Friday, 5 February 2016

On Fact And Fiction...

...And Never The Twain Shall Meet.  Unless It's Head On.  

I have heard it, and seen it, argued that the Constitution is, quote, ‘a living document,’ unquote, subject merely to the personal political proclivities of your judges, and their ’interpretations’ of it based simply thereon, whereby ‘originalism’ is only one of a number of legitimate legalistic ’principles’ to go by.  

Poppycock, in the fitting vernacular of the Founding Fathers.  That is pure sophistry, designed to lead you astray, into the thicket of the rule of men; based not on clear fact but on self-serving fiction.  

The Constitution is a contract, between two basic parties, the states and the federal government, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.  Or, at least, needed to be.  For, you lot of incarnate souls, having come to the end of your tether, tied to the Constitution - to say, to the rule of law - and having begun to get lost in the thicket of lawlessness, I will take over now; you - and especially with the Usurper having rubbed your noses so extensively in the mess that you have made - having learned your lessons.  Hopefully.

Those who have: Follow me.  Into 


New, Golden Age, of a higher law than man-made.

Those who haven’t, have condemned yourselves to some more seasoning - to say as well, seasons -  in the 3D realm of Illusion.  The illusion of being separate from your Creator.  To test you.  And for lessons to be learned thereby.  Until you

get ‘it’:  that





And so, as you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - 


Get that - essentially, that the universe has Purpose, and that Purpose is Good - 

and join us.

The Re-union wilt not happen before then.

No matter how much you attempt to force it into being by man-made - and man-interpreted - law.

P.S. Oh - and just to remark on:
       I heard a particularly outrageous bit of chicanery during this presidential campaign.  I will spare the particular person, to give that person an opportunity for redemption.  So let me rephrase it, in terms of the, you should excuse the imprecise expression, incumbent:
     'Unhand me!  I legally ran for this office!'
     'A real lawyer, aren't you, trained in splitting hairs.  Well, let me clarify the matter, then, you duplicitous, er, person: Anybody can run for any office.  But only those who are eligible for the particular office can hold it.'
     'I was legally elected to this office!'
     'Do you really want that bit of sophistry to follow you down through history?
     'What there is left of it.  Because, you see,
     'the likes of Truth is taking over now.'

     For, may you all see: There is, indeed, such a thing.
     And we are all held accountable to it.

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