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'You Can't Say I Haven't Tried'

1) from The Western Center For Journalism: ‘Dark Secrets in Ted Cruz’s Past?’ - February 28 (orig. posted at
(A misleading. supportive series of snapshots about him and his parents.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 28)

I'm not sure why most commenters here are ignoring the elephant in the room: the original-intent definition of a 'natural born' citizen. It's still there, in plain English: E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212 (which the constitutional Framers were fully familiar with, as much historical info attests to). A NBC is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens at the time of the person's birth - AND moreover, citizenship descends from the father.

If the constitutional eligibility requirement in this crucial matter is to be changed, it needs to be changed by an amendment to the contract. (Which both current major political parties have a) recognized, and b) already tried, incidentally; and failed each time even to get their various proposals, with this issue as their common denominator, out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue.) And Cruz, being the lawyer, and constitutional scholar, that he is, and self-described big fan of 'originalism,' knows this. So he is attempting to make two wrongs make a right, on the strength of the Usurper in the Oval Office having gotten away with his own ineligibility. To all of which I say: the Truth will out. And it will do in both the Usurper and Cruz. (And Rubio too, for that matter.) And the New World Order crowd will NOT have their way. No matter how hard they try to mock God.

2) from ‘Bombshell: Insider Leaks Koch Bros, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump’ - February 28
(“Roger Stone reveals establishment using Mitt Romney as Plan B if Rubio fails!”)


I don't get it. With all the research that Alex Jones does, why doesn't he understand that a) Neither Obama, Cruz nor Rubio are eligible for the office of POTUS because they are not 'natural born' citizens, and therefore b) both the Democrat Party AND the Republican Party have sold out this country to the New World Order crowd?

It's not rocket science; all it takes is the ability to read English. E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212: A NBC is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens at the time of the person's birth - AND moreover, citizenship descends legalistically speaking from the father. The only thing that can change the eligibility requirements for that office is a constitutional amendment. It doesn't matter what sleight of hand may have been tried with the TERM over the years; what matters is the requirement ITSELF.

Come on, Alex. Get with the truth of the matter. People depend on you for the truth behind the various smokescreens that are put up by the Establishment to try to fool the public. Get on this one, too.


A similar comment I made on another site the other day (I don't post ALL my comments) has elicited a response, where the poster opines that the point of all this is that TPTB want to be able to elect a foreigner to the office.  That makes good sense.  They want the U.S.A. brought down and made over into a mere part of a region of their NWO - 'a good citizen of the world' -  and so they want open borders, and a flow of workers, to keep the wages down, of the serf class that they are to ride herd on, in their version of feudalism.  To which version of the future on this planet, all I can say is:

In your dreams, boyos...


late entry:  

3) from ‘House Republican Urges Cruz/Rubio Ticket’ - Shawn - February 25; posted February 28 

kibitzer3  a few seconds ago (February 29)

For a supposed conservative - and a Freedom Caucus member at that - this representative certainly doesn't know his Constitution. Neither Cruz nor Rubio being eligible for the job, for not being 'natural born' citizens.

No wonder we're in such a mess as a nation. Our elected representatives don't know how to do their jobs. The first requirement of which should be: How to read plain English. It's still right there: E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. A NBC is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens at the time of the person's birth - AND nationality descends legalistically speaking from the father. With no constitutional amendment to the contrary of that requirement: End of story.

Which of course, means that the nation needs to bite the bullet, and have its Oathkeepers either remove the Usurper from the office or give him the space to resign. Either way: to be held for trial, on a whole host of charges by now. Including fraud, perjury, and treason. And we get back to the rule of law in this country. Or we descend further into the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

Our choice.


Cruz and Rubio.  The Flim-Flam and Balderdash of modern American politics.

And Obama?  King Tut-Tut.  As in: 'Tut tut.  Don't say anything against your Dear Leader. Or we will smear you, and ridicule you, to within an inch of your life.  Or further, if the need be.'

Which has already happened, to some; who might have spoken out of turn, about various aspects of our Dear Leader's life.

This is no way to run a nation.


...and while on the subject of running a nation:

from ’Talk Radio Host Dares to Ask This Question About Scalia’s Death’ - posted at February 24; posted here February 29
(Michael Savage telling it like it is, no holds barred)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 29)

No autopsy? Possibly because there was no body. Because the man has been disappeared. On the orders of The Great Pretender. Who had something on the judge. Who was standing in the way of his agenda; for example, for control over our energy. Among other aspects of our lives.

Stop and think, folks: What do we really KNOW about that incident? Answer: Only what we have been told. By Obama-supporting individuals. And if the family signed off on no autopsy? Could mean that they have been bought off, to keep silent.

Wouldn't be the first time. Won't be the last. Unless we put a stop to these Dark forces controlling the planet these days. And switch to the Light.

The choice is yours.


Bought off? Wouldn't threatened make more sense.


  •  kibitzer3 Oldtex a minute ago 

  • Could. Although the Usurper's M.O. seems be to spread money - big money - around. Take the Sandy Hook Hoax 'exercise,' for example. The State Board of Education: bought off. The mortgages of the families involved: paid in full. The Governor's office: strangely silent, after blowing the scam, perhaps inadvertently, with the Guv's announcement about having been 'warned' that something of that nature was going to take place in his state. (Eric Holder at work, getting rid of guns.)  And so on, and on.

  • Either way, it's a whole new ball game. The New World Order crowd have gone too far, now. Topping. or just toppling, a Supreme Court justice would seem really to be the line drawn, on this kind of crappy caper. Something straight out of history, like the turning of the Roman Republic to Empire mode. Only this is far worse. We're talking the whole world, now. To be turned into one big plantation. Or freed, from the control of low consciousness critters, for humanity now to take a higher road.

  • If we can rise to the occasion, thusly.

(Curiously, they didn’t post a P.S. I put to my original post; thus:)
  • kibitzer3 a minute ago 

  • P.S. Could also mean that he was murdered, by a person involved in that weekend get-together, and what the Usurper in the Oval Office had on the man was so embarrassing that the family chose not to have it come out.

