Wednesday, 10 February 2016

On Refusing To Hold My Nose...

...And Other Signs Of The Times

An outfit called Concerned Veterans for America has just asked me, via snail mail, to sign a letter to 'President' Obama "requesting" him to support something called the VA Accountability Act of 2015 (and the previously-passed Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014), reprimanding the VA for its disgraceful treatment of Veterans and attempting to redress the grievance.  This, on the same day that my emails have a couple of reports of how Obama is slashing the budget for the VA, AND adding even more than that figure (in the millions) to a payout for Syrian 'refugees'.   My response to Jae Pak, COO of the CVA:

'Dear Jae,

'I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to signing a letter to 'President' Obama, even in support of such a worthy cause.  He is not my, or our, president.   He is a Usurper - for not being a 'natural born' citizen* - & should be removed from that thus-dishonored office, by Oath keepers, & held for trial on a whole host of charges by now, including treason.  Not beseeched, or "requested" to do anything.

* see, e.g.:

'P.S. I am sending you a little something - regardless - for your worthy cause, and for the well-rendered litho.
     'A fitting tribute, to real Americans.'


What was the litho?

A commissioned rendering of the iconic photo of 'Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima'.

And I wonder how many of our youth even know about that......

...and in the same vein:

from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: ‘BIG United Nations Secret They Don’t Want Out, But Has Just Been Leaked!’ - February 10
(The site’s owner Jean Haines posting a video of Lisa Haven who has done research on the extensive no. of Muslin countries which are the most highly represented in the UN’s Peacekeeping forces.  The posters to this item didn’t get why Lisa was making a big deal of that fact, and why she ended her video presentation by noting that the Obama admin has asked seed & food-storage companies to inventory their food stocks for the government.)

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

I don’t know what the problem is for some of the posters here. Perhaps they don’t know about the UN’s Strong Cities Network, which Obama’s AG has signed the U.S. up for. Long story short: It enables the UN to come directly into the U.S. and put down ‘domestic terrorists’. Which in the Obama admin’s lexicon includes the likes of: Patriots, Second Amendment supporters, Constitutionalists, anti-government activists (read more accurately: anti-Obama-regime activists), and – oh yes: Christians. Got it?

And so she is warning her public to get ready for a potential attempt at takeover, by means of such as a possible EMP (false flag) attack, and oh, say, the likes of UN forces appearing in our country. Curious, that last one, in the light of the sinister forces having appeared up in the southeast of Oregon, and putting up roadblocks even against ranchers trying to get to their ranches. And not identifying themselves as either FBI or BLM.

Got it yet???


I feel the need to engage in a little clear truth-telling here.  It comes as well with having read  today an article about how 2,000 Yazidi women, a sect primarily of northern Iraq, who had been sex-slave captives of ISIS, escaped, and have formed an army to 'engage' their former captives.  Who, being Islamic jihadists, want to 'purify' Iraq of all non-Muslims.  Their Holy Book telling them to do terrible things to non-Muslims, especially apostates.  And it is this same spirit that such Muslims are bringing in to this country, under the aegis of their Dear Leader, Barry 'Barack' Soetoro Obama - or whatever his real name is, since we haven't seen a real birth certificate from him.

Another issue.  I'll stay with the original one here, of a militant religion, which is more political system then religion; but a religion, nevertheless.  Totalitarian government under the cover of a religion.

Which needs to be rolled back, like Charles Martel did in Europe, against the invading Muslim hordes of his day.

So, I am anti-Muslim, and anti-Shariah law.  Because I am anti-totalitarianism.  The Usurper's take on that religion to the contrary notwithstanding.

Now.  Am I a Christian?

No.  And it is time to move beyond the duality level - to say, the level of Drama; of stories; of karma, in The Play in the (illusory) Theatre of Life - of such as religions and embrace the unity level of Truth anyway.  But I will defend to the death the right of a person, or people, to be of whatever religious persuasion that they choose to be, if any.  As long as the tenets of their religion stop at the noses of other people.

And this is all, as well, why I am against this business of 'multiculturalism' going on.  Which is a cover, manipulated by culture-wreckers, to try to bring down the current, established  order of things, in a devious and forcible way.  In this country, mostly wielded by Jews; and among them, mostly wielded by Zionist Jews.  Who are trying to bring about a New World Order, governed by them.  Who are mostly not true Jews, either, rather, are Khazarian Jews - a quarrelsome Turkic people converted by their king centuries ago.  (Probably because that religion fit his, and their, grandiose schemes rather well; a Chosen People, and all that jazz.)

All of which is another story, too.  For now, I'll just say, to such people:

It ain't going to happen, you members of such a Tribe.

There are larger things going on, than your best-laid schemes; which we are about to get to.

And just in time, it would appear.

On many fronts.  Of the battle.  Between the Dark.

And the Light.  The



Which you WILL NOT pass.

Until you see it.

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