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On Never Giving In...

...To The Trashing Of The Truth Of A Matter

further from ‘PROOF: Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to serve as President/Commander-in-Chief “The End of the American Presidency by JB Williams…” (Second outing)’ - posted by Harry Riley - February 18

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I hear you Rooster.........I'm in a battle with it 10th Amendment or NBC; is it 2nd Amendment 1st Amendment...on and on........

The truth is we must elect someone that will abide by the complete US Constitution and enforce it with reckless abandon.

We know what the establishment has done.......they are destroying the US Constitution so do we allow them to continue without a fight?

No, no, no............Trump is not one is ideal, but Trump offers a definite departure from the "status quo" establishment......

I have come to the conclusion I will go Trump and do it with gusto........

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If Ben Carson had picked up his game, I believe he would still be in heads up competition with Donald Trump. I believe Carson would have made a great President for the most part, but the thing he lacked, and I believe the reason he slid in the polls, is the fact that the does not have that bulldog instinct one really needs to run a Nation effectively. I liked him on the issues, I liked that he is a Brilliant man, I like that he has been on both sides of the tracks. He has come from the depths of the ghettos, to the worlds leading neurosurgeon, he is well read, and brain wise, and could have been what we needed. He is devoutly Religious Christian, which in my books gives him a big plus over the rest of the field. I liked his stance on most of the issues, he has a speak, similar to Nobamas, in that he is a great orator, without the need of teleprompters. All of his speeches come from his mind, he doesn’t even use notes for them. He did lack the heat and enthusiasm his speeches needed. He is not a Politician, and is beholdin to no one. The big strike against him, is the fact that he is calm, and calculating, but does not have, I believe, the type of survival instincts we need in our Leader.

Donald Trump, is a street wise brawler type, which is good when it comes to dealing with our enemies. He shoots from the hip, and has made fortunes, running businesses, through re-organizations of many bankrupt companies, which went on to be most profitable. He is not afraid of a fight, and knows many, many people of influence, and those of other Governments, and is strategic in his dealings. I am not sure of his Christian background, but I am sure of Nobamas, so I see this as not a problem comparatively. I do not believe he is a atheist. He has run him companies with respect for the employees, who praise him as a employer, yet strong enough to keep them prominent in the Business world. He stands well on most of the issues in which I am most concerned, and he will listen to advice, which tells me he would take every possible advantage of those who are expert advisors, the very best, in their own fields of accomplishment. He too has advisors, to which he goes, when he needs a special type of advice.

Henry Ford, in a meeting once, was told that he was not a engineer, and could not succeed in the automobile industry. His quick polite answer was, this is a truth of which I cannot deny, but, I can open that door and within 5 minutes, have in this meeting my staff, which contains 5 of the very best engineers, designers, and specialists. I do not need that knowledge, personally.

As far as Cruz, and Rubio, I am full to the hairline, of the arguments, opinions, and beliefs of the masses, especially those in this forum. I believe we have some great minds on this site, but I hate to see them dragged into the quagmire of debate about eligibility, or ineligibility of either of them. The fact of the matter is, it will not matter what any of us believe or think, concerning their legality. When the final bell rings, it will be que sera, sera, what will be will be, with the two of them. We will not have the final say, and our arguments on the subject serve no purpose, except to cause dissention, and anger between ourselves, on a matter over which we will have no control of the final outcome. I personally do not care for either of them, but then, this is only my opinion. They are both Politicians, and in the end, must follow the demands of their overlords. All Politicians who take that seat, find out quite quickly who their bosses truly are.

I say, back whomever you feel best suited to be our leader. Stop the debates, and be reasonable, and cordial in your views. There is no need for temper flares between ourselves. When the final bell rings, it will be then a choice of either a Democrat, or a Conservative/Republican, on whom we will have to place our votes. I believe the choice is plain here, since we are a Conservative site, of like minds.

When the final candidate is decided, and put on the ticket, that is the one we must all push for, and make sure we are represented in the Whitehouse. We must all, at that point, make a 100% showing at the polls, make sure our friends and families do the same, use our designated, and honored voting privilege. so that it does not play out as it has over the last 2 elections. The Democrats show in record numbers to the polls, and only about 40-50 percent of Republicans honor their duly.

It will be then, the ones who want it the most, who will win the seat. We cannot sit home, watch the results, and hope the rest do our jobs for us. Any who do that, can only blame themselves, if the outcome is negative to our wishes.

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A nail dead in the bulls-eye FF.................

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ff, you are being very shortsighted.  If conservatives let the matter of the ineligibility of Cruz and Rubio go, for the sake of expediency, they have lost the battle, and the nation-wreckers win; for the Constitution will, then, be a dead letter, nothing but the "damn piece of paper" that Dubya looked on it as, and we will no longer be under the rule of law in this country, but the rule of men.  A/k/a arbitrary law.  A/k/a tyranny.  

It really is not the rocket science that our enemies are trying to make it out to be.  A 'natural born' citizen is a person born in the country (or its equivalent) of citizen parents thereof - and especially of the father, from whom nationality descends legalistically speaking.  That was the definition of the term that the constitutional Framers were going by (for which there is ample historical evidence); that is the eligibility requirement for that particular office (and, by subsequent constitutional amendment, also the office of VP), regardless of any subsequent Acts or Resolutions of Congress or whatever.  The only thing that trumps 'original intent' is an amendment.  Or the federal constitutional republic of the U.S. of A. is finished.  Wake up, Conservatives!  You are selling out our nation if you don't.