  • Why do I point the finger at the Imposter in the Oval Office? Because it has come out that he instructed the Judge to come see him before they both took off for their weekend activities. A lot going on here, folks. Keep your minds open to all the possibilities. And do all you can to keep our Dear Leader from appointing a game-changing new justice to the SCOTUS. Or it's game, set & match to the Dark forces; and the end of the federal constitutional republic of the - former - U.S.A. And its replacement by a region of the New World Order of our erstwhile masters. So close to victory that they can smell it.

  • Don't give them the satisfaction. There is a better outcome to all this, than that dark and dingy one. But we need to help bring it about. Do your part. You will know what that is.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Tale Of Two Cities

First, a tale of a City of Satan.  Aka Sodom on the Potomac: Washington, D.C.  A city-state like its sinister sisters, the City of (within) London and the Vatican.  All, dedicated to the ignoble forces.

A little background, to get into my tale.

Many years ago - it must have been in 1975, judging by the timing of the incident; leading up to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the nation, dating from its Declaration of Independence1 - I came across a curious little story in the daily newspaper.  On whatever page it appeared - it was not a front-page story - it was a report on the conclusion of some specially convened body, that the nation could never be taken over, quote, ’because of the Constitution’.  What? I thought, upon reading this little throw-away article.  What’s this all about??  Who’s even thinking of such a thing???  I was to find out.  And in spades.

Actually, the timing of my awakening to such matters predated that little ‘notice’ by a bit.  But that item really woke me up to the matter.  The matter, that there were some very powerful people - in human terms - who, indeed, had a notion to ‘take over’ this country, as part of their desire for something they called a New World Order, to be run by them.  And these were not noble souls, on the side of the (true) Light, wishing to see the world become econo-socio-politico spiritually One, in concert with its Source.  They were simply arrogant ‘little’ - in terms of maturity - souls, lusting for Power Over the people of the world.  For their Dark-side ends.  

I went off soon after to the UK (specifically, to Scotland) to join a spiritual community, to concentrate on my personal progress, where I was far from the madding crowd for some 35 years (the precise truth of that interval in my life is a little more detailed than that, but this is sufficient for these purposes), and came back to my home country, and town, in 2012, when things had heated up on that takeover front, particularly with the advent of an illegal occupant of the Oval Office, and with the opposition party of record - the Republicans; noting the irony of their name - acquiescing in the matter.  ’Strangely,’ to someone who did not have eyes to see at the time.  Or to see the similar clue, as to what was really going on in the country, from a - relatively small, and rapidly disappeared - report that Marines at a base in Southern California had been asked, in some sort of cover questionnaire, if they would ever fire on American civilians.   Now what was that in aid of, some more Americans might have asked themselves.

But not so’s anyone particularly noticed.  With our attention drawn to the other hand…

And then, and speaking of things disappearing, let me move on, to current time, and the ‘little’ matter of a Supreme Court Justice ‘dying’ in curious, even mysterious circumstances.  I put the word ‘dying’ in quote marks, particularly because of something that I learned from my Philosophy 101 professor in my university days.  I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but certainly came to do so, as time, and the world, went on.  He said in class one day words to the effect that “We only really know what we personally experience”.2  I thought about that, while scribbling away in my notebook,3 and caught him after the class, and asked him about what he had said; using the analogy that I personally didn’t know that there were islands in the South Pacific, but I could reasonably believe it as being a fact, because a lot of people had been there, and seen them.  And his response was to nod, in a way that said, ‘Yes.  You could say that,’ and went on his way.  And I thought about his response, to say, the quality of it; and went on my way in life, and had my eyes opened to the reality of what he had said, as time, and my life - and Life on the planet - went on.4  

Cut to the business about indicating something questionable about Scalia’s ‘death’.  What do we actually know about that whole very curious situation??  Especially when it turns out that he had had a meeting with Obama (either in the Oval Office or on the tarmac at the airport; the specifics don’t matter to the essence of the matter) just before taking off for his weekend at that very out-of-the-way ranch in Texas, and Obama went off to the West Coast, for whatever dark mission he was on.5  Let me present a plausible scenario about that meeting.  Just a hypothetical, you understand; I mean no more about it than that.  But it makes sense; as well, given other information that there is available about Judge Scalia.  And including the fact that he was a key player in the recent Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to deny Obama a so-called Executive Order, on so-called Cap and Trade, that he, and his masters, very much wanted to go through the judicial process unscathed, for all the wealth and power that it would create for The Powers that Be behind the running of the planet.6  Hereinafter to be referred to as The Powers That Were; as the Truth, about a lot of things, outs   So, my little presentation on that meeting:

Judge Scalia comes into the presence of His (erstwhile) Royal Highness, who simply, and without a word, hands him a folder, in which, upon casual, unspoken direction, and opening it, he finds voluminous evidence of his penchant for pedophilia.  His (erstwhile) Royal Highness then speaks, for the first time in the meeting:

’Now, Tony, I don’t expect you to go out and hang yourself, or that we find that you have suicided yourself with two bullets to your head.  You need simply to disappear.  That is to say, more clearly: to be disappeared.  

‘It is all arranged.  Just follow directions  And oh - your family will be taken care of.

‘That’s all.’

And they both go off to their appointed tasks.  With the Judge supposedly being ‘discovered’ on his bed by his host for the weekend (a friend of Obama’s), and his ‘body’ being flown to an obliging source, for preparation for (a) burial, with no autopsy - Nothing to see here folks. Move right along - and the next thing we actually know is that a funeral is held - with a closed casket - and we then see a casket being carried out of the funeral ceremony site and down the front steps of the obliging Church used for the illusion.  And that’s it.  (Wipes one’s hands.)  Finished.  Done with.  And now, about that little matter of a vote on the Supreme Court, after His (erstwhile) Royal Highness has appointed a more obliging member of the SCOTUS… 

…and the also obliging Judge is flown off to wherever.  An island in the South Pacific, perhaps.  Where he may well even meet up with another ‘dead’ person - a media mogul by the name of Robert Maxwell ('Mossad Superspy'), who also met a strange - alleged - death.  And for whom there is no evidence of his actual burial, either.

