Tuesday, 9 February 2016

On Getting Short-fused

A blogger telling it like it is for him.  And after i posted this response last night/early this morning, I came across a report of a particularly reprehensible activity by young male 'refugees' in European countries, with an Arabic name to it, whereby they gang-rape Western women, in an alarmingly organized fashion.  As if this couldn't have been seen coming, by TPTB who orchestrated this invasion of Europe - and this country - not by legitimate refugees (who should simply have been sent to refugee camps in neighboring countries to theirs anyway, until things settled down in their own countries) but by an invading army of military-aged men, to be the shock troops for TPTB's attempted takeover of Western civilization, and our submergence, sans our Western individual rights and 'people power,' into their viciously draconian New World Order.  I am, more and more, sharing this blogger's frustration, with the lead-up, hopefully, to  positive Change; since the Dark side doesn't have much further to go to have gone just far enough, to trigger its equal and opposite reaction......

from universalfreepress.com: ‘Will Someone Please Tell Me Why Barack Hussein Obama Is Still President’ - Richard Anthony - February 8
(A call for “armed insurrection”.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 9)

Thank you, Richard, for your cogent take on this pressing matter. I totally sympathize. Unfortunately, the Usurper would just use such a march as an excuse to declare martial law, and that would be the end of the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. right there.

I would support such a march sans the weapons. Leave the weaponry to the Oath keepers, current and retired. They will know when to use them, and where, and how, and if needed, after such a graphic portrayal of the feelings of The People en masse.

The New World Order crowd, on both sides of the aisle, would love nothing better than that patriots give the Usurper the excuse that he dearly wants, to pull the plug on the Republic. Don't give him that excuse. Make him - and them - come up with it. That way, the onus is clearly on therm. But please, keep putting out your dissatisfaction. More will flock to such a clear call, as things heat up this year. And especially with the Jade Helm 16 Exercise coming up. 'Unconventional Warfare' they're calling it. Sounds like preparation for civil war to me...

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