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Time To Get Back Into 'The Scene'

August 1

Dear Dr. Corsi,1

Thank you for your information regarding a Constitutional Petition For Immediate Hearings on the fraudulent nature of the document posted by Resident Obama on the official White House web site, purporting to be a true copy of his birth certificate.2

I have come to the conclusion that this whole thing -  this whole sorry mess of a matter regarding a fraud and a liar and a con artist having - with much behind-the-scenes help -  made his way into the office of the presidency of the United States, and been supported in his nefarious deeds whilst in that office by both deluded souls and intentionally aiding and abetting ones - is a moot issue; and that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama is, after all, a high spiritual being.  It is now so blatantly obvious what he is doing that even the most obtuse of citizens - the most unawake and unaware of couch potatoes - must 'get it'.

Consider some additions - at least, as have come to my attention - to the litany of his and his administration's egregious activities.  As I mused just yesterday, in response to another mailing on this general subject:

'It's interesting to see how America has moved from judging a person by the color of their skin to doing so by the content of their character, now to doing so by the content of their prayers.  To quote from a newsletter I have just received:

'"CFJ is adding to its SPECIAL REPORT a raft of new examples of [I can't utter the word that is used here; to move on] Obama's lawless conduct including:

   * The IRS also targeted many conservative churches with punishing audits and investigations.  The IRS demanded copies of the prayers of conservative churches [my emphasis], as well as their membership lists."  What??!!  To continue, in that vein: 

   * The author of 'The ObamaCare Survival Guide,' journalist Wayne Allyn Root,3 reports he was audited by the IRS after his book became a national bestseller.  Mr. Root also reports that he has personally spoken with15 donors to the Mitt Romney campaign who were audited within 90 days of making their donations [my emphasis].  Ah.  The value of having donor and membership lists………

'…one of the values.  Besides simply having lists of your enemies.  For when the crunch comes…

'…and of which, there are always signs and portents.  For example:

* The IRS has gone after reporters and news anchors who criticized Obama during the 2012 campaign.  

'A little more detail on this point:

'"Also to be added to the report: the revelation that the Obama Justice Department ordered criminal investigations of FOX News reporters for doing their jobs during the 2012 Election year.

'"'The Obama Justice Department secretly obtained the phone records and emails of more than 100 reporters, journalists, and editors - with a special focus on going after FOX News,' Levey points out.4  'The purpose of this, of course, was to chill media criticism of Obama during the 2012 election.'

'"CFJ's legal team," the newsletter goes on, "believes this attack by an American President [sic] on the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press is unprecedented.  And it is yet one more example reminding us that Obama has committed and continues to commit many serious violations of law [my emphasis].5 

'"'If we make a really strong case to the American people that Obama's total disregard for law represents a serious threat to our Constitutional Republic, this can have an enormous impact on the 2014 and 2016 Elections,' Levey says."' 

'But will we even get there, to them.  That is the question.'

So you see, Dr. Corsi: The intention is so blatant now that even the most initially fooled of citizen must be able to see it.  Must know, has to know, what is going on.  And so the 'high spiritual being' thinking about the man.  Because this man has brought the whole thing to a head - done us a great service - in showing us the way into the future, by showing us precisely NOT the way into the future. 

But - alas - it seems to have, still, escaped the awareness of many, many citizens; too wrapped in their own little worlds that they can't see the forest for the trees, meaning the details of their daily lives.  So, to whom I say, in support of your initiative regarding the apparent fraudulent nature of BHO's birth certificate:6 

'You in this generation have played fast and loose with that fundamental aspect of your nation's Constitution; and therefore, of the rule of law.

'And are in terrible trouble as a result.  Have brought the nation into terrible trouble as a result.

'For, smooth-talking, long-legged Mack Daddy Obama has seduced you into going into waters that are threatening to be over your collective and personal heads; and you are not prepared for it.  Are going to start thrashing around; flailing around, banging into each other, hoping to obtain some purchase, get some footing; something, anything to help you.  

'Fortunately, there is some help.  And it is from the only direction that can truly help you.  And that is, from up above.

'I hope you have learned the lesson well.' 

You're welcome to my mere pittance of financial support, Dr. Corsi; being retired, as I am, and living on the basic Social Security pension.

You are engaging in a worthy cause.

I wish I could be of more support.

Well; I, of course, can be.

I can pray.  

For you.

And for us all.

And for 'us all', I mean not just American citizens.

I mean the world.