Of these Men Who Die Twice.7  

N.B. It has also been surmised, by a person who was a rent-a-boy for these high-and-mighty pedophiles himself for many years, before he escaped their clutches, that Scalia was killed by one of his toy boys, with his throat cut, and thus the ‘cover’ story of a pillow over his head, to hide that fact from any accidental viewers before the body could be spirited away (so to speak).8  But that’s not how these people normally operate.

They are too enamored of the Illusion, to let a good opportunity go to waste. 

These artistes; thinking to take over the world, for the Dark side, starting with the linchpin to their vision, the United States of America.

I.  Think.  Not.

There is, of course, a lot else that could be said about Sodom on the Potomac.  Take the Vince Foster death. But you get the point.

And the other City, that I spoke of?

Coming up.

P.S.  And speaking of illusion, and Masters thereof: I encourage everybody to boycott Disney and its products.  Disney has illegally fired its American-citizen IT employees in order to bring in lower-wage visa workers - who are only supposed to be able to be hired if employers can't find suitable citizen employees - and in addition has had the unmitigated gall to force the fired American-citizen employees to train their visa replacements.
     This is all part of TPTB's New World Order shenanigans, wherein they want to bring down the U.S. into Third World status, and have everybody subject to their rule, in slave-labor conditions, in a form/state of feudalism.
     Don't give them the satisfaction.  Be a sovereign in your own right - 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main', of our mutual Source.

P.S. And lay that Disney move at the feet of - guess who: Marco Rubio.  The pet poodle of the corporate world, in this run for the gold in it.    


1  That was in 1776, for those of you who have grown up under the New Education Regime in this country, of little to no real information about its origins, except as furthers the agenda of your erstwhile Keepers.

2 And even that is subject to question; looks subject to being deceptive, and all.
     See, e.g., the Boston Marathon Bombing 'drill'.  And the Sandy Hook Hoax 'exercise' (each announced as such).  And so forth.  Frauds, concocted for the screens of our senses, subject to deception and manipulation.  Especially by masters of the subject.  Like filmmakers.  And the intelligence-agency likes of Mossad' whose motto is By Way of Deception We Shall Wage War.

3 I was an avid notetaker in college; to the point where I was asked more than once by less avid students if they could look at my notes before tests.  I had it all there.  Well, most of it.  At least the gist of it.
   I was not in school to waste my time.  I was there to learn things; to learn as much as I could.  And also, to learn discernment.  To say: to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. 
   Ah, how I wish more students in this day and age were there for the same reason……

4 And how do we know really that the world is round?  Yes, there are globes in every classroom in the world.  But did you know that there has never - never - been a photo of the planet taken whole from space?  Not really??  That all the shots (not, note, ‘photos’) of the planet that we have seen have been mockups.
   Artist’s renditions.
   Pieces put together, to add up to…
   something that we have seen with our own eyes; yes.  And yet…and yet………
   Ah, Hollywood.  The masters of Illusion.  How well we have been conditioned, to believe whatever we are given to see, and believe in………   
   but I digress.
   Sort of.

5 'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: This case is very simple.  It is not rocket science.  I have shown you the evidence for the definition of the term, a ’natural born’ citizen, from the historical record, that the constitutional Framers used in codifying that particular eligibility requirement in their constitutional contract for that particular office, and have explained clearly, from that same record, why they did so: the definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen being a person born in the country, or its legal equivalent, of parents who were citizens thereof at the time of the person’s birth, and with especial regard to the father, from whom nationality descended, legalistically speaking.  And thus, that the current occupant of that office is a Usurper.  
   'The only way that you can rule otherwise is if you buy into the fiction that the Constitution is, quote, ‘a living document,’ and is subject to whatever interpretations that the judicial system put on it at any given time; leaving the American people under, not the rule of law, but the rule of men.  Another word for which is arbitrary law.  Another word for which is is tyranny.  Despotic rule.  As we have seen, and in spades, from the example of the current illegal occupant of that thus-dishonored office.
   'You can, really, reach only one legitimate conclusion in this matter.  That is, that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama - and I say ‘calls himself’ advisedly, because we have seen no proof of his true birth certificate, only a proven fraudulent document that he posted on the official White House web site, to mislead the American people about his origin - that this man is a phony.  A fake.  A fraud.  Who has perjured himself, and is thus additionally constitutionally ineligible for the office that he fraudulently occupies.  And you must find him guilty as charged.  Or this nation has run its course, and is finished.  Over, and done with.  Let alone as a shining city on a hill.  And we are deep into despotism.  And it will be at your hands; and on your heads.
   'I rest my case.'

6 The Cabal - as they have also been known as - have wanted to make energy the basis for a money system, whereby the people of the planet will be charged for the amount of energy they consume, and as well, for the ‘pollutant’ that they create in the form of carbon dioxide.  Never mind that CO2 is exceedingly important to the growth of vegetation and other plants on the planet, in the Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide cycle.  TPTB seized on it many years ago as a way to control humanity, and, ultimately, by culling us humans.  
   By any means necessary.  And that means, including putting toxins in our water supply, and the air we breathe, via chemtrails, and in the vaccines that they increasingly mandate for us, and by mind-control technology that has also a killing aspect to it; and so on.  And on  And on.  In the dark litany of atrocious techniques that they have devised, to rule over us, who are like cattle to them.  To feed off us, as long as we are useful to them.  And then to discard us. 
   Whereas, it will be them who will be discarded.  If they don’t wake up; realize, some of them, that they are being used; and come over to the true Light.
   Not the ersatz Light of their erstwhile Master, known as Lucifer.  The wayward Son, of The Most High.  Who, most probably, will never ‘give in’ to the Path - to the Truth that we are on a Path; not in/at a destination.  And will have to receive his just reward accordingly.
   Along with his minions.
   As I have said many times, in these pages, to you, dear Readers; and say to humanity at large:
   Your choice.

7 Maxwell - actual name Jan Ludvik Hoch - most probably having already met his Maker - or not - by now; his convenient death (he was under huge financial pressure at the time) happening in 1991.  Born in mid-1923, he would have been almost 93 by now.
   A murky life indeed  Worth checking out.  if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
   To say: Of what has been going on in the world.  And at whose hands.

