immigrants' (subtitled: 'Administration withholding documents on 'New Americans' election-year citizenship push'), which says, in part:

"Immigration Services reportedly has reallocated vast resources away from its 'Electronic Immigration System,' which is used to facilitate national security and criminal background checks, into a campaign of letters to all nine million permanent-resident aliens urging them to become citizens before the 2016 election.  The Obama administration push includes federal funding for leftist groups that advocate for illegal aliens and amnesty...

"Despite the mass release of criminal aliens by the administration and other immigration non-enforcement violations and failures, the Obama administration reportedly is expanding the quick-time naturalization effort.  

" reports:

   'Naturalization plus mobilization is the explicit aim of the DHS "Task Force on 
   New Americans."

   'Multiple sources at DHS confirm that political appointees are prioritizing nat-
   ruralization ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

   'Empirical voting patterns among immigrants from minority communities demon-
    strate that these new voters will overwhelmingly vote for Democratic candidates...'

"According to

   'The plan will target 8-12 million legal immigrants...An inspector general's report
   found numerous memos showing the White House urged the INS to
   approve, approve, approve [citizenship applications] for political reasons, dis-
   regarding policies and protocols designed to keep out immigrants who did not 
   qualify for citizenship.'

"A November 27, 2015 NewYork Times article confirmed the rush to create new voters:

   'In addition to supporting registration drives, the government appears to have
   sped up the processing time for applications in New York City...'

"'The Obama administration is violating the law to cover up its plans to use tax money to rush through citizenship for millions of legal and illegal aliens just in time for the 2016 elections,' said Judicial Watch President Tom Litton.  'The Obama administration is importing voters and granting unilateral amnesty to help win elections at the expense of the safety and security of American citizens.'"

1) Indeed, Tom.

2) This is all speaking to the same business of the Obama administration's considering the likes of 'patriots' to be 'potential domestic terrorists...domestic extremists...' on the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security's lists to be incarcerated in FEMA 're-education camps' - at best - when the shit hits the fan.

As it is building up to doing so as we speak.  For there is plenty of shit going on these pre-New World Order days.

Time to be shoveled away, by the likes of 'patriots'.   

Speaking of shovel-ready jobs.......

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