Tuesday, 2 February 2016

On Biting My Tongue On The NBC Issue...

...And Not Succeeding

I was going to let Nature-al (as it were) take its course, and turn the requirement for honesty and integrity on this NBC issue over to the American people, to deal with as they chose to; staying with the rule of law or going into the dark night of the rule of men.  But I just can't resist having a word (or two) on the subject.  Thus:

from libertynewsnow.com ‘Carson Cries Over Cruz’s Dirty Tricks’ - Morgan Mayhew - February 2
(The Cruz camp joined with CNN to try to weaken the Iowa vote for Carson by saying that he had given up and was going home, when all he was doing was going home to get a change of clothes.  Hope he gets a sympathy vote in New Hampshire, and Cruz gets slugged, for this damnable “dirty trick,” indeed - compounded by Cruz’s ineligibility in the first place.)

CaptTurbo 4 hours ago (February 2)

Ted didn't use dirty tricks Ben. What Ted did was that he opened his mouth and said stuff when he had a chance at the debates. I like you a lot Ben but if you want to score here you have to wake up and go for it. I'm glad Ted won Iowa. He deserved to.

    • stygianwitch CaptTurbo 4 hours ago 

    • Ted is as dirty as a trickster as they come. Just because he hasn't left a trail of bodies as yet does not exonerate him from deceiving the voters in Iowa. He deserves to lose and he is ineligible, as is Barry, to be POTUS. You may like him but I cannot fathom why.

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  •         Liberalbasher1955 stygianwitch 4 hours ago 

  •         Just checked stygianwitch. The account is new. Which means it may be a DNC 
  •         plant sent here to pull chains.



      • stygianwitch Liberalbasher1955 3 hours ago 

      • I cannot decide whether you are paranoid, stupid or more likely both. My account is new because I couldn't resist pulling your chain. My political cred is solid. You just can't handle truthful facts. Bug off.
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      • JoMike
        stygianwitch 4 hours ago 

      • He is NOT! If you knew his family, which I DO, you would know there is not a dishonest bone in his body. A little arrogant at times, but I'll take that any day over dishonesty. Don't write about what you do not know or understand, Stygianwitch!

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  •                   CaptTurbo JoMike 4 hours ago  

    •          I agree. Ted is a decent guy and has been consistently supportive of our
    •          Constitution. 

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      • kibitzer3
        CaptTurbo 3 minutes ago  (February 2)

      • Not so. He has been "consistently supportive of" his personal INTERPRETATION "of our Constitution". The Constitution itself says that he is ineligible for the office - as is the Usurper there now - because he was not born on the soil of citizen parents thereof, which is the definition of a "natural born" citizen as known by the constitutional Framers. For which there is considerable evidence.

      • It doesn't matter what corruptions of the original definition may have crept in over the years; what matters is 'original intent'. Which constitutional principle Cruz pretends to honor, as a constitutional lawyer. Another evidence of his duplicity.

      • The only LEGAL way to change the eligibility requirement is by a constitutional amendment. Which approach, not so incidentally, both main political parties tried to take to the matter, 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get such an amendment started through Congress - and failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue. So, what did they do? They obviously colluded, in a RICO statute-type conspiracy. Which will all come out in a court of law, when the Truth outs over this whole mess. Which it will.

    •           Which - it - will. Because that's the kind of universe that we live in. Not
    •           the corrupt one that some people seem to thrive on, and are trying to
    •           make this one out to be. No chance, children. Wise up. Or be left behind.
    •           A big broom is coming, to sweep you and your ilk away. Which warning is
    •           addressed to whomsoever it applies to.

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      • taino21
        JoMike 4 hours ago 

      • "If you knew his family, which I DO, you would know there is not a dishonest bone in his body." You are right, his bones might not be dishonest but he is, he is not a natural born citizen and not qualified to be POTUS and if that is not dishonest then I don't know what it is. I guess you believe that two wrongs makes a right.

And as for the integrity of Ted, and calculated lies, and lawlessness and dishonesty (& one of the posters et the following site even gave some evidence that Cruz’s mother, on whom his simple U.S. citizenship relied, had even, because Canada did not purportedly allow dual citizenship, given up her U.S. citizenship and taken Canadian citizenship); see this perceptive posting:

from libertyborn.wordpress.com:

Cruz Lies to America!

On January 14th, 2016 the FOX Business Network hosted the GOP Debate in Charleston, South Carolina.   Neil Cavuto, anchor and managing editor of the Business Network, was a moderator, along with Maria Bartiromo.

During the debate, under the spotlight of a live national broadcast, Cavuto asked Ted Cruz about Cruz’s qualification to hold the office of President, given the Constitution’s requirement to be a natural born citizen, as a result of Cruz’s birth in Canada.  Up front Cavuto recognized that Cruz’s citizenship was not in question.