   The factoid about Obama meeting with Scalia before they both took off for their respective weekend 'trysts' is from, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor.  There are different stories out there, about whether they met in the White House - as Duff tells it - or on the tarmac, as someone else has it.  As I say: unimportant detail.
     Sometimes, details are NOT important. And sometimes, they are CRUCIALLY important.  As in the original-intent definition of a 'natural born 'citizen... 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

On Yeasting The Dough

I have recently alluded to having incarnated from higher realms at this time in order to help humanity out - and I say 'out' advisedly - at this key time in its history.*  I really should have taken the time and space at that point to add the detail that many other souls have done the same as well.  This is a collective effort; more advanced souls, on The Path, acting as leaven to and in the loaf being baked.  And getting it to rise to the occasion.

The occasion, of its moving out of one Age into another.  One closer to its fullest potential.  As a participant in the maturing, not only of its own race of incarnate souls.  But of the larger collective of which we Humans are a part.

Here in this sector of this galaxy.  Wherever that may be, precisely, in the larger scheme of things.   For, this universe is but part of a larger - very much larger - whole.

Ultimately, to the 'whole' of

The All That Is.

Going UP.

Ready, individually.

Or not.

May you be part of the maturing process.

And not be among those sorry souls left behind, at this particular harvest, and Harvest Celebration, time.

For, that is where we are.

As I say: wherever, precisely, that is.

And you are, in It.


*  'Transformative" indeed.  Just not the way Dark-force types, like the Usurper in the Oval Office, who are all about Power Over (Others), would have it be.

Friday, 26 February 2016

On Joining The Human Race

subtitled: On Men, Old And Young, Having Visions And Dreams

This is further on a theme that I mentioned in my blog of a couple of days ago, of having come from a higher dimension to give a hand on this one, in its transformation, onto a higher rung of the ladder of life, of consciousness; out of its 3D depths, in a realm of duality/polarity, and seeming separation, and into at the very least the next higher level, if not ‘bleeding into’ ones next highest to it.

I joined the human race really the day my brother died.  Up ’till then I felt like a stranger in a strange land.  What was all this warring and stuff all about??  Why didn’t people get along with each other???  I finally figured out that it was because of money.  Money, instead of being merely a means to an end - the end of sharing goods and services with one another; the noble end of incarnate life - had become an end in itself.  The end, of life, it seemed.  What a minuscule vision, I remember thinking, somewhere along the way, of my journey on this planet.  This lovely planet, being trashed by these inhabitants, who sometimes seemed little better than warring tribes of great apes.  Stuck in their conditioning.  Territorial, and all that jazz, about our ancestry.  What about our larger ancestry, I wondered.  Our real ancestry.  Where we really came from.  These bodies - these vessels, these vehicles, for our souls to inhabit for a time and season; for a reason - may have had ancestral connection with such as great apes.  But we - inside of our suits; like wet suits, or deep-sea diving suits, it felt to me -  were made of different stuff.

Were made of light.

E = mc2.  I think Einstein got that right.  (It turns out that he wasn’t all that right in some of his theorizing.  But with this ‘one,’ he was on to something.)  Matter is actually made of energy. (And crystalline in nature.)  The energy of Light.  And we can learn to ‘unlock’ that energy, from its Light source, and transmute it into matter.  And thus, the ‘replicators’ that are now being talked about.  How we can manifest all of our needs, out of the Light of which we are a part.

Manifest.  I am reminded of the blessing that I say - started saying, many years ago, when I started thinking of these sorts of things more deeply than my human conditioning had led me to do so up to that point in time - over my food, with my hands placed over it in such a manner as to send it into my food; completing the circuit:

‘May the strength that I will derive from this food be used in serving Thee; and may I proceed in health, and happiness, and holiness.'1 (Pause)  ‘Now let the vibratory rate of this food be such as to draw me closer to Thee; and in all things, let not my will but Thine be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.’  And then I have added to it, more recently, given the extreme adulteration of our foodstuffs that has been going on, by people consumed by lust for money, and power: ‘And if there be any toxicity in this food, may it be transmuted back into pure energy, to be used for the highest good.’  And then even more recently I have added/been drawn to add: ‘And I give thanks, and appreciation, for the nourishment that I receive from this food, directed to all those beings, animal, vegetable, and mineral, that have had a hand in its production; and in particular to Gaia, who nourishes us on so many levels.  Even so.  Amen.’

Now, to say, that I’m not all that sure about the wrapping-up use of the word ‘Amen’.  That could be merely a vestige of our human experience through ancient Egyptian rituals.  But it could also be a vestige of our human experience through ancient Indian/Sanskrit rituals, as in use of the sound ‘Om’.  All I know is that I have felt drawn to use it, to wrap my blessing up with.

Who knows where these things actually originate from…

And all of this is just by way of ‘just saying’………

And on that note, and to finish up the ‘note’ that I opened this sharing up with, about a moving human experience I had:

My brother, who was three years older than I, had a dream, in his later years (he was only a late thirty-something, at that) to put the Book of Mormon into filmic form. We had been born into ‘the Church,’ but it never took all that much for either of us in our earlier years;2 but in later years he had ‘found his way back into’ it, and was such a staunch believer in it that he dedicated his adult life - such as it ended up being - to attempting to raise the money to make a film, or a series of films, of the story carried in that book.3  It was in the course of that attempt that he lost his life, in a quixotic search for buried treasure.  And, though I was not at that time fully ’back in the fold’ of the Mormon Church,4 I could relate to his quest (had been on a similar one of my own; definitely another story, albeit related); and found myself grieving, terribly, at the word of his demise, with uncontrollable sobs wrenching my body.  I had never had such a feeling - such a release (of pent-up energy??) - happen to me since, or before, my ‘spiritual experience’ of over a decade before then, at university; which caused me to drop out of school and start my search in life for capital-t Truth in earnest.   

We truthseekers have a way of throwing ourselves fully into our searches. 

It’s how - and who - we are.  In our quest to join the human race with its higher components.       

