Thursday, 4 February 2016

On Passing The Test

We are facing a major test here in the United States; whether you individually and collectively can progress spiritually or not.  To wit:

You can change the meaning of the ‘natural born citizen’ term over the years all you want.  But the eligibility requirement itself still stands, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary: that to, quote, “be eligible to the Office of President,” unquote from the constitutional contract, one needs to, among other requirements, have been born on the soil - or its legal equivalent - of citizen parents thereof - and ESPECIALLY of a citizen father, since citizenship legalistically speaking follows that of the father.

You want to change the eligibility requirement itself?  Get a constitutional amendment passed.  Absent that requirement, stop with your shyster-lawyer hocus-pocus tricks, the shell game that you have tried to pull off, against, in your obvious estimation, country bumpkins.  Begone with such trickery and deceit.  It will not get you to where the rest of us are going, now.  Which is Up.  Out of this realm of such shades of darkness.  Into the Light of

a New Day


for all who prove themselves worthy - ‘eligible’ - to inhabit it  To inherit it.  As their rightful inheritance.  Just as soon as they pass the graduation exam.  Which requires the soul to embody such qualities as capital-t Truth, by which to live their lives.

I urge you - I implore you - to Come, pass the test.  And let as many of us as possible be on with ‘our Father’s business’ - our journey.  A New World awaits those who are ready to inherit it.  And who prove their readiness.  To say, their worthiness.  As tested facets, fractals, aspects of




And thereby, let me inherit 

My Country.  As part of - a vital, leading part of -

the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Here, at the end of one Age.  And the start of, not just another.  But

a -

the - 

Golden Age.

Of long repute.

Just waiting.  For us.  To invoke it.

By our acting thus.

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