Saturday, 27 February 2016

On Yeasting The Dough

I have recently alluded to having incarnated from higher realms at this time in order to help humanity out - and I say 'out' advisedly - at this key time in its history.*  I really should have taken the time and space at that point to add the detail that many other souls have done the same as well.  This is a collective effort; more advanced souls, on The Path, acting as leaven to and in the loaf being baked.  And getting it to rise to the occasion.

The occasion, of its moving out of one Age into another.  One closer to its fullest potential.  As a participant in the maturing, not only of its own race of incarnate souls.  But of the larger collective of which we Humans are a part.

Here in this sector of this galaxy.  Wherever that may be, precisely, in the larger scheme of things.   For, this universe is but part of a larger - very much larger - whole.

Ultimately, to the 'whole' of

The All That Is.

Going UP.

Ready, individually.

Or not.

May you be part of the maturing process.

And not be among those sorry souls left behind, at this particular harvest, and Harvest Celebration, time.

For, that is where we are.

As I say: wherever, precisely, that is.

And you are, in It.


*  'Transformative" indeed.  Just not the way Dark-force types, like the Usurper in the Oval Office, who are all about Power Over (Others), would have it be.

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