On my daily constitutional I pass a Christian church’s ‘soup kitchen’ doorway, outside of which sometimes the down-and-outers who gather at it for their evening meal (or perhaps their only one for the day; I do not know their individual stories. At least, not on this level) flake out right there on the sidewalk, pulling something over their eyes, trying to forget, for at least that sleep’s while, their pain.  As happened today, on the outward-bound leg of my daily journey.  I hear the unspoken cry from the crumpled figure on the sidewalk (this particular such figure happened to be that of a young man): ‘No one cares whether I live or die.’  I want to stop by and touch gently and say to such individuals: ‘I care.  For, I am you.  And you are me.  And we are One, with the All That Is.  And this, too, shall pass away.’  But I keep on, on my daily, because I can do nothing about his or her pain at the moment.  That church is doing something, at least, in that regard.5  

And then, on my homeward leg, and stopping off at my neighborhood supermarket for a single item, in the queue at the checkout line that I chose,6 I happened to get behind a youngish woman who spent over $450 on her weekend shopping.  And the answer, Friend, is not to steal from the one to give to the other.  It is to help us all recognize who we are, really.  

And therein lies 

The Answer.



1 N.B. When I first developed this blessing - at a Trappist monastery in upstate California, where I had gone for a weekend retreat from where I lived at the time, in the East Bay area of central California - I varied between invoking ‘holiness’ and ’wholeness’.  But for some reason, I kept going back to ‘holiness,’ rather than invoking the other quality in that place.  Never knew why.  It just felt more ‘right’.
     But then, there is no right or wrong, is there.  But thinking makes it so…   

2 Our mother had divorced our father when I was still in diapers, and when she remarried (when I was halfway through the first grade), and again when she divorced her second husband (when I was in about the fourth or fifth grade), she dutifully sent us off weekly to ‘Mormon’ - i.e.., Latter-Day Saints (LDS); more specifically, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, to give it its proper due - Sunday school.  Which was quite possibly, even undoubtedly, part of the (original) divorce agreement.  
     She never went herself.  In later years I found out that she had been exposed to the idea that Joseph Smith was a fraud; that the Temple proceedings of the Mormon Church (which she had submitted to in order to get her divorce) were simply taken from the Freemasons, of which Smith was a member, as well as starting a church.  All another story.  This here is just by way of clarifying my relationship with a human church/religion in my life.  

3 A story of a Hebraic group of people, from the ‘Holy Land’ area, who had been brought out and grafted elsewhere, over to the Central America area, in B.C. years, for ‘a marvelous work and a wonder’ - for God to give Mankind a lesson, or lessons, in belief.  It is a long story, and literally.  Mark Twain called the Book of Mormon “chloroform in print,” and, in attempting to read it myself, I fully understand why he felt that way about it.  
     Okay.  Briefly, the story of its origins: 
     Joseph Smith was a young man living in western New York State in the early 1800s who had developed a reputation for seeing things - visions, in-sights of things to come, where things were located - in a ‘peep stone’ that he put in (the darkness of) his hat and looked into from time to time, and told people what he saw.  The critic’s story goes like this: An evangelistic Christian preacher and avid historian by the name of Sidney Rigdon had come across an unpublished ‘romance’ written by a man named Solomon Spaulding about life in Central America in olden days, and, ever passionate about his leadership ambitions and skills - and at a time of the ferment of a religious Great Awakening taking place in the country - hit on the idea of embellishing it (with the aid of others) and passing it off as a true story, to start a branch of Christianity by, that he would lead.  He had heard of Smith’s reputation for seeing things in a ‘peep stone,’ and added two and two, and a religion - or, rather, a branch of a religion - was born.  The ‘story’ was that Smith had found some gold plates buried in a hill in the western New York area, on which were engravings, like Egyptian cuneiform, that he was given the power - by an angel named Moroni - to translate, looking in his aforementioned ‘magic’ hat; and the rubes - so that story goes -  bought it…The historical fact is that Rigdon was, indeed, highly involved in the early days of the ‘religion’ that Smith started talking about (‘joining the stick of Joseph’ - i.e., the Book of Mormon - ‘with the stick of Judah’ - i.e., the Bible), but, as these things sometimes do, the story took on a life of its own, and he ended up on the sidelines, as the Church, after Smith’s death (at the hands of a mob, in the state of Illinois by then), went West, and prospered under the strong leadership rather of Brigham Young, and Rigdon was left on the banks of a rather raging river that took its own subsequent course; with Mormon apologists saying that the Spaulding-Rigdon hypothesis has been ‘disproved’.  1) Not so’s I have been able to discover; and 2) Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they…
     What do I believe?  After extensive research into the whole matter, I had found enough to convince me that there was, indeed, a whole lotta connin’ goin’ on, about the Church’s origins. (Smith and Rigdon fleecing wide-eyed converts of their money in a ‘revelation-instructed’ bank that went terribly bust; etc.)  And, after a particularly in-depth period of time engaged in research in Salt Lake City (after some research in the stacks of the Library at BYU) about the Church’s early days, I formally tendered my resignation from its ranks.  This was in late 1968-’69.  And I have never looked back since.  Except for one niggling little fact.   Read on…     
4 As I indicated, I had my own on-again off-again relationship with the Church.  But that’s another story as well.  Except just to say: though I ultimately read my way out of it (digging deep into the founding facts of it), I have never, to this day, found an answer to the curious fact that a large, strangely carved stone (ka a stela) was found many years ago - I think around 1941 - by some archeologists (from the National Geographic Society along with the Smithsonian Institution) on the Mexico/Guatemala border that depicted a scene from a story straight out of the Book of Mormon. It was about an old man - with a beard (a bearded old man, in Central America???), and in near-Eastern clothing - sitting with his back against a tree, with a river running close by, and the man having a visionary dream, of some characters also depicted on the stone, with its Tree of Life motif.  It has been dubbed the Lehi stone, after the character in the story; and a replica of it (which I have seen firshand) resides in the Archeology Department of Brigham Young University, in Utah.  
     Specifically, in Provo.  My birth town.  Curiously enough…

5 And good on them, for such service to humanity.  Forget all the complaints about The Christian Church.  They do good works.  What are you doing, about the human condition???

