Friday, 16 August 2013

The Message

(Session begins)

Ra-Tan: Greetings.  I am Ra-Tan.  It is a pleasure to be with you all once again.  How may I best serve you at this time?

Group's Questioner: Welcome, Ra-Tan.  We appreciate this connection with you.

Ra-Tan: And I with you, as always.  What questions would you like to ask me at this time, my dear friend?

Q: I have a number of questions from our followers - our community - but the most prominent ones are about recent actions regarding the president.  I know we have gone over his 'credentials,' as we would say, a number of times before; but there is serious concern here regarding a number of matters on this subject.  May we concentrate on these first; and then see how much time we have left for others?

Ra-Tan: By all means, as you would also say.  I am here to serve you and your needs, and interests, as always.

Q: Good.  Thank you for that.  First, and particularly for any new members of our - community, could you repeat what you sense - excuse me; what you know, about the background of President Obama?  His deep background, I mean??  For now??? 

Ra-Tan: There is no harm in repeating these things; that they may become more rooted in mind.  Your president, Barack Hussein Obama - as he is known to you, in your time and place - came from a very high spiritual plane in another galaxy and dimension to incarnate amongst you at this time on your third dimensional plane, for you and this purpose, to help lead you into your Golden Age.  

Q: And the name of that plane and galaxy and dimension?  You have never clarified that information fully for us.    

Ra-Tan: It is of no importance.  You would not be able to pronounce these things properly anyway, in your language.  The 'names,' as you call them, are meaningless anyway.  Only the levels of consciousness are what is Important; whether it is the Third level of the Fourth dimension, or the Seventh level of the Twelfth dimension - these things are tedious and of no real relevance. 

Q:  Right.  Sorry; and personally, I agree.  It's just that we were asked to ask the question.

Ra-Tan: I understand your predicament.  May we move on?  And get to the real meat of things, as you say?  

Q (nervous laugh): Yes.  Of course.
     (checking his notes; and being nudged from behind by one of The Group, which he shakes off a bit sharply)   
      I know that you have tried to put our minds at ease in the past about certain actions regarding President Obama and his administration; but I would like to review some of them, especially for the benefit of newer members of our follow- - our 'community,' as you have encouraged us to call them - but also for some of our regulars, who are expressing deep concern, may I say, about some of these actions in particular.  May we hear again from you, Ra-Tan, your 'take,'  as it were -

Ra-Tan: I understand the expression.

Q: Thank you.  I'm a little nervous here.  We're getting into some deep…

Ra-Tan: I understand the idiom that you are calling up.

Q (with evident relief, and a chuckle in his tone): Thank you!

Ra-Tan: No problem.  As you say.

Q: (nervous laugh) Thank you!  So, as I was saying…let's see… (checking his notes)

Ra-Tan: You were saying - let me check -  'May we hear again from you, Ra-Tan, your 'take', as it were…'   

Q; That gizmo of yours must be really something.

Ra-Tan: This 'gizmo' is, indeed, something.    

Q: …I think you're pulling my leg, there, a bit, Ra-Tan.  - Sorry -     

Ra-Tan: I understand the expression.  And perhaps I was.  But should we move on; so that your host…   

Q: Yes yes, of course; our channeler, may well be getting somewhat tired.  I'll move on.  Sorry for all that.  -

Ra-Tan: There is no need to be sorry.  Only aware.  

Q;  Yes yes.  Of course.  (firming up) And now I'll really get to what I was going to say, and the questions.  Because they are really important.  And I will try to do them justice; as we -

Ra-Tan (overlapping): As you say.

Q: Yes yes.  Whew!  All right.  Got it together.  Now.  I was saying, that we would like to hear again your 'take' on, a) the signing of legislation by President Obama immunizing Monsanto from any reports from the public - not just the authorities - of physical damage being done by GMOs; and b) the recent terribly drastic extension of his policy on what we call 'drones over America'. 
      First, the immunizing business.  Well; this particular 'immunizing' business.  That opens up a whole - no, I won't go there.  For now, just the GMO business.  You have told us that he allowed that legislation to pass into law on purpose...

Ra-Tan: Indeed I did.

Q: - so that The People would rise up and take notice of what was going on, and do something about it.

