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On The Meaning Of Things

A late entry for today:

from ’Nation In Crisis - No Leadership And Now Scalia Dead’ - R.L. Grimes

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 13)

All the more reason now that we must not, cannot wait for a hypothetical election in November, with the Usurper poised to declare martial law at his whim, or orchestrated Event; that Oath keepers, both current and retired, must rise to this crucial occasion and arrest said Usurper, with true patriots having their backs, and as One, leaving behind for now our divisiveness over the questions, as serious as they are, regarding the eligibilities of either Cruz or Rubio for the office of the POTUS, in light of the more pressing need to take care of First things First.

But not to forget: Two wrongs don't make a right, Conservative supporters of either Cruz or Rubio. If you insist on continuing with your erroneous take on the natural born citizen matter - i.e., conveniently overlooking the fact that citizenship follows that of the father - you will be consigning the Constitution to being nothing but a dead letter, with no meaning but what current-time judges give it. That would be a signal for disaster; for the unmistakable rise of the rule of men in the country. A/k/a arbitrary law. A/k/a tyranny. Present example being a perfect example.


As for the question of the original-intent meaning of the term, 'natural born citizen':

Further inquiry on my part has led me to find out that de Vattel, of 'The Law of Nations' fame, indeed did define the term as those "born in the country of parents who are citizens"  - 

BUT - 

later on in his definitive treatise on the subject, ALSO included in its definition those born of citizens even if born in a foreign country.  'Natural,' then, even though seemingly logically relating to both 'of the parents' - jus sanguinis - and 'of the soil' -  jus soli - technically speaking relates simply to the citizenry of the parents.*  However, the essence of the matter remains the same, for Obama, Cruz, and Rubio; to wit: they are not 'natural born' citizens of the U.S., because their FATHERS were not citizens of the U.S.  Citizenship is a matter legalistically speaking of patriarchal lineage/'patrilineal descent'.  Was then, and still is, even with the rise of feminism.

The bottom line, then, is still the same, for these examples: None of these men were born of a U.S. citizen father.  And even the most legalistically adventurous soul is going to have to own up to that.  Sooner or later.    

And far better sooner.  For the particular reason indicated above; along with a number of others.  Which have resulted in a major Crisis time for the American Republic, with a person at the helm with 'divided loyalties and allegiances and influences' - precisely what the constitutional Framers were trying to avoid, with that particular eligibility requirement put in their constitutional contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY.  As I have pointed out, enough times to even make me sick of the subject.

And of its consequences.  Which we are experiencing.  And in spades.  

As I have also said.  To say: pointed out.  For even the most dense American to get

the point.

And thus, have no excuses.

In the Harvest.  Coming up.

As we speak.

In which we need to say Yes to a new reality, and a New Life.  And leave the old, tattered way of doing things behind.

Been there.  Done that.  Time for  the total


In the Light.  And Love.  Of our Creator.

Hallowed be Thy name.

No other.

P.S. And just to note, then, that as unfortunate as it is that Judge Scalia's loss (whose death needs to be looked into.  Just as with the curious and numbing number of doctors with connections with natural treatments especially of cancer have died recently under mysterious circumstances) leaves what some are pointing out is an imbalance on the SCOTUS, with 'liberals' now threatening to take the ascendency, especially with Obama lining up to make such an appointment as well, it is all moot now anyway.  Not just because the Usurper's two appointments already to that body go with him, as he is deposed, when Justice is served - as it will be.  But because we are finished with man-made law anyway.
     In the kingdom of Heaven.

P.P.S.  And as to our judges in this country, and our lawyers: One wonders, on the strength of all the nonsense floated in those circles on the constitutional definition of a 'natural born' citizen, if a lot of our law schools offer a course in obfuscation.
     Or even outright deception.
     How about it, Ted.  And especially as selling yourself as a constitutional law scholar: Where did you learn your Art of Deception from???


* And through the doctrine of coverture: At common law, husband and wife were considered One, with the husband's citizenship being the One.

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