6 I could have gone to the self-checkout section, but I like the human contact.  If I owned a business I would undoubtedly choose one where I could have such contact, rather than lease, or buy, robots.  As is happening, more and more anymore.  Which we are going to have to deal with.  And soon.
     But I digress.
     Sort of.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's A Wrap

(Letter To The Editor to The New American)

February 25 2016

Dear Sirs:

In the February 22 'Letters to the Editor' column Steve Byas has it wrong about the Constitutional definition of a 'natural born' citizen.  He cites the Naturalization Act of 1790 which uses the term, but fails to note that that Act was repealed by the Naturalization Act of 1795, on precisely this issue - because it was misleading in its use of the term, as signed off on by both Madison and Washington in the 1795 substitute Act  The correct constitutional definition of the term is contained in E. de Vattel's definitive tome on the subject, which there is considerable historical evidence that the constitutional Framers were going by in their use of the term.  In that treatise, 'The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law' (which was taught in the universities of the day), de Vattel gives the precise definition of the term in use at the time in his Book One, Chap. XIX, Sect. 212, titled 'Citizens and natives':

"The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country."

I used the expression "the constitutional definition" because, though terms may change their meanings over time, it is the ORIGINAL INTENT meaning that is operative regarding the Constitution, i.e., the intended eligibility requirement itself.  If the original intent meaning is to be changed, it would require a constitutional amendment - and in point of fact, both current major political parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and 2'008, to get just such an amendment going through Congress on this very issue (i.e., including this issue as their common denominator), and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this issue.  So: THEY KNEW.  And know, what a true 'natural born citizen' is, and was, in constitutional terms. 

Some people try to argue that there are only two kinds of citizens, natural born and naturalized.  Not so, as graphically demonstrated by the fact that Alexander Hamilton, as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention proceedings, made a proposal that the president need only be, quote, "born a citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent 'natural born' category, i.e., a person born on the soil - jus soli - of citizen parents thereof - jus sanguinis; with the emphasis on the father. 

This whole subject is dealt with in exhaustive and excellent detail by Atty. Mario Apuzzo at his web site:  I urge your readers to go there, and familiarize themselves with the true, and full, facts of this matter.  Which includes the fact that we have a constitutional crisis on our hands as we speak, with a Usurper in the Oval Office. And who is proving the very concern of the constitutional Framers - that the potential Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces have NO DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES - to have been very prescient, indeed.




2) from ‘Obama Lifts Ban On Diseased ‘Refugees’…Here’s Who He’s Dumping Into Your Town’ - February 25 - (orig. posted at - February 22)
(Obama now letting 'refugees' into this country with HIV and STDs.  Whatever it takes to get as many votes as possible - and to bankrupt the country - in aid of his dark agenda...)


Don't worry. Once America's Oathkeepers - current and retired - do their duty and arrest the Usurper, for being an illegal occupant of the Oval Office (for not being a 'natural born' citizen, i.e., and as understood by the constitutional Framers: a person born in the country of citizen parents thereof, with particular respect to the father), and hold him for trial on a number of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason, all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made, go with him, into the trash bin. It will be as if he had never been there.

Except in our consciences, for ever letting this gross constitutional error happen, on our watch, of letting someone occupy the Oval Office who had no business being there. Except 'funny' business. And definitely not as in ha ha. Rather, as in very dark business.

Can you say, part of the machinations of the totalitarian 'New World Order' crowd?? Making a major move against the United States??? And getting away with it. So far......

How about it, Oathkeepers????  Up to the job yet, in your minds?????

We really don't have a lot of space left in which to maneuver before TPTB try to pull the plug on the former federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A.

It may well go.  But not this way.  It will go the way it should go.

And that is not the way that the Dark forces wish it to go: to say, into their hands. 

I don't know which universe you Dark-force types think that you are in.  But God rules this one. 

Which you are about to find out.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

'The Dance Is Done. The Truth Is Known.'

Building on Steve Beckow's words, which I quoted at the bottom of my last blog:

Today I received and have replied to a mailing from one of the Tea Party groups - this one called the Tea Party Campaign - whose covering letter pointed out how serious matters are getting in this country, and to which I made a response.  First, on the seriousness - crucial stage - of the matter; this, from said letter, by Ryan Riekena, Project Chairman of this particular campaign:

"Dear Friend,

"Anyone who still doubts that Barack Obama has evil intentions for our United States of America had better start paying attention.

"Because the evidence is now overwhelming.  [emphasis in original]

"Not only has he secretly given himself Martial Law powers over our entire nation -- powers that he can invoke any time he likes...

"...but now he has also run a live test, right under our very noses -- code-named Jade Helm -- showing exactly how his Martial Law implementation would look...

"...and how he will use his Martial Law powers to:

"* Override our freedom
"* Confiscate our guns
"* Arrest political dissenters (us conservatives)
"* Detain those who disagree with him
"* Appropriate our money
"* Shut down disfavored businesses
"* Hijack our United States Constitution
"* Commandeer our vehicles
"* And pretty much anything else he desires..."

At the end of the enclosed 'Emergency National Survey On Jade Helm And Obama's Unconstitutional Martial Law Power Grab,' he/they allowed space for 'Personal comment'.  Mine:

"Anybody who can read plain English should have known that BO was not eligible for the office from the beginning, for not being a 'natural born' citizen.  But better late than never, to get him out of there."

To go on here from there:

'Otherwise, you are operating under the rule of men.  A/k/a arbitrary law.  Such a law is whatever you say it is at any given moment.  It's like playing tennis with the net down.  The net - the Constitution - catches erroneous, illegal hits.  Keeps the game honest.'

However, the 'game' - The Play - is over now, anyway.  And that's why I'm here, now.

This I believe:

I have come down, from the Seventh Heaven (at the least), to police you people up, and lead you, with the help of dedicated Lightworkers, into your Golden Age.  But first: To set things right.

May that process now begin in earnest.  Before 'error' makes a right mess of things, for having gone -  having been allowed to go - too far.

It -  to say, the Dark side, of/in a realm of duality, polarity; seeming separation - has had a role to play in the unfolding of consciousness on this planet.  But the time has come, for a wrap.

