Sunday, 11 August 2013

An Apology, & An Observation

Sorry if I offended anyone in my blog of last night with my bold statement when I referred to "my A-Team" helping in this transition period to Ascension for humanity.  It's simply that I feel strongly that I embody the spirit of the founding energy of America, and have incarnated at this time, with others, on a rescue mission:

a) to make sure that that spirit - should I recap it, for those who didn't get much of a grounding of American history in their 'progressive' education? - of, let's see; individual freedom, and limited government (that will do, for a basis) -  'wins the day' against the dark night of totalitarianism; and

b) to help guide the Human process of consciousness-raising to a successful outcome, and conclusion, now, in its Ascension, through the 4D realm of Emotion almost seamlessly on to the first of the 5D degrees of Consciousness.

Along with Gaia.  Whom we have mistreated long enough.  And Who will move up.

Is.  Moving up.

With us.

Or without us.

Your choice.

As always.

P.S. And: Dear NSA Spook:*
     Have you considered your position yet?
     Of coming over to the Light side?  And doing a whistleblower thing??  Like the HERO - NOT TRAITOR - Edward Snowden.  Or just slipping seamlessly into the realm of Patriots???
     There's still time.

* Perhaps I am not being monitored automatically, yet, and need to include some trigger-happy words.  Let's see...
     Tea Party.
     The Constitution.
     Be Prepared.  (Not the Boy Scout version.  Well; on second thought, I'll leave it as is.)
     Oh - and I almost forgot.  Apparently the real kicker:
     There.  That should do it.  To get their attention.  Out of the whole mess of communications with one another, that we once-free Americans in once-free America used to be able to engage in, without paternalistic Big Brother (a natural outgrowth from maternalistic Big Nanny) checking on us, for signs of insurrection, or even just insubordination.
     Oy vey.  Such a job.

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