For, 'Affairs are now soul size,' said the playwright.  Who added:

'The enterprise is exploration into God.'

Indeed, Mr. Fry.




1 (If the names's not familiar to you, where have you been?  He is a researcher into the background first of John Kerry (for the 2004 elections) and then of Barack Obama, and wrote books about his findings, and appeared on TV and guested on talk radio about it all.  He wrote 'The Obama Nation,' in which he outlined the far-left forces that have made and manipulated Obama into the Oval Office, and then came up with his latest book, 'Where's the Birth Certificate?' which helped smoke out the document that Obama posted on the official White House web site - and which has proven, in the eyes of many, including even six-year-olds, to be a forged document.  Or rather, to be more precise - a quality which this blog is all about -  a computer-generated image of a forged document.)   

2 (As to such a petition: As Dr. Corsi says in his letter, "It's our Constitutional right to petition…[under] The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and its Petition Clause, which states that as Americans we have the right to:
     '…petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'")  

3 (Another name that if you aren't aware of it, you should be: he was in the same class at Columbia University, and with the same major, that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was supposed to be in - has said that he was in.  And never heard of him.  Nor did any of Root's fellow poli sci students.  Nor did at least one of the professors of that major.
     As to other professors at that university…well, let's just say that that university is known for radical tendencies.  And the CIA is known for knocking up fraudulent backgrounds for its, er, clients. 
     And what all did Obama get up to during that time in his life; to say, during his time in Europe, ostensibly spent in Pakistan?  How come there's evidence that he was, during that time in his life, at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, that specializes in governmental overthrow??  And how is that he just happened to get a job at a CIA front in New York City, after leaving Columbia and before moving on to Chicago, and his short career there as a 'community organizer,' getting steeped in the 'Rules For Radicals' philosophy of Saul Alinsky???……and getting a scholarship to go to Harvard Law, paid for by deep-pocket Muslims………
      but I digress…………)

4 This is Curt Levey, President and Executive Director of The Committee for Justice, whose monthly newsletter 'Constitution Watch' - for August 2013 - I am quoting from.
     And the CFJ's SPECIAL REPORT that is being referred to is titled 'High Crimes & Misdemeanors'.  Which catalogues dozens of serious violations of law by Resident Obama and his administration.  
     And oh, those targets of the IRS, which list includes organizations with words like 'tea party' and 'patriot' in their titles?  Guess another word that is anathema to the Obama IRS: 
     I kid you not.
     That is just how blatant this whole thing has gotten.  
     The overthrow of the American Republic.
     Going on.  As we speak.

5 I trust you are familiar with the bulk of the outrages he and his administration have been pulling?   The other IRS matters?  The DOJ matters, including the AP reporter (besides the FOX News reporter(s)), and the DOJ blocking the cleanup of voting rolls to keep hidden from view the scamming of them by the Democrats?  The NSA matters?  The sinister and chilling activities of the DHS?? with the populace becoming subject right there alone to totalitarian takeover???
     Hyperbole?  Were you aware of other telling details; facts like how the Benghazi survivors have been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that the American people would never be able to learn the truth about the attack; at least not by a time that that truth would do any good?  Or how Obama has shut down our southern border aerial defense system?? in conjunction with such little details as that there is now a Hezbollah base in Cuba??? -
     We're not paying attention to details.  
     Which is, I submit, a function of mind-control activity that we have been subjected to, for years.  Which has led us to be taught - by experts in this field, once removed from the useful idiots teaching in our children's classrooms - that it is not important to learn how to spell correctly; just convey your idea however you can/choose to. Which philosophy results in students being trained - brainwashed - to believe that details don't matter.  A dangerous assumption, and presumption.
     'Just look at the man.  Not the details of the actions that he is involved in.  Just listen to him.  Don't think…'
     'Here - over here.  Don't look over there, at those mere details.  Just sideshow stuff - distractions - over there.  Look here. And see what I say.  Not what I do.' 
     We must learn - be taught - to discriminate.  (Which has become a dirty word.  For a purpose.)  'I before e excepts after c, and as in words like neighbor and weigh'…Yes, different cultures with the same language have different ways of spelling; take the UK/Commonwealth and the U.S. (and spelling changes over time).  But learn to spell the way your culture teaches; that is your doorway to knowledge - via that culture.  Your access, which is embedded with, and to, meanings.  And the cleaner and clearer the doorways, the better.
     When things were written, meaning was attached to those precise words.  Our job is to get to the meaning.  And the words used, and recorded, are the portal.
     Now, there is more than one way to grasp, and gain, knowledge.  There is this rational, left-brain way; and there is an intuitive way, whereby one can grasp meanings as a whole.  But, like the Google search engine, the clearer your input, the faster and more clearly it can respond.
     All of which is a subject for another time, perhaps. Just to touch on it here.  But in the meantime - if you're interested - a good book on this interesting subject is 'From Atlantis to the Sphinx'  by Colin Wilson.
6 not to mention the little fact that seems to have escaped so many people in this appalling matter: that the birth certificate itself is moot, since he was ineligible from the git-go, not being born of two U.S. citizen parents (according to his own testimony).  The whole point of the exercise, on the part of the Framers of the Constitution, having been to make sure - as sure as they could make it - that that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, of all the new federal offices being considered; with its also being the office - the unique office - of the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - had candidates for it who did not have CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.     
     As a dual citizen would have.
     That is, a person not born of two U.S. citizen parents.
     Like, oh, say (can you see):
     Barack Hussein Obama.
     Or at least, the man who calls himself that.
     Which is part of the mystery surrounding the man.
     This man, whom the American people have bought, like a pig in a poke for their president.
     It is to shake one's head.
     In wonderment.  And sorrow.  And pain.
     And anger.
     But not too much of the latter.
     For it could cloud our thinking.
     As to how to get out of this mess, the best way.
     Without too much of that anger stuff getting in the way.
     Of rational thought in the matter.
     The matter, of our stupidity.
     For we are the ones who bought the pig in a poke.  At first simply on good faith; and then merely on the strength of a bill of sale.
     And a dodgy one at that.
     More fool, us.
     So who do we have, really, to point our finger at?  And shake it??......