As I say:

This I believe.

And I have been feeling recently - an inner nudge - that I need to acknowledge that feeling.  Say it, in so many words.

So be it.


Because, you see:

The Truth needs to be known.

On all levels.

Not hidden, under the likes of a bushel basket.

But declared.

Loud.  And clear.

As, say, in declaring the illegality of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama to hold that thus-purloined office.

And as in declaring that

I will take over now.

And be willing to stand behind that declaration.

Sort of a

Declaration of Independence

from any form of tyranny over the mind of Man.

And I don't expect a lot of you to know where that expression came from.  Because you have been dumbed down.  On such matters.

For long enough.


The Dance is now Done.  The Truth is now Known.

And let's be further about our Father/Mother God's business.

And, thereby,

get back on track.  On

The Way.

Crunch Time Calling - All Hands On Deck

1) from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: ‘Extremist Mass Media Uses Oregon Standoff to Criminally Profile Truth and Freedom Lovers’ - February 23 (orig, posted at - Bernie Suarez - February 21)
(A report of an article in the Washington Post by one Leah Sotille, demonizing the Oregon refuge crowd.)

kibitzer3 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Excellent article. Thanks for the posting of it, Jean.

It would appear to be getting to Crunch Time, if they are now trying to demonize such as the Founding Fathers, and anyone who talks about ‘freedom’. That’s the last card to play – for both sides. And I trust that the Right side of the matter will win out. Trust that, because this is a moral universe – because the universe has purpose, and that Purpose is Good. We are NOT the flies in the web of an evil Spider God. We are here to figure our way out of the 3D hologram temporary prison; better to be looked at as a classroom.

Life is a school. The purpose is to graduate. And we are on that verge. For most of us, at least. So it’s up to us to rise to the occasion. Not let the Bad Guys wear us down.


2) from ‘Donald Trump muses about Marco Rubio’s eligibility to run for president’ - - February 22
John S. Zimmer  2 days ago (February 22)

Based on the U.S. Constitution neither Rubio or Cruz is eligible for the Vice Presidency or the Presidency as neither of them is a "Natural Born Citizen" which has been interpreted to mean the offspring of two U.S. Citizen Parents. Case closed. By the way, the same ineligibility applies to Obama, as his father was never a U.S. Citizen. I'm actually surprised these learned Constitutional Scholars are so inept or corrupted that they have not weighed in on this issue for the last eight years.


          kibitzer3 John S. Zimmer  a few seconds ago (February 24)
  • Just to clarify: The constitutional Framers were obviously, by considerable historical evidence, going by the definitive tome of the day on such subjects, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law,' in which he clarifies the definition of a NBC. Which is a person born in the country (or its jurisdictional equivalent) of citizen parents thereof (and particularly the father, from whom nationality descends, legalistically speaking). Thus, both the doctrine of jus sanguinis - law of the blood - and jus soli - law of the soil - apply. THAT makes it "case closed".

3) from ‘One World Order vs. Natural Born Citizens by JB Williams’ - newswithviewscom - February 23 - posted by Harry Riley - February 23

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (February 24)

J.B. Williams unfortunately, for all of his good efforts in this regard, is muddying the waters on the NBC issue by failing to note the proper definition as codified by E. de Vattel in his definitive tome of the day on the matter, 'The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law'.  In Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212 he clarifies the term, as being a person born in the country of citizen parents of that country - and yes, specifically that of the father, from whom nationality descends, legalistically speaking.  (Both the mother and the father were considered One in those days, and the father was the One.)  Williams uses wording in Sect. 215 to think that de Vattel is referring to a 'natural born' citizen therein, when all de Vattel is doing there is discussing a 'born citizen'.  Sect. 215 does not negate or repudiate Sect. 212, which talks about both the parents - jus sanguinis, in the legal parlance - AND the 'soil' - jus soli.  We're talking apples and oranges here.  

The best/most comprehensive source of info on this subject that I know of is Atty. Mario Apuzzo's site: puzo1dotblogspotdotcom.   


...And for a good reason that this all is not just an academic exercise:

Anyone Disagreeing with the Government Will Go To Prison Including the Media for Covering It

CSS Offical-New-Logo2
Prophetic words by President Bush
Prophetic words by President Bush
“Homegrown violent extremists can be motivated by any viewpoint on the full spectrum of hate—anti-government views, racism, bigotry, anarchy and other despicable beliefs,” 
John Carlin Assistant Attorney General in charge of anit-domestic terrorism (October 2015)
As one can clearly observe, Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin, is clearly stating that if one disagrees with the government, they are considered (under the Patriot Act) to be a Homegrown violent extremist.
Reuters while describing Carlin’s position, likens domestic, right-wing extremism with anti-governmental views, is guilty of providing “material support” for domestic terrorism.
Further, disagreeing with your government can cause you to “disappear” under the NDAA. Since 9/11, the feds have been engaged in a sequential and incrementally implemented scheme to do away with the First Amendment.

Technically, anyone in the Independent Media will be declared to be guilty of providing material support for domestic terrorists for interviewing “domestic terrorists” such as Ammon Bundy. Any media member interviewing someone who is promoting their cause against the government, will be arrested. I see no distinction between being declared to be a domestic terrorist and providing material support for a domestic terrorist. Both groups will be imprisoned or worse. 