See Video below (Time Stamp: ~2:02 )

Cruz began his answer by indicating that John McCain was born abroad in Panama and was able to run for president, and that Mitt Romney’s Dad was able to run for President  despite being born abroad, because of their parents being citizens.   Here Cruz subtly misrepresents the Constitution’s demand as “being able to  run for President”,   despite the fact that requirement only prohibits those not being natural born from holding the office.  The requirement for President says nothing whatsoever about “running for office”.

Quite obviously those who have previously run for office, including McCain and George Romney,  are not necessarily natural born citizens as a result of having run for that office.   This also applies to  Roger Calero, who was on the  ballot in 5 States in the 2008 Presidential election, and yet Calero was not even a U.S. Citizen.

By  Cruz’s  reference to  those who “ran for office”,  implying they were qualified to hold that office as natural born citizens, it should now be apparent that Cruz began a calculated dishonesty intending to confuse and manipulate the ignorant American voter from the very start of his response to Cavuto’s question.

Cruz then indicated the following further practiced, deliberate falsehood:

“.. the birther theories, that Donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones, insist that you must not only be born on U.S. soil, but have two parents born on U.S. soil. Under that theory, not only would I be disqualified, Marco Rubio would be disqualified, Bobby Jindal would be disqualified,and interestingly enough Donald J. Trump would be disqualified… because.. because  Donald’s mother was born in Scotland.”

WRONG!  As consistently recognized in  5 separate Supreme Courts decisions over this country’s history, the terms of natural born ONLY require that the parents must be CITIZENS at the time of birth, in addition to the  offspring being on the country’s soil! 

According to Cruz’s explanation, those five distinct Supreme Court decisions, as early as 1814 (The Venus), must necessarily be “birthers” as well, which is obviously untrue!  These terms have nothing to do with those “birthers” at all, however tagging the issue as “birther” is a good way for Cruz to dishonestly impugn the issue by false association with those birthers. There is actually no existing claim made by anyone conversant in the actual facts, that the parents must be born on the soil as well as the offspring.  

This falsehood was no mere mistake by Cruz, but rather a calculated and practiced lie promoted by Cruz, done to rely, again, on the ignorance of the American voter, while simultaneously using that dishonesty to make it appear as if even the front-runner, Trump, might not be qualified.

Cruz then went on, saying, “On the issue of citizenship, Donald, I’m not going to use your Mother’s citizenship against you.”   This was obviously a very poor yet calculated attempt to echo Ronald Regan’s famous response (video) during the 1984  Presidential Debates regarding Mondale, “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

Once again we have clear evidence that this response by Cruz was practiced and deliberate.

Throughout Cruz’s answer, the Cruz supporters were cheering, showing that they actually had no  awareness that Cruz was lying to them, as well as no knowledge of the Constitution and its terms for natural born.  Yet it is these same supporters who insist that Cruz is our salvation, asserting that he is a constitutional conservative, which he clearly is not.

Finally Cruz ended his answer by reducing the qualification for President to being simply American, saying they are “all Americans on this stage”, and by this entirely dismissing the stringent demand stipulated by the Constitution for the office of President, showing no real regard for the Constitution overall.  Instead, Cruz continued, he wanted the selection of a GOP candidate to be by who is most qualified candidate, as adjudged by the voters, yet again entirely discarding the fact that there is any constitutional mandate limiting those qualified to hold the office.  That’s some constitutional conservative there!

Cruz cannot be that stupid for this clearly practiced answer to be a legitimate mistake. If he is that stupid, Cruz doesn’t belong in the office of President. Cruz just believes that we Americans are that stupid.  Are we?

Sure, Cruz went to law school, but they don’t  teach the Constitution in Law school,  they teach Constitutional Law, and certainly don’t teach the meaning of natural born.   On his own, Cruz could have researched  those five Supreme Court decisions over this country’s history that recognize natural born to  be “birth in the country to parents who were citizens”, along with numerous other qualified references.  Yet Cruz would have us believe he did not do so, no staffer did so, and that if caught in this lie,  it might just be dismissed as a legitimate mistake. 

At minimal, Cruz undoubtedly has heard these terms accurately related by others, heard that they require the parents to have been citizens (only) at the time of birth, yet he chose to misrepresent these terms for his own benefit.

Cruz’s response was clearly choreographed by Cruz campaign staffers and consultants, and is unmistakably a very practiced, deliberate lie intending to rely on the ignorance of the American electorate.

I cannot, and will not ever, vote for Ted Cruz because he is not a natural born citizen, and neither is Marco Rubio, nor Bobby Jindal, nor was John McCain.   Donald Trump however is a natural born citizen.

An enormous number of Americans now want this election to turn out well because they are desperate to restore this country, and legitimate government by the terms of the Constitution. However what Cruz is showing is only more of the same smarmy  Washington corruption and disregard for the Constitution, all while abusing the American people themselves.

Overall, Cruz’s answer to Cavuto’s question clearly demonstrated that Cruz puts his personal ambition ahead of country, Constitution, and even his own integrity,

Ted Cruz is not the answer.  The question is whether  you’re smart enough to not be sucked in by Cruz’s series of calculated lies.

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