Ra-Tan: Indeed.

Q: But that hasn't happened.  

Ra-Tan: And?

Q:  - Sorry.  And……what??  

Ra-Tan: And whose fault is that?

(Questioner pauses, looking stumped.  Some whispering to him from one of The Group.)

Q (a bit flustered): Yes yes. All right.  We'll let that one go, for now.  The really big one that I want to get to, before we lose the connection,  -

Ra-Tan (impassively): Indeed.   

Q: - is number 'b', I mean, letter 'b' - the second item on my list.  
       (fumbles with his notes)  

Ra-Tan: It was about what you call 'drones over America'.

Q: Yes!  That's the one.  Because - as the questioner pointed out - that recently, one of them took out a carful of people.  Of citizens.  Just plain citizens.  Obviously on the say-so of President Obama.  What do you have to say to that - (employing a softer, more dutiful, almost apologetic tone, from the 'high dudgeon' tone that he was starting to get into:) Ra-Tan??

Ra-Tan: What I have to say to that is that they were breaking the law.  

Q: What??!  I don't -  …

Ra-Tan: The people in that car - citizens, as you pointed out - were carrying illegal weapons.  

Q: But - 

Ra-Tan: Your Golden Age will be run under the rule of law.  President Obama must be firm about this.  Listen to him; and all will be well.   

Q (a more assertive tone; also from one of The Group behind him nudging him into it): But with all due respect, Ra-Tan, that so-called 'law' came from one of his Executive Orders; not from Congress.

Ra-Tan: But he was within his rights and prerogatives; as you know.

Q: No, I'm sure that I do know that.  What -

Ra-Tan: Remember, he has not been your first president to use their executive powers in this fashion.  He has just built on the shoulders of his predecessors.  This was not a 'partisan' matter, as you would put it.
     Shall I continue?

(Some whispering to the Questioner from another of The Group)      

Q: Just a sec, Ra-Tan - I'm getting some feedback here.

Ra-Tan: Take the time that you need, my friend.  And friends, of your Group.

(Questioner nods to his compatriot; turns back to face their channeler, stretched out on a couch, with his shoes off and a towel over his eyes and a pillow under his head; their normal procedure, since they had started such sessions, over a year previously)

Q: I'm being  told - it's being pointed out to me, that you are actually being rather profound here.  In a seemingly stern way.  To us.  To me, I should say.  Can't speak for anyone else.  But yes, please, Ra-Tan.  Please continue.

Ra-Tan: Thank you.  I was saying, that your Golden Age - the imminence of which your entire universe is celebrating with you - 
     Just a moment.  

(Silence from their channeler.  It grows.)      

Q; Ra-Tan?  Are you still there??

Ra-Tan: Okay.  Just got the word that our takeover has been accomplished.  I'll be signing off now.  So long.  Suckers!   

Q (in total consternation): What - who - who are you, really??  

Ra-Tan (or whomsoever): It doesn't matter who I am 'really'.  You klutzes should have done your homework; or you would have known of our abilities in this regard. More fool you.  'Bye 'bye. 


(Channeler comes out of his trance and sits up, stretching a bit)

Channeler: So what happened.  What came through.

(One of The Group is on the phone; one is frantically changing channels on the TV (and cursing non-stop; obviously not getting anything regarding what she is looking for); the others are staring at the Channeler, except for the Questioner amongst them, who is sitting silently, rocking a little, head cradled in his hands, weeping)

Group Member No. 1 (wearily): You're not going to believe this.  

Channeler: Why…What's with all of you??  What -

Group Member No. 2: You lied to us!

Channeler: What?!  What happened?  What'd I say???

Group Member No. 3: Come on.  He couldn't have known.

Group Member No. 2 (in total judgment): You lied to us!  You've been lying to us all along!!  We're fucked!   A royal pain-in-the-ass fucked!!

Group Member No. 4: And speaking of asses: here we've been, sitting on ours, all this time; swallowing this horseshit. 

Group Member No. 3: No need to rub it in.  We've got it.

Channeler: But it wasn't me.  I can't help what comes through me when I'm out, not at home.

Group Member No. 5 (wearily; tearily; to no one in particular):  Then who are we supposed to believe???



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