Wednesday, 24 February 2016

'The Dance Is Done. The Truth Is Known.'

Building on Steve Beckow's words, which I quoted at the bottom of my last blog:

Today I received and have replied to a mailing from one of the Tea Party groups - this one called the Tea Party Campaign - whose covering letter pointed out how serious matters are getting in this country, and to which I made a response.  First, on the seriousness - crucial stage - of the matter; this, from said letter, by Ryan Riekena, Project Chairman of this particular campaign:

"Dear Friend,

"Anyone who still doubts that Barack Obama has evil intentions for our United States of America had better start paying attention.

"Because the evidence is now overwhelming.  [emphasis in original]

"Not only has he secretly given himself Martial Law powers over our entire nation -- powers that he can invoke any time he likes...

"...but now he has also run a live test, right under our very noses -- code-named Jade Helm -- showing exactly how his Martial Law implementation would look...

"...and how he will use his Martial Law powers to:

"* Override our freedom
"* Confiscate our guns
"* Arrest political dissenters (us conservatives)
"* Detain those who disagree with him
"* Appropriate our money
"* Shut down disfavored businesses
"* Hijack our United States Constitution
"* Commandeer our vehicles
"* And pretty much anything else he desires..."

At the end of the enclosed 'Emergency National Survey On Jade Helm And Obama's Unconstitutional Martial Law Power Grab,' he/they allowed space for 'Personal comment'.  Mine:

"Anybody who can read plain English should have known that BO was not eligible for the office from the beginning, for not being a 'natural born' citizen.  But better late than never, to get him out of there."

To go on here from there:

'Otherwise, you are operating under the rule of men.  A/k/a arbitrary law.  Such a law is whatever you say it is at any given moment.  It's like playing tennis with the net down.  The net - the Constitution - catches erroneous, illegal hits.  Keeps the game honest.'

However, the 'game' - The Play - is over now, anyway.  And that's why I'm here, now.

This I believe:

I have come down, from the Seventh Heaven (at the least), to police you people up, and lead you, with the help of dedicated Lightworkers, into your Golden Age.  But first: To set things right.

May that process now begin in earnest.  Before 'error' makes a right mess of things, for having gone -  having been allowed to go - too far.

It -  to say, the Dark side, of/in a realm of duality, polarity; seeming separation - has had a role to play in the unfolding of consciousness on this planet.  But the time has come, for a wrap.

As I say:

This I believe.

And I have been feeling recently - an inner nudge - that I need to acknowledge that feeling.  Say it, in so many words.

So be it.


Because, you see:

The Truth needs to be known.

On all levels.

Not hidden, under the likes of a bushel basket.

But declared.

Loud.  And clear.

As, say, in declaring the illegality of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to hold that thus-purloined office.

And as in declaring that

I will take over now.

And be willing to stand behind that declaration.

Sort of a

Declaration of Independence

from any form of tyranny over the mind of Man.

And I don't expect a lot of you to know where that expression came from.  Because you have been dumbed down.  On such matters.

For long enough.


The Dance is now Done.  The Truth is now Known.

And let's be further about our Father/Mother God's business.

And, thereby,

get back on track.  On

The Way.

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