Friday, 19 February 2016

On Knowing Your Enemy

I have been engaged just recently in some heavy back-and-forth with posters on various Comments threads regarding the ineligibilities of Cruz, Rubio, and Obama to hold the presidential office.  I have been stunned at the degree of dishonesty there has been involved in some of their responses -  sophistic, shyster-lawyer stuff to the nth degree.  (“It all depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”)1  But I realize that it is all part of what is going on these days, in this last outpost of essential liberty, before the end of the road for it, and the world succumbs to the collectivist concept of ‘equality’, wherein and whereby all are equal, and some just happen to be more equal than others.2  We are, in short, up against very powerful ’principalities and powers,’ of a dark, totalitarian-minded, kind.

Obama is very close now to accomplishing what he set out to accomplish, back at the beginning of his illegal presidency, and even before; during the campaign leading up to it: in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” - and being cheered on by a brainwashed youth audience in his declaration, and intention.

Ah, Obama.  He’s like a creature that mesmerizes its prey; he’s got a goodly percentage of the American people mesmerized by his slow, cool, steady, benign-in-each-of-them moves.  Or like a crafty basketball player in slow motion, so that his opponent doesn’t see it all adding up to a sudden blinding pounce.

And at the same time, ’Common Core’ is teaching our children that ‘facts don’t matter’.  That there is no objective truth.  It’s all subjective, in the end.  Relative, rather than absolute.  Therefore, no more ‘originalism…strict constructionism' in the interpretation of the Constitution, for example.  This is also called, in Marxist theory and teaching (Obama's background), ‘the calculation of the relation of forces’: the more citizens their erstwhile masters can get - inveigle; mesmerize - to believe this relative take on things, the more ’true’ it is.  Hence, 1 + 1 can =  3, for it all depends on how you look at it, and argue for the outcome, from this materialist perspective on things.  And thus, Obama’s actions in the office that he has purloined (objectively speaking) are not ‘illegal’ so much as simply a working-out of the calculation of the relation of forces: If he can get away with it, it’s ‘legal’.  It’s ’right.’   (There being no absolute right or wrong.)  

And thus, if you commandeer the high ground of a nation, you set the standards for beliefs; and the former ‘patriots’ then become ‘potential domestic terrorists’…

Hey, bro: If you call a patriot an ‘extremist’ - what does that make you???……

Anyway.  Beware of the sinuous creatures in our midst.  They are out to get you, and us, and the world.  By hook or by crook.  Because, you see, there is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so.

And if you believe that, you can be made to believe anything.  


1 A lot of it revolves around changing definitions of terms.  But ignoring that shell game going on: the eligibility requirement itself still stands, hasn’t changed: a presidential candidate needs at the bare minimum to have been born of a U.S. citizen father.  In order to have sole allegiance to the country of his or her birth.  Not just the place of his/her birth.  Or not even that, in some cases.
   Bodies like the U.S. Justice Foundation are doing good work in this whole regard.  But even they don’t get it:  
   ‘It’s the father, stupid.’

2 This trashing of the Constitution and instituting an imperial presidency is all by way of undercutting the concept of 'American exceptionalism'/specialness; not only in order to merge this country into a region of the New World Order, on a Third World economic level - the better to control us with, my dears - but to open the door ultimately for a foreign president, read despot, running things.  Most probably a Chinese potentate, looking after his country's vested interests - investments and properties, in this country.  America having been sneak-bombed into having to be dependent financially on the Red Chinese regime, you see, in order to accomplish the merging process.
   You do see that, don't you?
   Don't you??  If not, where have you been???
   Ah.  The Super Bowl, and the like.  R-i-i-i-ght......

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