Legal Double Talk Will Land Dave Hodges et al In Prison

Shawna Cox and Ammon Bundy appeared on The Common Sense Show and talked about their objectives in Burns, Oregon.
Shawna Cox and Ammon Bundy appeared on The Common Sense Show and talked about their objectives in Burns, Oregon.
Dave Hodges, the host of The Common Sense Show, dated to interview Ammon and Shawna in separate interviews and is just as guilty of any crime committed by Ammon and Shawna because Hodges "provided material" by interviewing them.
Dave Hodges, the host of The Common Sense Show, dated to interview Ammon and Shawna in separate interviews and is just as guilty of any crime committed by Ammon and Shawna because Hodges “provided material” by interviewing them.
According to a recent ACLU Report “The Federal government’s  “material support” and conspiracy statutes allow the government to obtain convictions without having to show that any specific act has taken place, or is being planned, or even that a defendant intended to engage in terrorism.”  This is precisely what the Bundy’s and their colleagues are being charged with. In other words America, you are guilty of pre-crime because someone THINKS you were going to do something. No act of Congress is necessary because according to recent interpretations of Americanjurisprudence, proving material support for terrorism is a crime prohibited by the US Patriot Act in Article 18 of the United States Code, sections  and 2339B. Again, you may not have done anything wrong, but the government thinks you are going to. For example, if Dave Hodges interviews Ammon Bundy and allows Ammon to have his say, and Ammon goes on to commit an act that the government says is  terrorism, then Dave Hodges is guilty of providing material support. The government could say that Bundy was attempting to grow the number of confederates who are loyal to his cause and Dave Hodges assisted. Therefore, Dave Hodges is arrested as an accomplice in all of Bundy’s actions.

This Is Not a New Development

Below, I wrote the following article on October 17, 2015, from which excerpts are included. Based upon Carlin’s statements, I predicted that all working in the Independent media will be subject to arrest under new Department of Justice Guidelines for providing material support to “Domestic Terrorists”. And that is exactly what we are on the verge of seeing. What exactly is a domestic terrorist?
Some news outlets are reporting that this is a new development. It is not and as I reported on this in October of last year. Below are the excerpts from that article which clearly makes the point that the present Obama administration has planned to jail or murder (possible NDAA application) all who publicly disagree with their policies for quite sometime. The only thing that is new is that the federal government is actually arresting people for WHAT THEY MIGHT DO.

CNN Exposes a Very Dangerous Agenda

“Washington (CNN) Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday.
To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups”. (Editor’s note: It is legal to be anti-government in one’s speech and this attitude does not imply the subsequent use of violence).
 From CNN, “Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, who oversees national security at the Justice Department, announced the new position — the Domestic Terrorism Counsel — following a number of violent attacks or plots against the U.S. that he said were motivated by “anti-government views, racism, bigotry and anarchy, and other despicable beliefs.”
Take note of the use of the strategy often referred to as incrementalism. Carlin vilifies groups that most Americans do not approve of (e.g.  the KKK, overt practices of racism, acts of violence etc.). However, Carlin slips into his rhetoric that anyone that characterizes any person harboring any expressed  anti-government views, as a domestic terrorist. This is a thinly veiled attempt to end all criticism of the government and government officials.
It is in the DNA of America to oppose governmental tyranny and that is precisely what we are witnessing in today’s Obama administration. It is our duty to protect and defend the Constitution. However, these “Anti-government” views and activities are being characterized as the actions of a domestic terrorist.


From the NDAA, to the plethora of illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders, the present (Obama) administration has made a mockery of the Constitution. However, in the words our occupied government (i.e. analogous to the French Vichy WW II Nazi collaborators), this administration wants to declare you to be a terrorist for the simple act of disagreeing with the government’s mandates. If traditional, Bible-believing Christians oppose gay marriage, they are members of a hate group cult. No matter how offensive these Christian world views may appear to some, it is the Constitutional right of these conservative groups to hold and express these beliefs. Yet, these beliefs are being criminalized and the holders of these beliefs are being set up for persecution. The Constitution is dead, long live the Constitution! The world has turned upside down.
Again, the CNN coverage of Carlin’s inflammatory comments continues, “Groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda, who are inspired by religious extremism, are designated by our federal government as terror organizations, which makes it illegal to support or assist them. But no such statute exist to prosecute white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan or anti-government extremists, forcing federal law enforcement to find more concrete charges to lock them up”…
End of excerpts
“Domestic Terrorism overshadows Muslim extremism.”
John Carlin
One can see that any American, loyal to the Constitution, and expresses that view can and soon will be arrested for what they might do. This new interpretation of the Patriot Act has already taken place:
Cliven Bundy is accused of conspiracy to commit an offense against the US; assault on a federal officer with a deadly weapon; use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; interference with commerce by extortion; obstruction of the administration of justice; and aiding and abetting.
Did Cliven Bundy actually commit an offense against the U.S? No
Did Cliven Bundy actually assault a federal officer with a deadly weapon? No, but the government says he intended to.
Did Cliven Bundy carry a weapon in relation to a crime of violence? No, but but this criminal administration said he intended to.
Did Cliven Bundy interfere with “commerce by extortion”?  No, it was Bundy that was having his commerce interfered with by the BLM.
Did Cliven Bundy interfere with federal authorities and their intent to steal his land and hand it off to Chinese Solar Energy front companies acting on behalf of the Chinese military? Yes, but this legal bootstrapping to a crime that has not yet happened, but the government says that it will.
Is Cliven Bundy guilty of aiding and abetting? Yes, under this new thought crime interpretation of the Patriot Act. He supported the Hammonds who were having their commerce and property rights interfered with by the BLM. But again, this is legal bootstrapping.
Let me remind everyone that the Hammonds were put in prison under domestic terrorism statutes because a  controlled burn, conducted on their land with the permission of the federal government, that got out of control. Terrorism? Really? We are only witnessing the beginning of government terrorism against its citizens.
Subsequently, America, by standing up for your rights against governmental Fifth Amendment violations resulting in the loss of property value and even property ownership, one has become labeled as a terrorist. And now your independent media is also guilty of domestic terrorism for covering these events.


A blind man could see that the government is saying that if you disagree with them, that you are a terrorist. If the media, in any way, supports this new group of terrorists, they are guilty of providing material support for terrorists who intend to commit acts of terror. As Abbott and Costello once said “Who’s on first?”
Did you ever think you were going to live in an America such as this? Who will be the first talk show to go to prison for providing material support for “would-be” terrorists? Or worse yet, will they just “disappear” said talk show host?
My warnings were not taken seriously on October 17, 2015, maybe they will be now.


...But at the bottom, bottom line:

from Golden Age of Gaia: ‘Are We Made in God’s Image or Have We Made God in Ours? - Part 3/3’ - Steve Beckow - February 23

“…If we realize that One, we return to the God we never left and know It for the very first time.   The creation has returned to the Creator, in whose image it was made. The dance is done. The truth is known.”