P.S. A late addition to the 'discussion'.  But it's rather pertinent to the subject.

from wnd: 'Who Is Killing America?' - Joseph Farah - August 1
(Joseph Farah explains impact of 'the government-progressive complex')

Frank 5 hours ago
Where's the problem? Americans are getting what they voted for.


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  • winstonsmith Frank 3 hours ago

    • Yup. "Conservatives" HAVE BEEN VOTING for progressivism FOR DECADES! They MASK their crime with the term "better evil." They VOLUNTARILY VOTE for progressivism... THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT PROGRESSIVISM!!!!!!!
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  • Doug Lynn Frank 4 hours ago

  • I assume you are joking. People that are net tax consumers should no be allowed to vote. Democracy will destroy any country that lets people vote to take from their neighbors for their personal enrichment. Socialism and crony capitalism are both wicked and destructive. We have both and we must eliminate both.
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    • kibitzer3 Doug Lynn a few seconds ago [now into August 2]

    • Amen, Doug. Hit the nail on the head. And that's precisely why neither of the two major political parties are or have the answer: they are both culpable. 

    • Conservatives should have realized long ago that the Republican Party was a sellout to big government - 'everybody in it for what they could get out of it' - and started strengthening a third party base, ultimately to force the fundamental political issue in the country: Either you're for big government or you're for limited, to say founding-vision, government: take your pick of parties. One round of elections might well have had to be sacrificed, until the new orientation could take over. But that's the short-term price you have to pay sometimes, to make long-term gain. Now I feel it's too late for that sort of scenario: the Marxists now in charge of the Democrat Party need to be stopped in their tracks, and quickly. We don't have the luxury of time any longer. All we have is Message. 

    • And that CAN make the difference. But only if it is put in the proper context. And that includes the spiritual.

    • Note that I didn't say 'Christian', or 'religious'. This, now, is beyond belief. It is into the realm of hard, loving fact: that we have come to a crossroads in life. And the only way to go is, neither Left nor Right. But Up. Into the light of a New Day dawning.

    • And it ain't socialism. Nor, actually, is it capitalism. 

    • Call it Godism if you want. Meaning, the way of spiritual progression.

    • And THAT'S not as in 'progressivism''s as in Take responsibility for your own life. For you are an immortal soul, responsible for it, as a gift from your Creator. As you encounter 'growing pains' in the so-called life (read, in actuality: illusory) experience. And are now on your return journey Home. The wiser FOR the experience. 

    • Hopefully......or you'll just have to go through the whole thing all over again. That 'thing'?:

    • A classroom exercise.

    • While the rest of us move on. And on. And loving resonance with - and understanding of - the process.

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