Just what the New World Order crowd want you to do.


Further Comment No. 1.  Sent a note back this evening to the Exec. Director of 'Make DC Listen,' a self-claimed staunch-conservative Ted Cruz PAC (who solicited me for a donation under 3 different names, hence mailing lists; and who had the gall in his letter to refer to "a Cruz Conservative" as standing for, among other fine items/qualities: "Preserving liberty and the Constitution") (my emphasis):

"Dear John,

"Ted was not born in the country of citizen parents thereof at the time of his birth.  He is therefore not a 'natural born' citizen, as the term was defined at the time it was put in the constitutional contract as an eligibility requirement for that office.*  Hence, he is not eligible for it.  Hence, you are wasting your, and our, time.

"Please do the right thing, & admit it.  & get Cruz to admit  it.  & therefore, help bring down the Usurper in the office now.  But whatever you do, stop trying to make 2 wrongs make a right.

P.S. Take me off your mailing list.  All 3 places.  (see attached)

* de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Chap. XIX, Sect. 212."


Further Comment No. 2.  I am really getting short about this whole thing.  Exacerbated by receiving in today's mail as well my latest copy of The New American bi-weekly magazine, which is all about 'The War on the West' - the decades-long attempt by the various federal governments over these last few decades to drive farmers, ranchers and landholders off the land, in furtherance of the Agenda 21 plan to coop The People up in cities, the better to keep them under control - I mean, the better to 'preserve the land,' we are told and too many of our children sold on.  (As I scrawled angrily on the bottom of one of the pages of one of the outrageous articles: 'American patriots need to take their Climate Change & Agenda 21-brainwashed children out behind the proverbial barn & give them a good, er, talking to.')

I'm being too hard on the poor kids?  Obama & Co. are just trying to do what's right for the environment??  Tell that to the likes of Wyoming family-farm owner Andy Johnson, who has been fined $20 million - $20 million! - by the EPA for creating a stock-watering pond "by building a dam across an intermittent stream on his property...with no connection to any navigable water," which, if it had, might have made some sense under the plain terms of the Clean Water Act.

'Well, a court will see things their way' you say?  A fat lot of good that hope did to Nevada rancher Wayne Hage and his wife, who both died before they could get a redress of their grievance in the court system against the federal government for waging war on them.  For years.  Trying to drive him off his land.

Because that is the agenda of the New World Order crowd.  Stack'em and pack'em in the cities.  Damn fool idgits. us.  Don't we know that there is a war going on?  That the United States must be brought to its knees - made to suffer for its citizenry living so high on the hog while the rest of the world suffers in poverty, and has had to watch while White America strips them of their resources - and made to become 'a good world citizen' of the UN Controllers...Which is why Obama's AG, Loretta Lynch, has lined UN troops up to come into cities in the U.S., under the cloak of a UN initiative called the 'Strong Cities Network,' to keep order while we are forcibly made to be brought to heel under the Usurper and his minions, and his masters.  And under the likes of the Jesuit Pope, who sees only what he wants to see at the nation's southern border: a barrier (such as it is) to the teeming masses of Central and South America (and, of course, elsewhere), who deserve some of that good American affluent living.  And would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs in the process...

Do I believe that things should stay the way they are, with 'the 1%' living very high on the hog while the rest of humanity peeps from behind and between their legs, looking for scraps from their table?  No.  The whole system needs to go.  But the right way, folks.  

The Right Way.

Which is not Man's Way.

P.S. Years ago I worked for a year for an NGO called Planetary Citizens, in a project to help seed the concept-idea into the human mind of 'Thinking Globally, Acting Locally,' and thus taking more responsibility for our actions on the living planet Gaia.  But I can assure you, that we weren't doing that so that the New World Order Crowd could try to hijack the idea, and use it to fulfill their ambitions.  Their ambitions, of global control, in a totalitarian way.

There is - as I say -

a Better Way.

And we need to be about it.

And rather quickly.  With the Dark side of things - in a realm of Duality - beginning to take over.  Thus requiring the tough to get going.

In earnest, now.

P.S. About this 'realm of Duality' business.  My take on things:
     We need to cut the Dark forces some slack, because many of them are just playing parts, in The Drama of life in 3D; designed to 'catch our consciences,' and help us grow thereby, through the choices that we make via the exercise of our free will.  And so, when The Play is called, many of them will come to realize that that is all that they have been doing - playing a part - and will revert easily to alignment with the Light, and The Plan.  But others, both because they have become too enraptured with the Dark side, or because they are by their self-developed nature very Dark entities to start with, won't so readily leave that Side.  I would wish these souls to understand that we are all the offspring of God, a, and b, of the One God, in whom we all live and move and have our being.  But we who are ready to progress in consciousness to higher levels than can be contained in this 3D hologram will not be held back by laggards in the consciousness-raising stakes.
     And one of the key issues therein is that souls cannot progress in consciousness who do not live by Truth.  So, to a lot of people - on both sides of the 'Play' going on - I say:
     Make up your mind.
     And you need to be quick about it.  Because
     it's that time.

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