Tuesday, 23 February 2016

On Choosing


I wake up every day
The best for humanity
      and they choose
                 and large)
      the worst.
              Talk about
     a gift horse
     in the mouth,
A horse to water.
        Well, at least
     can go south
For only so long
And so far...


There is no point in living
If you can't live free -
                 a free man
             a free woman


Some of the Dark forces
Are just that:
           who have chosen
       the Dark path
   through the thicket
            of life.
But some of them
                 are just actors
Who chose those roles
               to help bring
          The Play
To a conclusion
And will come over
         to the Light
When the time comes.
            And that time
Are you doing
In that process?


P.S. 1) From wnd.com: ‘Nevada Results: Trump Pumps 3rd Straight Win’ - Chelsea Schilling - February 23/24

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 23 PST)

Well, maybe the U.S. citizenry is waking up after all, to the agenda of the far Left, in cahoots with the New World Order gang on the far Right (TPP anyone??): to take down the U.S., financially & every other way, and merge its remnants into being merely a part of a region of the NWO, which was called at least at one point the North American Union, and which may still be the title of record on the part of the Cabal trying to take over the world.

Live free or die, Citizens. Glad to see you beginning to rise to the occasion. Of either your submission to a totalitarian state. Or being the Master of your Fate, the Captain of your Ship (I believe is how that poem goes).


2) from wnd.com: ‘U.S. General: Obama ‘Aiding And Abetting The Enemy’’ - Greg Corombos - February 23 
(“'Why would we give Gitmo detainees the rights of every American citizen?’)

kibitzer3 12 minutes ago (February 23)

Thanks for telling it like it is. Gen. Mcinerney - and for letting him have the space to do so, Greg.

ONTIME an hour ago (February 23)

Why is it so damn hard to demand to see this WH impostors credentials, valid BC and explain his SS#?.....What the hell is wrong with this congress, who do "they" work for?....We the People want to know all there is to know legally about B'Ob the "unknown"......this clown cannot even pass E Verify and he is in the Oval Office......



         kibitzer3 ONTIME a few seconds ago  (February 24)
  • Amen, Ontime. Unfortunately, the American people AND its Oathkeepers specifically have let an Imposter rule this country from the Oval Office for over 7 years, and kickstart its destruction and amalgamation process into the New World Order. The Usurper has been laughing up his sleeve at the American people the whole time. And what have they been doing about it? Watching the telly, it would appear. Bread and circuses. This cannot end well. But end, it must.

3) from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: ‘The Evil Empire Has The World in a Death Grip, by Paul Craig Roberts’ - February 23 (orig. posted February 19/22)
(PCR reports on the updated version of John Perkins’ ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’.  The jackals are still at it - and, if anything, getting worse.  Including in the U.S., with such as attempts by the NWO multinationals to privatize water.) 

Death Grip? I think not. Many now know just what the Cabal is…and what they mean to accomplish. L/L- Light and Love…or DD- Death and Darkness? Easy choices for those whom know Truth…and THOSE numbers are increasing.
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