Friday, 23 August 2013

For The Record

Let me clarify something, for the record.

When I was speaking yesterday of 'war,' and 'taking the battle to the enemy' (not in so many words; but in implication), I was referring to the war being waged by the socialists in the Obama administration on their enemies - 'tea party,' 'patriots,' 'conservatives,' 'pro-Life,' 'Christian;' and even for being an advocate of 'liberty,' would you believe.1  Your response to that war, if you are in one of those categories (or even if you are not, and simply don't approve of that message), can take the form of passive resistance - or even active resistance; such as standing up in the audience when The Usurper-in-Chief speaks in your area and turning your back on him (and having some pamphlets to hand out, to willing recipients).  Or engaging in slow hand clapping in such an audience.  Or the freeway overpass sign caper.  As examples of that approach.  Until he gets that message, and vacates the office on his own accord.

We have better things to be about than engaging our self-declared, even audaciously self-proclaimed 'enemy' in outright hostilities.2  Acts of nonviolent civil disobedience should do the trick.  And then we can ALL get on with the real business at hand:


Just wanted to make my position clear.

And further, on that note:

I am not a Christian.  There are too many human fingerprints on every page of the Bible - specifically, the New Testament thereof - to be able to consider it any sort of real historical record, let alone the 'infallible word of God'.  But there are some good thoughts scattered in its pages, like specks of gold, to be sieved out from the dross.  And one of those specks - nay; in this instance, a kernel; nay, call it what it is: a nugget - is the injunction to 'love your enemies'.  For they are not really your enemies.  They are but antagonists in the latest chapter of the book of Life - the last chapter, as it turns out.  Of the Book of Life as it has been.  Now to give way to the Truth of the matter:

that We Are All One.  And All IS One.

In places like this planet - this holy Stage of our Play - in the business of spiritual growth; and out of that process, of growth, into the discovering of that fact about Itself.

In order for the Parts of the Whole3 to be able to move on.  To the next stage of the operation.  Of the unfolding of consciousness.

Of the Source discovering more about Itself.

And hopefully, finally: able to rejoice.  In Our return to total Unity.

The stronger - wiser - for the experience, of seeming separation.  In order to be tempered by the experience.

And not to be distracted whilst in the process, and engage in bad temper.

Momentarily captured by the Illusion.

Forgetting our real Selves; caught too far up in the Drama.

Of our making.

And allowed to do so.

By our loving Father-Mother God. The All That Is.

Wishing us to return Home.

The better for the experience in the 'wilderness':

the wide reaches of the cosmos.

The living cosmos.

For being part of that All That Is.

And therefore, part of The Process, that the Parts of the Whole are subjected to.

For a reason, dear hearts.

For a Reason.

Just for the record.



1 Can you believe the audacity of Obama and these people, his acolytes??
     You had better believe it.

2 Remember when The Usurper-in-Chief said to his acolytes to take the vote to their "enemies"???

3 We individual souls being the pieces of the continent, 'a part of the main' in the inspired, and inspiring, words of the poet (John Donne)


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